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Hanuman, a favourite disciple of Lord Rama was from animal life. He devoted to lord Rama as his servant and was instrumental in locating Sita in Lanka, carrying Sanjeevani to save life of Rama’s brother Laxman and fighting battle with Ravana’s army. More has been written about Hanuman in previous episodes.

Meher Baba said- Warrior (pet dog) for Him was like Hanuman to Rama. The narration of Baba about Warrior revealing his planes of consciousness is as under:

Warrior (pet dog)

Baba said: “As a matter of fact, Avatars, Sadgurus and Masters never reveal their way of working. If they do so, it entails more work for them. The Sufis say, "One who has found the Truth, hides it eternally." And it is absolutely so. This means that one who is God-Realized never reveals the Truth in ordinary words.”

“In the animal kingdom, a dog is on the turning, as it has intuition and also partial insight, without being able to use it consciously.”

“Dogs play an important part when used consciously by the Master. In My seclusion of about ten days, I wanted a dog for some work of my own – I won't tell you what. I could not use Chum, nor any of the other pets. The dog I wanted had to be fresh, new, innocent and young. So, before seclusion, it all came about that Khorshed happened to mention an Alsatian puppy, and eventually we got Warrior. I said, "He is my dog." Warrior was not actually a dog, but was temporarily brought down from the spirit world. I needed a dog for that kind of work.”

“So Warrior came, and I kept on telling Elizabeth that he was to be near me. But I also knew that it would be difficult, as things would crop up that would create obstacles. Therefore, for the first few days, Warrior suffered from worms, germs, et cetera. Eventually, I had him for the time I wanted him. I knew he would die, just as I know that before July 1st, 1941, Chum too will die. So after I worked with him, I fed him with my own hands and gave him water to drink. When my work was over, I sent him back.”

”Soon after, he got ill, and I discussed with 'Soltoon's sister' (meaning Baidul, since no man's name would be mentioned in front of the women) where to bury him when he died. We finally selected that spot. When Warrior got very ill, I saw that if he died within three days, he would again have to take another birth, which would not have been safe for him. I saw to it that he did not pass away. So, when in those three days he did not die, I was happy. Now, no more birth for him!”

“When Masters touch the dead bodies of animals, the animals get human forms in their next lives. Those animals who are in contact with Masters get forms of spiritual souls in the next birth. But, for Warrior, no more birth! I remember how he came to My gaadi the last time I saw him. I patted him. I knew he would die. He played a part in my work which none of you can ever grasp. He shared My work and now he is free. How God works! He just takes a spirit from the spirit world, gives it form, works with it, and when it is over, takes it away! Ram's Hanuman, Baba's Warrior!”

Interpretation: It is explained by Baba that normally an animal coming into contact of Avatar gets human form with spiritual bent in next birth. But in case of Warrior (pet dog) with whom Baba carried out His spiritual work, liberated him from the cycle of birth and death.


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A certain Perfect Master had one disciple whose loving obedience was remarkable. He, without hesitation or questioning, would attempt and fulfill the most difficult orders quite simply and with no fuss.

One day the Master almost casually told this man that he must return to his home, kill his young son, and then return to his Master.

Without argument, hesitation, or any sign of refusal he did exactly that.

Upon his return, he found his Master smiling and happy, and standing beside him, well and unharmed, was the disciple's supposedly dead young son.


Master demands implicit obedience without any question of why and what.



You, as gross body, are born again and again till you realize your Real Self. You, as mind, are born only once and die only once; in this sense you do not re-incarnate. The gross body keeps changing, but mind (mental body) remains the same throughout. All impressions (sanskaras) are stored in the mind. The impressions are either to be spent or counteracted through fresh karma in successive incarnations. Buddha's wheel denotes the cycle of births and deaths. The wheel goes on in its ceaseless round. It lifts you to the heights; it brings you down to the depths.

To show you how karma persists as a connecting link and a life-determining factor of future lives I give you an example. There is a king who has vast possessions. But he is a worthless king. He spends all his energy and money in selfish pursuits and luxuries and has no care for his subjects. In his next birth he is born blind and becomes a beggar and thus compensates for his wrong doings.

Now this king has a servant who is honest and faithful and hard-working. In his next birth because of his merits he is born into a cultured and well-to-do family. One day, when he is going along the street he hears a pitiable cry from the pavement. It is from the blind beggar who was the king in his previous life crying aloud with outstretched hands, Have pity. Give me a penny in the name of the Lord. And because all actions however trivial, are inwardly determined by the Sanskaric ties, creating claims and counter-claims, the rich man is unconsciously drawn towards the beggar and gives him a few copper coins.

