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Eruch Jessawala

One day a disciple of Ramkrishna asked Him. “You tell us that the Lord will appear when we are ready, but can you tell us as to when exactly this happen?  How do we know for sure that the time has come for the Master to appear? How do we know that the time has come where the soul has reached the point of readiness?

“in response, Ramakrishna asked his disciple to follow him. They walked towards river where he undressed and asked his disciple to do the same. They walked into the river, clad only in their undergarments and, when the water was about the chest deep, he caught his disciple’s head and forcibly pushed it under the water and would not let him come up for breadth.”

Eruch paused for a moment and continued, “Do you know how it feels when someone pushes your head under water and does not allow you to come out? You start grasping for air. You desperately want to come up, because if you stay under too long you will die. And that how the disciple felt. He was struggling for his life to come up, but Ramkrishna would not allow it. Being Perfect Master, Ramakrishna held his disciples head under water until the very last moment and then pulled it out.”

“The disciple started gasping in deep breaths. It took few minutes before he was able to regain hibreadth, his composure and balance. Ramakrishna   then asked him. “Tell me, what was the last thought that came to your mind before I pulled you out of the water?”

“The man replied, “My last thought was that if you help me down even for a moment longer, I would die.”

“Ramakrishna said, “when you have the same feeling about seeing God and becoming one with Him-when you feel that you can’t survive a moment longer without His sight-then you will know that you are ready and the moment for the Lord to appear has come. But this feeling has to be constantly there in your heart. You must feel that you can’t bear the separation even for a moment and that you will die without His presence. When such intensity is created, the Lord appears immediately.”


When disciple is ready in his love and feels like fish without water; Master appears and gives instant God realization making his disciple like Himself.