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Manija Irani

A multimillionaire was on his death bed and he invited three of his close friends for a private meeting. One was a lawyer, another was a priest and the third one was a doctor. The dying man said to his friends, “I have lots of money and it is said that when you die you have to leave everything behind; but no one knows if it is truth as no one has come back to share that. So it is my wish that as my most trusted friends you three carry out my instructions at my funeral time. I am giving you each rupees 10 lacs and I wish that you place this money on my body, along with garland when it is placed in the grave, for who knows, I may be able to take away with me. I trust you three will do this for me.” All three of them gave their promise to their friend and took the money from him and left. On the day of funeral all the three were present and each was seen to place a packet on his dead body before the coffin was closed and placed in the grave.

“A month passed by after this incident and all three of them had a get-together over evening tea. They were doing some small talk and missing millionaire friend. The priest suddenly blurted out, “There is an honest confession that I need to make both of you.” referring to his friend’s dying wish the priest said, “I did as my friend had asked me to but I didn’t  put the entire amount on his body. I placed half of it and the other half I set aside. I did not do it for myself nor did I spend a single penny on myself. I used it in repairing the church and other church expenses.”

At this, doctor commented, “Since you have mentioned this, I too wish to say something. I too placed only 50% on his body and kept the rest aside, not for myself but for my poor patients.” At this the Lawyer berated both of them. Speaking furiously he said, “Shame on you both. He trusted us ad this is how you uphold the trust. This how your honour a dying man’s wish. Look at me; I honoured his wish 100%. I placed the entire sum over his dead body –by cheque payment. ” Mani giggled and said, “She how smart the lawyer was. He pocketed the entire amount and also honoured the dying man’s wish. Only a lawyer can do it.”


God cannot be fooled. God makes no deal. One’s mind always tricks and deceives oneself in to gain material benefit,