A king crying out for alms and a servant taking pity on him — what a comedy, what an irony of fate! This is the working of the law of karma, the expression of justice in the world of values. The law of karma is impartial and inexorable. It knows no concessions, gives no preferences, and makes no exceptions. It dispenses justice.

By the divine law you are shielded from remembrance of past lives, for it would not help you in living your present life but would make it infinitely more complicated and confusing.

For me "past" does not exist. I live in the Eternal Present. I clearly see your former lives, with all your intimate and intricate relationships with so many individuals. Your various reactions to others seen in the context of your mutual connections in previous lives serves as a mighty joke to me and helps to ease my burden of suffering.

Now, I give you another example. It is not an uncommon happening. A Moslem after death is buried in a graveyard. After a few incarnations he is born again a Moslem family in the same town. It is customary among Moslems to offer prayers for the dead when they visit graves, to pray to God Almighty to save the departed ones. And so it happens that this person stands before his own grave and solemnly prays, "May God save his soul!" What an absurdity! How pathetic


Law of Karma is impartial. One has to counter experience one’s action. One is always ignorant of experience of past life.   



There was once a Perfect Master who was walking along a rough country path which wound its way between and under trees of many varieties. The Master came upon a man seated under one of the trees in the act of meditation.

The man, becoming aware of such a strong spiritual presence, opened his eyes. He immediately reacted to this advanced being with a cry of, "Oh, Master, will you tell me how many more lives I must pass through before realizing God?"

The Master looked at him and replied, "It will be four more lives before you reach your goal." The yogi reacted badly to this, complaining that it was too long; especially as he was working so hard to obtain his freedom.

The Master then continued his walk through the trees. After a time he came across another yogi who also opened his eyes and asked the same question as to the amount of time that must pass before he would receive God-realization.

On being told that he had about 300 more years before this longed-for event, he also grumbled, but was not as aggressive as the first yogi had been.

Again the Master walked on, and again a meditating yogi asked the same question.

The Master looked at the tree under which the man was sitting, and saw that it was covered with thousands of small leaves and then replied, "You will have as many lives as there are leaves on this tree."

The yogi reacted by joyfully saying, "Oh, thank you Master, thank you; it is such a wonderfully short time."

Immediately at such submission to the will of God, this yogi received the longed-for realization.


A great deal of patience is required for God realisation.




An ant was trying to cross a stream on a leaf. Tossed by the wind, the leaf overturned in midstream and the ant cried, "Help, help, the world is drowning."

A frog close by said, "What rubbish! The world is not drowning, you mean YOU are drowning."

"Well," said the ant, "once I drown the world might as well not exist for me, so for me it means not only that I am drowning but that the world is drowning too!"

In the same way, all existence is within you. God is to be found within yourself, and once you find Him you have found the only treasure worth finding. I give you my blessing that you may love God and find Him.

(Life at its Best, pp. 47-48, ed. ivy o. duce 1957 © sufism reoriented, inc.)



In Panchgani, the men and women mandali had been instructed to meditate according to Baba’s order. Some were having thoughts as to why they had not yet realized God, despite serving Baba for so many years.

Baba narrated to them a story about a Sadguru in answer to their unspoken question:

A disciple used to always ask his Master why he could not realize God, in view of the fact that he had served him so faithfully for so long. The Sadguru continued telling him to have patience, and the disciple, in his eagerness, kept pestering him.

One day, a fair was held in a nearby village. The Sadguru told his disciple, “Go to the fair with a cup of milk in your hand, and return with the cup still full. Then you will be One with God!”

So the disciple, thinking it an easy thing, did as he was told. But when he reached the fair he was so engrossed with the alluring sights around him, he forgot about God-Realization. He pushed through the crowds, so as not to miss seeing anything, all the while spilling the milk. When he came back to his Master’s residence, no milk was left in the cup.

Seeing him approach, the Master said, “Now, according to my promise, I will give you God-Realization; but let me first see the cup.” The disciple was ashamed, and confessed that all the milk was lost amidst the wonderful carnival.

The Sadguru said, “What can I do now? You were attracted by worldly allurements and forgot my order. Had you real desire for attaining God, you would not have been caught napping, and tried your best to save the milk. But you were ensnared by filthy things of the world which bind you, so how could you long for God?”

The disciple then realized that, despite years of service to the Master, as long as worldly attractions last, there is no hope!


