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(Chief woman disciple of Upasani Maharaj)

Durgabai, Maharaj's chosen spiritual mother, had a special love for Meher Baba. Durgabai was the only disciple to whom Upasni had revealed the true relationship that existed between him and Baba. She would seek Baba's counsel in all matters. If it happened that he did not come out of his room as usual and was late for the meal she served, Durgabai would weep until he arrived. One time, Baba revealed to his Poona disciples Gustadji, Behramji, Sadashiv, Sayyed Saheb, and others this about her: "None of you men have loved me like Durgabai. Even my own mother has not and could not love me as much as she does."

Durgabai would always stay awake waiting for Baba to return to his room. She would keep food ready for him in case he felt hungry. At that time, Durgabai was also Upasni's most trusted woman disciple and loved Baba profoundly. She was the only person at Sakori to whom Upasni revealed, "Merwan is the Avatar."

During the day, Durgabai also cooked Baba's meals. He would come to the kitchen or her quarters and insist that Gulmai eat with him. Baba would ask for food at any odd time, and if, for some reason, there was any delay, he would not eat it; that is why Durgabai always kept food prepared and was ordered by Upasni to be always ready to serve Baba's needs. Usually, when walking back from Upasni's hut late in the night, Baba would not ask for food, even if he were hungry and had not eaten all day, because Gulmai would be asleep in the kitchen with Durgabai. In the morning Baba would affectionately tell them, "I went to bed hungry as I did not wish to disturb you."

In a large gathering of disciples, including Durgabai, Upasni looked at Durgabai and pointed to Merwan, saying, "This lad will shake the whole world!" (Lord Meher-p-256-1921)