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Bhau Kalchuri

"Once, there were four blind men who were sitting and talking among themselves.

"'I have heard that the elephant is a very big animal,' said the first man.

"And the second man said, 'People say that he is such a big animal that he needs a lot of food. Because it is not possible for anyone to supply a lot of food to this animal, he eats leaves and branches.'

"The third man suggested, 'I want to 'see' this big animal. Why not? I am very anxious to do so.'

"'I'm also very, very anxious to see this animal," the fourth man said. "But if he is hungry, how can you can provide it food?”

"And the third man replied, 'We want to see the animal wholeheartedly. We do have not to provide him food.”

"As they were just talking, fortunately an elephant and his mahout [elephant keeper] came along. The mahout heard the blind men talking, and he thought, 'These people are blind. And they are very anxious to see an elephant. Why should I not I show it to them?”

"So the mahout brought the elephant to the blind men and said, 'Friends, I have brought an elephant. Now you can determine how big an animal he is.”

"So the four blind men went to see the elephant. One was touching his legs. Another was touching his tail. The third one was touching his trunk, and the forth one was touching his ear.

"Afterwards, they were so happy and told the mahout, 'Thank you very much, friend. We have seen an elephant. Now you can take him away.”

“And the mahout left.

"The blind men again sat down together, and the one who had touched the elephant's tail said, 'The

elephant is like rope.”

"But the man who had touched his legs, he said, 'No, the elephant is not like rope. He is like a pole.'

"Then the man who had touched the elephant's ear said, 'No, the elephant is like a carpet.'

"And the one who had touched the trunk of the elephant said, 'No, the elephant is like a serpent.'

"So the blind men started fighting among themselves. One would say that the elephant is like a pole, another would say, “he is like a rope.”

"The third man would say that the elephant is like a carpet, and the forth one would say that he is like a serpent. They would fight and fight and none of the blind men would consider that he himself was wrong. Each one thought that he was correct.

Gist : One find different religions in the world, and each person thinks that his idea about God and his religion is the best. They do not agree with each other. And they fight with each other in order to prove that they are right. But they are like the blind men who cannot see the elephant. Still they believe that the elephant is like a rope or pole, or carpet or serpent. This goes on and on. And there will be no end to it unless you are cured of your blindness. When you can see, then there is no fight. You see the elephant clearly.

(Bhau's awakening, 1 st August, 2001. Part-1)