As long as worldly attractions last, there is no hope of God realisation

(Lord Meher-pp-2733)





On the subject of sanskaras, Baba recounted to the women this true story:
There was a man who was a great murderer. In his life, he murdered 99 people. One day he felt very depressed and sick of it all. So he went to a Perfect Master, and frankly and openly confessed before him all his crimes, adding that he was feeling most dejected and wanted to end it all. The Master told him to go sit by the side of a certain road and think of him. The murderer did so.
One day, while he was sitting there thinking of the Master, a rider came by, stopped before him and told him to move aside. The man refused, and the rider started lashing him with his whip. Reverting back to his old ways, the man (pulled the rider from his horse) stabbed and killed him. And at that very moment the man realized God!
You see, the rider was carrying on his person a message from one king to another ordering the death of 100 spies. By saving the exact number of lives that he had murdered, his good and bad sanskaras balanced. The man, of course, did not know all this, and was only thus saved by the Perfect Master, because the Master knew. Therefore, if you obey implicitly and unquestioningly, you win, because whereas your conception is limited, the Master knows all, and gives you just what is best for you. (Lord Meher-p-2160)



Baba discoursed:

I want to give a loving warning to all those who love Me that they should be very watchful about their grip on My daaman, particularly during this phase of helplessness and humiliation. They should not keep their fidelity towards Me a secret for fear of impending circumstances and they should guard all first moments lest they may unknowingly be taken astray. May they not fail in facing the challenge offered unawares by trying circumstances?

There was an innocent, pure-hearted widow who with simple faith in God, decided to pass her life in His remembrance. Being beautiful, she received many offers of marriage, all of which she refused including that from the king. So in a rage, the king declared that she was an unchaste woman and had her tied with ropes before the palace gate. The order was issued that all those who passed her must abuse and stone her.

It so happened that this widow had a daughter who had to pass the place where her mother was tied, but being fearful of royal wrath, the daughter just moved her lips and threw a flower at her mother. The widow felt this deeply and said, "Dear child, the mere movement of your lips and the most gentle touch of the flower has caused a deeper wound in my heart than the bleeding wounds caused by the stones hurled at me."

So beware. Be honest in the expression of your faith in Me and I am ever with you to help.


A slight derogatory remark by close disciple casts more pains to His master than any other seeker.

(The Ancient One, p. 178, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, 1981 © Glow International)



The scriptures are like rotten bones rotted and are as food for worms. Theosophy and philosophy are like good bones rotted and are as food for vultures.

The writings of inspired poets are like fresh bones and are as food for dogs. The writings of spiritually advanced saints are like flesh and are as food for tigers. The writings by living Perfect Masters are like brain and are as food for men!

Good bones when rotted have some semblance of bone, but rotten bones when rotted are like filth.

So, you may go through the scriptures superficially – only to drive away the barking dogs when necessary; for instance, when you are called upon to answer the queries of the priests and the orthodox.


One should read the literature given by Perfect Masters and Avatars. These are worth to be read by aspirants.



One day, a man came into a bank and was watching the cashier. The cashier, very much absorbed in counting the money in order to keep proper accounts, did not notice the person watching him. After a while, the man left.

One evening, this man went to call on cashier at home. Although the cashier did not know him, he let the man inside and asked what he wanted. The man said, “You are very rich, and I need your help.”

The cashier was surprised to hear that this man thought he was wealthy and said, “I am not wealthy. Whatever I get is by way of salary to support my wife and children.

And the man said to him, “But that day in the bank, I saw you were absorbed in counting the money that you did not even notice me watching you. Now you tell me that you are not wealthy? You must be the owner of the bank. No one could be so absorbed in counting like that if money were not their own.

At this, the cashier laughed, and said, “Honestly, I tell you that the money you saw me count does not belong to me. It belongs to bank. I only work there. My duty is to count the money properly and keep a proper account. When I am in the bank, I do this work with complete concentration. But when I come back home, I forget about the work, because I know that money does not belong to me. I do the work in the bank according to the duty that is given to me. Then I am free of my duty when I leave at night.


Beloved Baba would want us to live in the world like the cashier in the bank, who counts money the whole day, keeping the account. But at the same time, he remains detached, knowing full well the money does not belong to him.

 (Spiritual training program  –Bhau Kalchuri ed. 2005 pp-64-65)



A Sadguru once set out with his disciples for begging. He approached a rich merchant, who instead of giving alms, shouted abuses and obscenities. Nevertheless, the Sadguru blessed him, saying, ‘Your profits will double.’

The Sadguru then approached another wealthier merchant, who mistreated him even more badly. He, however, blessed this man, saying, ‘Your profits will quadruple.’

Then the Sadguru, with his disciples, approached the shop of a poor old man, who received them with reverence, and offered whatever he could provide from his meager store. The old shopkeeper had only one son, whom he loved dearly. Before leaving, the Sadguru cursed him: ‘By the power of God, I pray that your son dies soon.’ The next day the son was found dead.

When the Sadguru’s disciples found this out, they were bewildered by their Master’s behavior. The only man who had received them with humble reverence had been cursed, not blessed.

