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Bhau Kalchuri

There were two kings. One king was very fond of lakes and created different ones in various parts of his kingdom. He landscaped lush scenery, his whole kingdom he made very green and attractive.

One day he visited to other king and took him around to various places in his kingdom. The other king was very impressed. When the latter king returned back to his kingdom he thought, “I can also create lakes in my kingdom. It should be even more attractive than the lakes of that other king.”

“He asked his minister to have one lake dug in his kingdom. When the lake was dug, the second king instructed that it should be filled with milk not water. The he would invite the first king to show him. So the minister employed thousand of labourers to dig the lake. When it was excavated, the minister asked all subjects to bring a vessel of milk and fill up the lake during night.

“And then what happened?”

“Each person was thinking. Everyone is bringing a vessel of milk. If I pour in one vessel of water instead it will not be detected.”

“So everyone thought the same and poured a vessel of water into the lake.”

“The next day, it was found that the lake was filled  with water. The matter was reported to the king. The king was very much upset. He called the minister and asked him to assemble the subjects, which minister did.

“One after another they approached the king. The king asked, “How did it     happen? Why did you pour water into the lake when my order was to pour in a vessel of milk?”

“Each one said, “I thought that everyone would pour in a vessel of milk. So if I poured in a vessel of water, it would not make any difference.”


In Baba's words"

There can never be any compromise between truth and illusion.  This the game of illusion which deceives everyone. One cannot find truth if there is even a little bit of compromise with illusion. If you follow the truth, you should pay all attention towards  the truth and don’t think about anything.”