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Bhau Kalchuri

At the time of Prophet Muhammad, people were very illiterate and if someone in the village knew how to sign his name he would be considered to be very learned and the whole village would be considered the head of the village.

Prophet Muhammad would tell the people that everything happens according th Divine Will. So one day one person from the village went to see Prophet Muhammad and he saw some people sitting near him and the Prophet was telling people that everything happens according to the Divine Will. When villagers returned to his village He told the Village Headman, “Sir, today I had gone to see Prophet Muhammad and he was telling the people that everything happens according to Divine Will.  Is it a fact?

And the Village headman said, “No, it is not a fact. When I feel hungry, I eat. No body can stop me and if don’t want to eat, I won’t. It is my will, my free will. Whatever Prophet Muhammad is telling is wrong.

So  the villager told Village Headman, “Why  don’t you go and tell Prophet Muhammad? Everyone listens to him without raising an objection. You are clever and when you ask such questions Prophet Muhammad will stop repeating such things.

So the Village Headman said, “I will go see Prophet Muhammad.”

Prophet Muhammad was sitting with the people and the Village Headman goes to see him and said, “May I ask one question?”

And prophet Mohammaed very lovingly said, “Yes, yes, ask. What do you want?”

And the Village Headman said, “I have heard that you are saying that everything happens according to Divine Will.”

And Prophet Mohammed said, “Yes, it is a fact. Everything happens according to the Divine Will.

And the Village headman said, “I am not going to accept this. I am very learned. Do not think that I am illiterate like other people. Whatever I want to do, I do. Whatever I don’t want to do I don’t do. When I want to eat I eat. And when I don’t want to eat I don’t eat. I don’t. This is my free will. Where is your Divine Will?”

And Prophet Mohammed said, “Yes whatever you say the Divine Will is also there.”

And the Village headman said, “Prophet Mohammed you have not been telling the truth.  You are making the people timid. I can do anything according to my free will. I am brave.  And whatever I say is also correct. Whatever happens for me is according to my free will and not according to the Divine Will.

Prophet Mohammed   said. “Everything happens according to Divine Will and whatever you are saying is also according to Divine Will.”

Then the Village Headman said to Prophet Mohammed, “You have to prove it.”

And Prophet Mohammed said, “I will prove it. All right stand up.” And the Villager Headman stood up.  Prophet Mohammed was looking, ignoring the Village Headman until he got angry and said to Prophet Mohammed, “Why don’t you reply. Why do you ignore me? All you are doing is looking around.  This means that you don’t know and accept what I say.”

And Prophet Mohammed said, “you are very, very impatient. I am replying to your question and it appears you are in haste. All right, lift one of your legs. And the Village Headman lifted one leg. And again Prophet Mohammed continued to kook from side to side completely ignoring him.

This time the Village Headman could not bear it and said,”I know Prophet Mohammed you cannot reply to my question. You just ignore me. Just accept that whatever one does is according to one’s free will.”

And Prophet Mohammed smiled and said, “Young man you are really impatient. All right now lift your second leg.”

And the village head man said, “Lift the other leg. What do you want to say. If lift the other leg I will fall down.”

Ans Prophet Mohammed said, You wanted an explanation about free will and I have given it to you. You think yourself as very learned but you did not understand.”

And the Village Headman said,” You can deceive others but you cannot deceive me. You made me exercise and you say that you have explained freewill to me.

And the Prophet Mohammed smiled and said, “Young man, I have explained  it all to you but you could not understand. All right I explain it again to you. When I asked you to stand up, you were able to stand up. I say to you that both of your legs are under the Divine will. But you do not believe me. When I asked you to lift one of your legs, you did so thinking that you were able to because of your freewill. But look now at your free will you could not move. even you tried how much could you move? this shows the extent of what you think your free will is. But when I asked you to lift the other leg you could not do so at all. And you became useless. So you see your own free will of lifting your leg made you useless. Really speaking, there is free will it is only product of your intellect. Now I will tell you not to become useless. Follow the Divine Wish, one day you will know the divine Will. Actually everything happens according to Dine Will. And if you think free will is there, it makes you useless.


In Bhau’s words:

Avatar Meher Baba has said that the Divine wish changes age after age when the Prophet, Avatar comes down earth. He gives a fresh wish according to the situation of humanity    

(Spiritual training programme –Bhau Kalchuri ed. 2005 pp-149-152)