Afterward, the Sadguru explained: ‘Both merchants were immersed in the mire of worldliness, and did not want to be extricated. For that reason, I had to submerge them even more in the mire of the world by My blessings, so that one day they will cry to be pulled out. The poor shopkeeper was spiritually inclined. However his love for his son was much too binding. It was an obstruction to the old man’s progress on the Path. The son was, unknowingly, a thorn in his father’s side, and so I opened the door to the Path by removing his son. Now you tell me, who was blessed and who was cursed?’


Suffering is blessings in disguise from the Master.

(April-1922, Poona, to His men Mandali, Lord Meher vol. 2 p-361-362)



Daulat Singh had spread Meher Baba's name in Srinagar well, and the eager for his darshan.

Baba praised him, and in the midst of talking with everyone observed, "Daulat Singh is a gem!"

The recluse replied with a knowing smile, "He is a gem, but he is still worldly. He has not yet renounced the world."

Baba just smiled and did not comment. After a while asked, "I remember a story. Would you like to hear it?" All expressed their eagerness and Baba's fingers flew across the alphabet board, which Vishnu read:

A man renounced the world and was passing his time in meditation, solitude, repeating God's name, and so forth, and also visiting different saints and mahatmas. Years passed by like this. Once he had

the luck to encounter a Perfect Master. He prayed to him for God-Realization, and the Sadguru told him to stay with him in his ashram.

The Master also had other followers who were living under his orders. There was no spiritual practice of any sort in the ashram and he thought all the others there were useless, as he did not observe them

doing anything spiritual. Some were cooking, some were washing, some were cleaning and thus, according to the words of the Master, keeping themselves busy.

Although now living with the Perfect Master, the sanyasi had continued his spiritual practices and become a recluse. One day he asked the Master, "When will I see God?"

The Master replied, "If you act according to my orders, you will gain the sight of God very soon." The recluse nodded in accord. The Master, picking up a small piece of stone, then told him, "Go to the market and, in exchange for this, bring five seers (cup measurements) of vegetables."

Looking at the stone, the recluse replied, "Master, this is a stone. Who will give five seers of vegetables in exchange for it? No one will touch it."

The Master said, "You have promised to obey me and now you are arguing. If you do as I say, you will have God's darshan."

The recluse went to the market, but no vendor was ready to agree tothe bargain, and all laughed in derision. With great difficulty, one agreed to give him two seers of vegetables. Refusing, the recluse returned and said to the Master, "Master, I had told you from the beginning the exchange was foolhardy. Who would give five seers of vegetables for a stone? I could get nothing."

The Master said, "Now go to a sweetmeat shop and bring five seers of sweets for this piece of stone." The recluse left thinking his Master deranged. No one was willing to give five seers of sweets and the most

he could argue for in one shop was three seers. So he returned, again empty-handed.

The Master then directed him to approach a goldsmith and bade him to bring back not less than five thousand rupees in exchange. Now the recluse was convinced the Master was completely crazy, but he went

anyway. The goldsmith examined the rock and announced that he was ready to pay one thousand rupees. This surprised the recluse as now he was being offered a thousand rupees in exchange for a stone against which previously he could not even get five seers of vegetables.  He then thought the Sadguru knew what he was doing and there was something more to it than met his eye.

He returned to the Master and told him what had transpired. The Master next asked him to go to a jeweler and sell the stone for one hundred thousand rupees. So he went and the jeweler agreed to the sale and paid him the amount. The recluse brought the money and the Master told him, "You did not value the stone, but the jeweler knew its true value. He knew that it was in fact a diamond. Only a jeweler's eye could recognize the stone's genuine worth.

"The vegetable vendors, the sweetmeat shopkeepers, the goldsmiths – all are like those who are veiled; they can only evaluate things according to their consciousness."

The Master then told the recluse: "I am the Jeweler and I know the capacities and capabilities of those around me. They act according to my wish, leaving their own aside. Those who reside with the Jeweler are truly spiritual. Whomever you have approached in your years of wandering until now have all been like vegetable sellers, shopkeepers and goldsmiths – limited by their own limited viewpoint. So, it is better to remain with the Jeweler who knows your true worth and who, in time, will make you a Jeweler like himself." In this manner the recluse was convinced and held fast to the Master's feet.


One’s present, past and future is open book for a Master. He only knows one’s worth as what and when, it is best suited to him.

(Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, pp. 2975 – 2977)



Divine miracles are generally attributed to Avatars, Sadgurus, or Realized human beings, while occult powers belong to yogis. The former is the outcome of extremely high and unselfish motives, while for the latter the mainspring is invariably the worst kind of selfishness. An Avatar or Sadguru performs miracles when he intends to give a general push to the world toward spirituality, but a yogi generally enacts his supernatural powers to serve his own ends.

