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Eruch Jessawala

In answering your question, I recall a story. It is about a lover who loves Meher Baba, and a seeker who is in search of Truth. Of course, Baba is Love personified, he is Truth personified, he is Everything. There is no difference between Truth and Love. But there is a difference between one who loves the God-Man and one who aspires for the Truth. The aspirations of the seeker of Truth will lead him through all sorts of byways and alley-ways, mountain passes and valleys.

But for the one who loves the God-Man there is no wandering. He is simply in love with the God-Man, for him he is the Beloved, and he has one-pointed absorption in him. He simply loves his beloved Lord and is completely content with no aspirations whatsoever. He has no questions to ask and nothing to seek or to find. He is quite content in just loving the Beloved.

So in this story that I recall there was such a one. And there was another person who was a seeker, and in his seeking he observed all sorts of austerities. He underwent fasts, he meditated, he carried out many yogic exercises. He was told that in the course of his pursuit of Truth, he would gain many powers, such as raising the dead, causing death, curing the sick and the blind and so on. He was charmed at the thought that through these things he would be able to help others, and he sought in right earnest to invoke the blessings of the Lord.

Years passed by. He continued strenuously in his efforts on the various paths to Truth. And while doing so, he remained in one place and was seated all he while on the same stone. He thought that by renouncing everything and remaining in the one place, God would be pleased with him.

And it so happened that after years of these practices, God was very pleased with his devotion. While seated on the same stone in the same place these many years, he heard God asking him what he wanted. He replied to the Lord: "Lord, you are the doer of justice and it is foolishness for me to ask anything else of you but justice. Please do justice to me."

The Lord replied, "All these years you have been a burden on this stone, sitting here and invoking my blessing to gain powers. If I were to dispense justice, justice demands that you unburden the stone of its burden, and put the stone on your head and have it as a burden on you."


God does not make deal for imparting God-realization. One can beseech the grace of a Master.

(It so happened, ed. William Le Page, pp. 70-71, 1978 © Meher Baba Foundation)