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(Perfect Master)

Baba said: Maulana Rumi was a great savant of his time. He could give good speeches and discourses. When he travelled from place to place, the books of his learned lore were packed and carried on camelback. Everywhere, he was accorded the highest honours. Shams-e-Tabriz, on the other hand, was quite naked. One day they encountered each other and Shams threw all Rumi's books in a well. Rumi was furious with him, but Shams explained that all his books, including the Koran, were like dry bones for a dog! "Until now," he said, "you have been chewing only the bones; it is time you tasted the brain!"

Rumi was greatly upset, and so Shams had all the books drawn out of the well. They were completely dry! This amazed Rumi, and Shams said, "As long as Rumi does not become the slave of Shams, he will learn nothing!" Henceforth, Rumi became his Master's slave, and Shams eventually made him God-realized.

Baba ended by saying, "Become men of Experience, and for that be like the dust at the Master's feet."

Shams-e-Tabriz, although a Perfect Master, used to play the game chowkhat (similar to checkers), which was his favorite game. Rumi would invariably lose the game. After years with Shams, one day while playing the game, Rumi lost as usual and exclaimed: "Alas! I have lost again!"

Shams said: "No, this time you have won!" That very instant, Rumi received God-realization from Shams.

Maulana Rumi was so intelligent that he had more brains than all the present day pandits (religious scholars) put together! (as a scholar), he wrote a lot of books on spirituality.

Once in an exceptional mood, Baba remarked about the Masters and saints, past and present, in Iran and India: “They are the real flowers of humanity- flowers of spiritual power! In Iran, Shams*e-Tabriz, Maulana Rumi and Hafiz all were Perfect. Omar Khayyam was not God-realised but high advanced.