For example, a child is tightly holding a parrot by the neck to the point of strangling it. Now in order to save the bird’s life it will not be advisable to try to snatch it from the hands of its young captor because there is the chance of his tightening his grasp. The child must therefore be offered a coin, which will make him let go of his hold on the parrot. In this instance, the offering of the coin means performing a miracle, and saving the parrot from the child’s grip means saving the mind from ignorance and Maya’s grip. Such is the way of Avatars and Sadgurus. However, if a yogi sees a very beautiful woman and desires her, he will materialize gold jewellery in order to attract her. It is evident that there is a world of difference between the motives involved in both these actions.

To give another example, a man has put on spectacles of white glass which make him see everything white, though in reality all things are colourless. A yogi’s powers consist in putting red or green spectacles before the man’s eyes, and to the man’s amazement everything appears red or green. A Sadguru, knowing that everything has no colour, not even white, and that everything is nothing, does not believe in wasting time over changing the colour of glasses. He works toward removing a man’s spectacles that he is wearing, thereby enabling a person to see things as they are; however, the yogi only adds to the illusion which a person sees by putting yet another pair of glasses before his eyes.


Sadguru performs miracles for benefit for humanity but yogi for his personal gain. Sadguru removes illusion but yogi adds to it.

(Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol 3, p. 958).



Meher Baba gave discourses to the children, often using similes and analogies to illustrate his points. On December 18th (1927), Baba brought out a doll and explained the progression of evolution. Bending the head of the doll downward and folding all its limbs inside, Baba stated, “This is the state of inanimate objects in the world, such as stones, rocks and minerals. Life is there but it is curled up like the doll and you cannot see it. Everything is latent.”

Unfolding the doll’s arms and legs, Baba pointed the legs toward the sky and explained, “This is the state of the soul in the plant form. Its mouth is at the roots and its legs or branches are in the sky.” Baba brought the legs down and placed the doll on all fours, indicating that the doll was now in the animal form. Finally, Baba made the doll stand on its two legs and explained,

“The soul has now reached the state of a human being – this is the final and highest form.”

To illustrate the working of sanskaras, Baba one day took a mirror out of his coat pocket and explained:

Suppose this mirror represents the mind’s sanskaras while Chaitanya is Unconscious Consciousness. Now the moment Chaitanya is created in the unconscious mind, it arouses the sound sleep state of God to know its Self. Also at that moment sanskaras begin. The mirror, which was placed aside, now begins to move toward the eyes.

Drawing a diagram on the chalk board to illustrate his point, Baba continued:

One of the first movements of consciousness takes the mirror to the stone form where only a corner of the mirror falls within the boundary of one’s vision. The next movement, to the vegetable form, brings a greater area of the mirror within sight. The next, to the worm, fish, bird and animal kingdoms, brings a still greater area into view. Then the final movement, toward the human form, brings the entire area of the mirror before the eyes and one sees his own reflection therein and believes the reflection – the shadow of the Self – to be the Real Self or I, which is not true.

So the mirror, which was slanted with the evolution of forms, is slowly brought upright with heightened consciousness. But the soul, instead of seeing itself inside and toward its own body, sees into the reflection in the mirror and what it sees is illusion

So what should it do now to see the Self? It must remove the mirror; not only remove it, but destroy it! That is, one must destroy the sanskaras which create illusion. If you do not destroy them, they remain as they are and present themselves again and again whenever you take birth. For example, the mirror is there, even when you have left bodies after bodies and taken another. Therefore, remove this mirror of sanskaras and see your own Real Self.


Meher Baba through this example of Doll explained evolution and involution to children.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, pp. 976 – 977.



One day, a refugee from Pakistan who wanted to see Beloved Baba. He had lost everything and traveled to India along with his family. In Dehra Dun, he came to know about Beloved Meher Baba and would go to the Meher Baba Centre there. One day, he mentioned his plight to one of the Baba lovers, and that he had nothing. "I am a mechanic, and I want to open a workshop. But I have no money. Is there a Baba lover who can help me?"

The Baba lover replied, "Yes, there is one man, a nice person and very kind. He may help you."

And he gave the address of the potential helper to the refugee.

The refugee went to the man's home, and when the man heard of his guest’s plight, he asked, "How much do you want?"

"If you give me 5,000 rupees, that will be sufficient to open a workshop," the refugee replied. "I assure you that I will return your money as soon as possible, along with any interest."

And the man said, "Interest? You are a Baba lover. I don't charge interest to Baba lovers!"

The refugee was amazed and said, "Please take this down in writing, regarding the money you have given to me."

"What are you talking about? I have full faith in you. I trust you. You are a Baba lover, and therefore there is no need for me to put anything into writing. Please open your workshop. Whenever it is possible for you, return the money to me, without any interest."

The refugee was very impressed. He thought, "Indeed, there are kind people in the world. I have encountered so many difficulties. I had to leave Pakistan because of harassment. But now, how kind Beloved Baba is to arrange such a deal for me."

