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Sam Kerawala

After Lord Buddha dropped His body, there followed a chain of Masters known as Bodhisattvas. One morning, in the ashram of the third Master after Lord Buddha there came a young man. He bowed before the Master and said, “Oh Master, accept me as Your disciple.” “What is purpose behind this request?”  I want to search for God. I feel in my heart that He is the only Reality and I want to become one with Him.” The Master perceived that the Young man was sincere and worthy, but to test him He said, “This path is only for those who are high-born. tell Me about your birth-what station of life were you born into?’  The man replied that he did not know, but    that he would return home and ask his mother.

When he reached home, his mother was eagerly waiting him, embraced him, and asked, “What did the Master say to you?” “Master wants to know my linage, my birth. Can you help me?” The mother then opened her heart and said that as young women extreme poverty was    her constant companion. She had nothing of this world, and because of that state she had to serve many masters. She continued, “I know I am your mother but do not know who your father is.”

He returned to the Master, at the time when many disciples were present, and told the Master openly what his mother had said. The devotees present hearing this, angrily called for him to be thrown out, and thus not pollute the ashram.  But the Master told all to sit down and be quiet. Then He called the young man to Him, and said, Station in life is never determined by birth, where you were born or who your parents are. One’s station in life is always determined by intensity of love and desire to be one with the Beloved. Today, by uttering the exact truth of your linage, without slightest hesitation, without thinking of telling a lie,    you have surpassed the height of any Brahmin present here. So you are welcome in My ashram.


Caste and creed have no place in domain of spirituality. It is only love for God that counts to tread on the path of spirituality. God (Avatar or Sadguru) does not discriminate His disciples for caste or creed.

(The Divine humanity of Meher Baba vol. III, Bill Le Page, pp-146)