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Mani S Irani

This is the story of a dacoit who ruled a jungle. He was so ferocious that no one would dare cross the jungle. His name was Angulimala, which means garland of fingers. He would murder his victims, chop off their fingers, and make a garland to wear around his neck.

Despite everyone’s warnings, Gautama Buddha decides to undertake his journey through the jungle. The dacoit, on sighting Buddha, first wonders who the foolish man was to venture to his death. When he sees Buddha dressed in a monk’s robe, he felt that it would be nice to kill a monk and have his finger garland made. So he follows this monk, but he finds that the distance between them is increasing. So the dacoit increases his speed, but to his surprise, the distance between him and the monk was still increasing, although the monk was walking leisurely.

“In desperation the dacoit breaks into a run, but still the distance between him and the monk was increasing, even though the monk was not running. Totally exhausted from the chase the dacoit shouts at the monk and says, ‘Please stop, please stop.’

Buddha turns around and tells the dacoit, ‘I have already stopped my child; it is time for you to stop now.’


In words of Mani Irani:

 Stopping refers to the stopping of the mind. Baba said, ‘Mind working is man, mind working fast is mad, mind slowed down is mast and mind stopped is God.’ So how do we go about stopping the mind? First slow down by introducing speed breakers.

What are these speed-breakers? Your coming and visiting Meherabad is one, visiting Baba-centers is another. If you can’t do that, then just a few Baba-lovers getting together and reading His books and discussing or talking about His stories of love and compassion, is a good way of slowing down. And if you can’t do that, then create some time during the day to remember Him or remember Him in any way you think fit. Increase these speed-breakers more and more and finally a time will come where the speed will slow down and eventually stop.”


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Bhau Kalchuri

Before the beginning of Creation, there was nothing.  No space.  No time.  No form. Nothing at all. Absolutely nothing.

But there was one Hen.  And she had many children.  She would keep all her children under her wings. She would not allow any chick to come out.

But there was a Mischievous Chicken, who felt fed up with being under her wing for ages and ages, though there was no existence of time.

One day, he got so fed up, he could not control himself.  He journeyed out from under his Mother's wing.  As soon as he journeyed out, the Mother Hen got scared.  The Mischievous Chicken also got scared, because he saw a dazzling light.  He could not face it.  So he went back under his Mother's wings. The Mother Hen was very happy.

But this chicken was very, very mischievous.  After ages and ages he felt fed up, and again, he journeyed out.

The Mother Hen felt scared.  The Mischievous Chicken saw the dazzling light.  But this time the color of the light was different.  Once again, he could not face it.  He returned under the Mother Hen’s wing.

In this way, after ages and ages, he journeyed out six times.  Each time he returned.  Each time when he journeyed out, the color of the dazzling light was different.  He could not face it, and he would return.

Then the Mother Hen got upset and very angry.  She decided that if the Mischievous Chicken journeyed out again, she would not care.

The Mischievous Chicken again felt bored, and the seventh time he journeyed out, and indeed, the Mother Hen did not care for him.

So the Mischievous Chicken decided to go further, though he could not face the dazzling light. And then what happened? He felt hungry. He asked himself, “What should I eat now?”

Imagination came, and Imagination said to him, "Don't worry, I am here.  Eat as much as you like."

The Mischievous Chicken felt very, very happy.  He made 13 adventures, and things that he should not have eaten, he went on eating and eating and eating.

Up until the seventh adventure, he went on eating and eating.  But when he entered into the eighth adventure, his hunger was less, and he would eat less.

He went further and further, and his hunger was less and less, and he would eat less and less.

In this way, the Mischievous Chicken completed his 13th adventure.  When he completed his 13th adventure, he did not feel hunger.  He cried out, "What should I do now?" And he heard the words, “ You eat yourself.”

So the Mischievous Chicken ate himself.  And when he ate himself, he was All-Knowledge, All-Bliss and All-Power. But when he looks around, what did he find?

All the innumerable chickens that were under the wing of the Mother Hen had followed Him.  So the Mischievous Chicken had to take on the responsibility of those innumerable chickens that had followed him.

That's why the Avatar comes down on earth, age after age, to look after the innumerable chickens, and He suffers.  Because He is duty bound, He must look after them.  He is the One Who shoulders the responsibility.



In words of Bhauji

In the beginning, when the Mischievous Chicken came out from under the Mother Hen's wing and saw the dazzling light, what was it?

It was the sixth mental plane, and because he had no impressions at that time, he could not have any consciousness.  The different colored lights that he saw represent the different colors of the planes inside of us.  These are the planes of the Subtle and Mental sphere.  When he entered the seventh adventure, then, of course, he was near the gross world.  When he felt hungry, and started eating, he made seven adventures in the Gross World -- that is stone, vegetable, worm, fish, bird, animal and human being.  Until the seventh adventure, particularly in the animal stage -- worm, fish, animal and human being, he was eating and eating.  But when he entered into the eighth adventure, he had no connection  with the Gross World.

That's why his hunger was less.  And it went on becoming less.  When he reached the 13th adventure, that is, after crossing four planes of the Subtle World and two planes of the Mental World, there was no hunger.  This is the state where you long and long for God, to become One with Him.  When you cross the six planes of the Inner World, and enter into the seventh plane, you become One with God.

When the Mischievous Chicken had 13 adventures, it means that he crossed seven kingdoms of the gross World and six planes of the inner World.

When the Voice said, "You eat yourself," it means, "Eat your mind."  As long as the mind is there, you remain bound with the world.  When the mind goes away, then, of course, you become one with God.

What were the seven journeys in the beginning -- coming and going and seeing the dazzling light?

The Mischievous Chicken was passing through the planes.  But because he had no impressions, he could not experience anything, though he was passing through the planes.  Afterwards, he got consciousness of the gross world, and he passed through seven kingdoms, that is, from the stone through human being.  Again, he entered into the inner world (Subtle and Mental), because this time he had impressions, and that is why he could experience it.

We also travel to the seventh plane when we are in sound sleep.  But we cannot experience that we are on the seventh plane.  Why?  Because we have gross impressions.  When we wipe out gross impressions, and have subtle impressions, then we experience the Subtle World.  And when we wipe out subtle impressions, then we experience the Mental World.

But we have to become impression less.  And that is why the mind has to be annihilated. And when the mind is annihilated, we experience God.

The Mischievous Chicken, after becoming God, looked around.  That was the sign of coming down to Creation consciousness.

When someone gets God consciousness, Creation consciousness is necessary to work for the Universe.  When that person becomes One with God, he achieves the goal of life, but he cannot work for the Universe.  Why?  Because for himself, he alone exists.  Nothing exists beside himself. Since he only finds himself, for whom should he work?

The perfect masters and the Avatar work for the Universe.  It is their duty.

Therefore, when the Mischievous Chicken received Creation consciousness, he found Creation. He deals with manyness and works for manyness, but he remains One.

The Mischievous Chicken story is really very important. The first time the Mischievous Chicken made seven journeys, he had no impressions, so he could not experience those planes.  He was unable to face the light.  But when he came down to the gross world, he made thirteen adventures.  Of these thirteen adventures, seven are the evolution of consciousness.  Then he goes through the involution of consciousness for six adventures, for a total of thirteen adventures. When he made the fourteenth adventure, he realized who he was.  So, though at first he made journeys through the planes, he did not experience them, because he had no impressions.

But when he had impressions, he experienced the evolution and involution of consciousness.

The first one who became a Perfect Master is the one who comes down on earth as the Avatar.  He is the same One who comes age after age, with different names, but always the same One.  He came as Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and, in this age, as Meher Baba. But He is always the same Ancient One.