The refugee opened his workshop, repairing cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. Because he was an excellent mechanic, his shop was soon running very well, and he earned good money. Within a few months, he returned the loan.

And then what happened?

When the refugee met the person who had given him the loan, the latter asked, "How is your workshop going?"

"Because of Beloved Baba's grace, it is earning very well," the refugee told him.

"Since the earning is good, when are you going to return my money?"

The refugee thought that the man was joking. He said, "Did you forget? The first thing I did was to return your money to you?"

"What are you talking about?" the other responded. "I am not cutting a joke. I am telling you the truth. You have not returned my money, and I want you to return it as soon as possible!"

The refugee could not understand this. He had been very much impressed because of the man's kind help, but now he was in trouble. He told Kishan Singh, who, in turn, told Baba. "All right, Baba said, "call that refugee."

Which Kishan Singh did.

When the refugee came to Baba, Baba asked him, "What is the matter?"

The refugee told Baba the whole story.

Baba asked, "When the man gave you money, did he take anything down in writing?"

"No, Baba," the refugee replied. "He did not take anything in writing from me."

Then Baba said to him, "But there must be some witnesses?"

"No, Baba, there was no one. The man was in a field, so I went there. We both were sitting under a tree. Then I gave him the money."

Baba heard this and asked him to call that man who had loaned him the money. So the refugee brought him and Baba asked, "Did you give this refugee 5,000 rupees?"

And he said, "Yes, Baba."

"Did he return it?" Baba asked.

"No, Baba."

"Why did you not take it down in writing when you gave him the money?"

"I trusted him because he was a Baba lover."

Then Baba asked the refugee, "You don't have any witnesses?"

"No, Baba. We both were sitting under a tree in the field when I gave him the money."

So Baba said, "Then the tree is a witness! Go and call that tree."

The refugee was just looking at Baba -- he could not believe what Baba had just said.

"Did you not hear?" Baba said. "I just want you to go to that tree and call it here."

The refugee asked, "How will the tree come here, Baba?"

Baba replied, "This is My order. Go and tell the tree, and it will come."

So the refugee left. The man who loaned the money remained sitting there, and Baba started attending to other work. After two hours Baba asked, "That refugee has not yet come? How long should I wait for him?"

"Baba, that tree is far off," the man answered. "He will take another two hours to come back."

Immediately, Baba said, "How did you come to know that the tree was that far off?"

The man was caught. He said to Baba, "Baba, please forgive me. He did return the money to me, but I played mischief. Please forgive me."

And Baba said to him, "Never deceive anyone. You take yourself as a Baba lover? Are you a lover? You must be honest. What a sin you are committing! Stop doing such things. Never in your life do it again. Do you think I don't know? I know everything! I see everything, every moment. Nothing remains hidden from Me."

Then Baba added, "You speak a lie, and you can hide it from others, but can you hide it from yourself? You know that you spoke a lie. I am thousands of times closer than your very breath. So when you cannot hide a lie from yourself, how can you hide it from Me? Remember this and never repeat such things. I forgive you now, but never play such mischief on anyone."

Then the refugee returned, and Baba asked him, "Where is that tree?"

And he said, "Baba, I prayed and prayed to You before the tree. I told it that You wanted it to come to You. I bowed down to it 1,000 times, but still the tree did not move."

Baba told the refugee, "The tree had come here, and he gave witness! Ask this man."

"Yes, Baba, the tree came here and gave witness," the man admitted. "I am really very sorry." Then he said to the refugee, "Please forgive me; I deceived you. You did return my money. I will not do such a thing anymore."

Then the man turned to Baba and said, "Please, Baba, forgive me. I know You are All Knowing. You know everything, and nothing remains hidden from You. Henceforth I will be honest, and I will never deceive anyone."


One cannot hide anything from God who is all knowing and omnipresent



For relaxation, Baba would go to Munshi Ram’s house to play cards. Once, while playing cards at Munshi’s, he quietly stole a card from Ramjoo, and as a result his side won. In the middle of next game, Ghani did likewise; but this time Ramjoo saw it. He complained to Baba, who rebuked Ghani for cheating. Ghani for some time bitterly thought: “Meher himself pilfers cards and then rebukes me for doing the same!”

After a while longer, Baba stopped the game and told the men a true storey about a Perfect master:

One day a Sadguru went with some of his disciples to a city where he was known. He approached a candy shop and entering, put some sweets in his mouth. His disciples too, mimicked him in this respect. He then visited a bakery and there also the same thing happened. He picked up some cookies and put them in his mouth, and his disciples did the same. Then he went to a blacksmith’s shop where there were red hot pieces of iron in the furnace. The Master picked up one of the pieces and ate it.

