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(Women Saint)

Anandamayi Ma was prominent women saint to her Meher Baba indirectly contacted through Elcha (His disciple). The episode of her contact with Baba is narrated in following episode.

In the vicinity of Dehra Dun were four prominent saints: Baba wished to contact Anandamayi Ma.  But because he was about to fast, he decided instead to contact them by proxy. He put his head on Elcha's feet, and instructed him to go and touch Anandamayi Ma's feet, and convey His love and blessings to her.

Elcha did as ordered, and afterward Anandamayi Ma expressed her desire to meet Meher Baba. Elcha informed Baba, who sent her this message:

Meher Baba was informed of your wish to see Him. He says that there is no need for you to see Him. If Baba is the Highest of the High, as people say, and is in everything and in everyone, then He is omniscient, and in you also. Even if that is not the case, then there would be no advantage in a meeting with Him. Baba is bowing down to saints, walis, masts, sadhus and the poor equally, and He conveys His love to you. With His love, He sends His salutation to you.

Baba again bowed to Elcha, as proxy, and sent him back to Anandamayi Ma. After bowing to the woman saint, Elcha conveyed Baba's message. On hearing it, she declared repeatedly, "Namo Narayana! (Obeisance to God Narayan!)"