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Following books were published in the past and are available for sale as per detail  given below

  1. The Divine Sense of Humour of Avatar Meher Baba-Vol-1 Price--Rs. 50/-
  2. The Divine Sense of Humour of Avatar Meher Baba-Vol-2 Price-Rs 100/-
  3. Lessons for Spiritual Aspirants (Based on discourses and messages of Avatar Meher Baba) Price Rs. 200/-
  4. 'Semblance Episodes' (Avatar Meher Baba and His Past Advents Price Rs. 200/-
  5. 'Articles" (Based on Baba's discourses) Price Rs. 250/-
  6. "Stories and Similes" narrated by Baba & His disciples Price Rs. 200/-
  7. Spiritual Guidelines from Avatar Meher Baba Price Rs. 100/-
  8. Fortunate Souls Volume-1 (11 groups who had physical darshan of Meher Baba) Price Rs. 400/-

these books / compilations can be kept in all libraries of Baba’s centers in India for reading and vide circulation among Baba lovers in India

Soft copies these books/compilation are posted on exclusive website having web id. www.ambprasarkendra.com which can be read or downloaded

Hard copies may also be available from the  following book stores in Meherabad. one may explore availability.

  • Meher Darbar, Contact Person: Sh. Puskar jangle , Mob No. 099604-61969
  • Meher Nazar, Contact Person: Sh. Mehernath Kalchuri, Mob No. 094222-21917
  • Meher Prasad, Contact Person: Sh. Kishore Bojja, Mob No. 097656-55389

President or Secretary of  AMB Centers  having a library at their center may contact may avail above mentioned facility to get hard or soft copy of books for the purpose. Any more information on subject matter undersigned  may be contacted

Address for communication

Birendra Kumar

C/o Avatar Meher Baba Prasar Kendra Delhi

B-2/62, Sector-16, Rohini Delhi-110089

91 9711789177

Email: meherbk@gmail.com

Web id: www.ambprasarkendra.com