Disciples stared at him. The Sadguru then said, “Now eat this too!”

Not one dared move and Master admonished, “Why did you did you do as did? Are you parrots? Never do as I do. But do as I say.”

After hearing this tale, Ghani burst out laughing, and Baba asked the reason. He replied, “I bow down to your knowledge. You have answered my question superbly


One should not copy the actions of Master but obey Him.




Christmas was celebrated on the 25th, and that night they took a boat ride on the Narmada River. Baba dipped his hands in the water and posed as Rano took a photograph of him. Gaimai wistfully observed, "How long the Narmada has awaited you, Baba." Baba just smiled.

After their return from the river, Baba said, "While we were on the boat I remembered a story about a Perfect Master." All the women eagerly requested him to tell it and so he began to spell out the tale:

There was once a Sadguru staying in a certain place with a few of his disciples. One night his mandali were conversing among themselves, saying that though they had stayed with the Master for the past so many years, still they had gained nothing. A Sadguru is all-knowing, and he of course knew what his disciples were talking about. But he did not say anything and appeared innocently unmindful of them.

The next day, all took their seats before the Master. He noticed they seemed to be in a sad mood. The Master inquired the reason, and they told him what was on their minds. He laughingly told them to be patient and, in a short time, had completely changed their remorseful mood into one of gaiety. All forgot their dejection.

Some days later the Sadguru told his disciples, "Don't do any work today and enjoy yourselves for a change. You have the whole day to yourselves, so eat, drink and be merry." This made them jubilant, and they spent the day happily playing cards, listening to music, reminiscing and joking with one another.

In the evening the Sadguru said, "We will go out in the boat tonight." This made his disciples even more happy and they said, "Master, it would be grand if you allowed us to take a little wine this evening." The Master readily agreed, and all drank and ate to their heart's content. They took their seats in the boat and continued playing cards, listening to music and enjoying themselves thoroughly. The Master told them to take turns rowing the boat by twos. And so it went.

They were overjoyed to be allowed so much freedom, and after a few hours the Sadguru observed, "We have come a long distance and we won't be able to return before dawn."

The disciples said with bravado, as they were slightly tipsy by now, "However far we have proceeded, we will surely return home by morning; we will row even harder!" The Master did not say a word.

It was a moonlit night, and all got very drunk. Dawn began breaking over the horizon and the Master said, "Oh, it is morning now and we still have not returned home!" The intoxicating effects of the wine were wearing off by now, and they thought that they had come a long distance. But then, carefully observing their surroundings, they saw to their astonishment that they were where they had boarded the boat the night before! In their intoxication, instead of rowing the boat, they had stayed right where they had started from!

The Sadguru then commented, "The whole night you were rowing and rowing and I was also seated with you. But the boat did not move at all; you are where you were and have not gone a step further. What is the reason for this?"

One replied, "We were drunk and thought we were rowing the boat; in fact, it was tied to the dock all the time!"

The Master explained, "Because of your remaining absorbed in worldly enjoyment, you are exactly where you were. Although I was with you, what could I do when you were merged in material pleasures? In the same way, despite your being with me for years, instead of coming closer to me, you remain drowned in temporal pleasures. What do you expect to gain? How will you benefit by my contact? You will remain as you are!

"Therefore, don't be a slave to material happiness. Be my slaves and see what you gain without even asking!"

This made all remember their mood of dejection and they trusted and believed what their Master was saying was true.

Baba then explained to the women, "I am showing you beautiful sights, boat riding with you and taking you here and there. All this is to free you from material bondage. Doing all this, all the while I am attentive of whose mind is where, and when I interrupt you in your reveries with a view to free you, you take it ill and your mood is upset.

"If I do not behave like this, of what use would it be your remaining with me for years together? Remember to focus your attention always on me, even while enjoying things. Don't remain drowned in material pleasures. Don't give rein to your desires.

"Only love me! When you love me only, then in the intoxication of that love, you will find all physical pleasures lifeless."

Baba then teased them, "Those disciples believed faithfully in the word of their Master, but you are such types that in spite of my telling you this, you are eagerly waiting for me to finish so you can all go and eat!" Everyone laughed.


As long as, one seeks material happiness or attached to worldly allurements, no spiritual progress can be achieved. One’s love for Master is must to get detached from worldly pleasures.   

(Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 7, pp. 2348 - 2352.)









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William Shakespeare has said that “The entire world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players”. Unconsciously he has rightly said the spiritual truth. Baba has said “The world is a drama. You weep, you laugh- to weep and laugh again. It is all a tamasha (a show). When the inner eye is opened, you will see this clearly” (Lord Meher Online Edition Page 4744).It can be explained as under.

