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A Saint from Ahmednagar

Gilori Shah, the saint never expressed a desire to Gulmai to take Baba’s

darshan, though the saint knew that Baba had come into our lives. Baba

did say that Gilori Shah was a real saint of the fifth plane of

comciousness, who later progressed to the sixth plane. But Baba

cautioned Gulmai not to go see the saint though He had assured Gulmai

that the Saint’s consciousness was that high.

Later, Baba remarked, "After Rustom's wedding I am thinking of moving

to some village for awhile."

Gulmai then asked, "Why don't you come and visit our property near

Arangaon village, outside Ahmednagar?"

Baba coyly asked her, "Why do you say that?"

Gulmai replied, "Your visit has been foretold by a local saint, Gilori


Baba, pretending not to follow, said that He did not understand what she


Gulmai then told this story:

A few years ago, my husband, Kaikhushru (Khan Saheb), secured a

contract to supply incandescent lights to the military barracks located

near the village of Arangaon. It is six miles from the town of

Ahmednagar, and he used to visit there occasionally on business.

At the end of World War-1, a man bought the entire establishment from

the military. Since the land was unsuitable for cultivation, it was, in turn,

offered for sale; but no one was interested in buying such fallow land. As

a result, the owner approached Kaikhushru, who consulted his business

partners. But they, too, were uninterested in buying what they called,

"jungle land." He asked my opinion, and I wondered what we would do

with it, since we would never be able to move there because it was too

far away from the city.

Nevertheless, he bought the land on his own, thinking it might prove

useful in the future. The few buildings remained unattended for a long

time and became dilapidated. Any useful material was stolen by the

villagers. Occasionally, we used to visit the place because Kaikhushru

had hired the headman of the village to sow millet there.

A Mohammedan saint called Hazrat Maula Gilori Shah lived in

Ahmednagar. He occasionally comes to our house for a meal; but

usually he prefers to keep aloof. He dislikes the presence of any crowd.


When Masaji was working in Ahmednagar, he used to take bread and

butter to the saint, and sometimes would bathe him.

Gilori Shah would often mention that he wanted to go to Arangaon and

live his last days there. I thought that it was an unsuitable place for such

a personage and would argue, "But Hazrat, who will bring your meals

there? And who will look after you in the jungle?"

He would frown, saying, "All of these people are of no use to me, and I

do not require their help."

There were some wealthy butchers who used to pay him respect and

who offered him some land. However, he preferred our place and would

tell them that he would only settle at Arangaon.

One day, he told me, "Give me a small portion of your land and build a

room for me." On another occasion he said, "Take me there and also

bring Upasni Maharaj and Meher Baba. Turn the place into a sadhu

khana." (An ashram for wandering mendicants and pilgrims.) I would

listen to him but tried to dissuade him, knowing it would cause uproar

among our in-laws.

A year passed without seeing Gilori Shah. One night, I dreamed that I

was seated in the garden compound of a small old house. A child all

wrapped in cloth was on my lap. A couple of persons were speaking to

me as my eyes gazed downward. I saw the head of the child peeping

out from under its covering. The child then sat up, and I saw that he had

the face of the saint. I cried out, "This child is Hazrat Gilori Shah!"

He sweetly pleaded, "Mother, you are not giving me the land! Where will

I rest?"

I instantly remembered the land at Arangaon and promised him, "Yes,

Hazrat, I will give it to you." The moment I finished speaking, I


I narrated the dream to my husband, telling him that the saint had been

insisting on the land for some years, and Kaikhushru promised to fulfill

his request.

That very day, Gilori Shah, accompanied by some of his devotees, went

to Arangaon. There he selected a small plot of land, and told them,

"Prepare my tomb here."

This statement surprised them, and they pleaded: "But, Hazrat, who will

come so far from the city to pay homage here? This is a desolate place

and uninhabitable!

The saint then reprimanded them: "You are like children. You know

nothing! In a short time, this place will turn into a garden of pilgrimage. A


great one will come here and this land will one day belong to the people

of the world. Only then will you understand why I am buried here."

One day, I went with the saint to look at the site he had selected. A

mason joined us and the plot was measured and changes were made as

directed by him. Then the saint turned to me and said, "When I die, bring

me here – escorted by a band. Bury me at this place."

I pleaded, "Your Mohammedan followers will never permit the band!"

He replied, "Yes, I know that. So you will have to drive them away to do

as I tell you. Tell them that I had no caste or creed!"

Then he concluded: & quot;Meher Baba will soon come here, and before He

does you should have my tomb erected. All that will happen will be

exactly as I am telling you." I promised him accordingly.

Meher Baba was glad to hear this story and did not object to Gulmai

carrying out the saint's wishes.

Gulmai then inquired when He would come to Arangaon. Baba grinned

as He replied, "I may or may not come!"

"You will have to come!" said Gulmai.

"We'll see. Meanwhile, construct Gilori Shah's tomb as he wishes," He


Externally, this was how Meher Baba worked. His inner work was

continual and manifested in a natural sequence of events. No one knew

that, while residing in the Manzil, He was preparing the ground for his

next abode. It only came to light during this conversation with Gulmai.

Who knows what impact the Avatar has in world affairs?

It is literally true that not a thing happens without his