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Dr. Ghani Munsiff

Once Harun-ar-Rashid, the Caliph of Bagdad, was celebrating a royal occasion. He ordered a grand display of all manner of jewellery and artwork for it, and invited not only courtiers and nobles but many commoners also.

At the height of the celebrations the Sultan developed a magnanimous mood, and all of sudden he ordered every person present to touch any article they liked, and that article, no matter how precious, would belong to that person. No sooner the royal command was given than a rush was made to possess the costliest things within reach.

A beautiful slave girl, remaining composes and serene by side of the throne, asked sultan to reaffirm his command. On hearing it, she immediately touched him on the arm, saying, “Why should I run after secondary things when the primary object is here.”

The sultan never bargained for this, but in admiration of the high standard of discrimination shown by the girl he complimented her and said; “ Now that you possess me, the whole of kingdom is yours. Greater than all these hundreds, you have shown high moral courage and discrimination.”

Gist: Meher Baba said: Spirituality sought apart from life, as if it had nothing to do with material world, is a futile search. Creed and cults emphasize some aspect of life, but spirituality is totalitarian in its outlook. Spirituality is enlightened attitude to all life. It includes the whole of life.

(Over the years with Meher Baba, Bill Le Page, ed. 1999, pp-99)