Every man or woman is destined by God to play certain role on the world’s stage in His Divine drama. Before performing a lifelong act, God feeds the role to be played in the form of thoughts, speech and actions in one’s subconscious mind of which man or women are not aware. There is difference between the worldly drama and Divine drama. In the Divine drama God makes the man or woman numberless copies of Himself. In other words God Himself is born as man or woman on the earth for playing a particular role. Or one can say that God hypnotizes Himself with the identity of the role to be played. The fact is that he or she is not aware of his or her original self (i.e. Godhood) during the divine drama (between birth and death). This is unlike the worldly drama, where the actors are very much aware of their real self viz. student, employee or shopkeeper etc. and the role being played by them on the stage viz. Laila, Majnu, Ram, Ravan etc.

In the Divine drama, after the role of an actor is over (death of a person), he or she is again sent on earth with different role in the drama. This is just like worldly drama where an actor or actress is given another role in the same or the other drama.

Reference Book: Divine Drama by Bob Mossman: The Valiant Life of Charles B.Purdom

Contributed by Dr. J Kumar Delhi

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Journey from God (unconscious) to God (conscious) is a journey without journeying or a journey in ignorance to get out of ignorance or awaken as God from sleep state of God.

First part of journey is evolution which is the manifestation God’s trio nature viz: infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss. The moment a whim started in beyond state of God (unconscious God), it started manifesting and evolving as gas, stone, vegetable, fish, worm reptile and animal and finally man when evolution is complete.

Second part of spiritual journey is involution which starts from man to God and  human soul with its limited mind and intellect progressively transforms his limited consciousness to higher and higher state of consciousness life after life (incarnation) from 4 subtle planes and 2 mental planes. After arriving on 6th plane help of God realised Master (Sadguru) or Avatar becomes mandatory for God realisation. God realisation is the final destination where both journeys from God to man and man to God is complete. God’s dream comes to an end and the individual consciously experiences His trio attributes of Infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss through His universal body and universal mind. He consciously experiences: “I am everything and everything in the universe has come out of Me.”

A man, in his first incarnation from animal to man is quite ignorant of the word God or its entity. This man (soul) is dominated by animal sanskaras of his previous animal forms. Though heart and intellect is also developed in human form but these are in dormant state. His heart is easily taken over by his mind which is dominated by animal sanskaras. Intellect almost has no effect in initial stages. Such souls carry heinous crimes and murders under impressions of dominating animal sanskaras.

In further incarnations, Human soul gets tutored by Law of Karma as bad results for his bad actions. Intellect makes human soul to think and realise the existence of some kind of super natural power which controls his actions since the result of his actions are not according to his wish. To find the answer of this question he thereby tried to know the purpose of life. Man approaches the seniors, saints to find and remedy of his miseries and later tends to believe in existence of God. He tries to seek help of God to get rid of his problems. Now he becomes the seeker of God once he develops a belief in existence of God.

Thus the Human soul progresses on his spiritual path through good thoughts, words and actions using best of his intellect (discrimination between good and bad) in incarnation after incarnation. Human Soul travels through various stages on gross, sublte and mental plane before God relisation. One may be fortunate to get the contact of Sadguru or Avatar at any stage of human life which much depends on his past sanskaras as destined for the individual man.

Now the seekers can be put in following categories with brief description.

  1. Atheist (unconscious seeker-non believer)
  2. Believer
  3. Illiterate-It is easier for an illiterate seeker to accept God or Master by heart almost without much use of intellect.
  4. Semi-illiterate-The seeker accepts God or Master with moderate reasoning.
  5. Fully literate or Intellectual- The aspirant accepts God or a Master by heart with sufficient reasoning by intellect. Some intellectual aspirants develop tendency of reading, then writing and thereafter lecturing still being aware that all these are meaningless compared to constant remembrance of the Master silently and wholeheartedly.
  6. Devotee- One develops faith in existence of God by self tutoring through Law of Karma. First it is through mind which is wavering but when it comes from heart it is lasting. One can develop faith through three sources which are: by hearing or reading discourses on God, (2) by seeing a master, Sadguru or Avatar, (3) by having experience on gross or subtle plane (in dream). There are nine kinds of devotion (bhakti) or to say nine kinds of devotees advocated by Narada in Hindu philosophy. So there are nine kind of devotee. Initially a devotee’s bhakti is associated with desire which is called Sakam Bhakti.
  7. Lover: When a devotee’s Bhakti becomes desireless it turns into love and can be said to lover of God. As lover he seeks the will of his master. Love is a gift from God to man. Love means a life of giving without expectation of receiving any reward.
  8. Obedient: As the love deepens, it is transformed into obedience. Obedient performs the will of Beloved. He follows His masters order without any question of why and what (without use of mind and intellect)
  9. Third plane: Merging into third plane is called annihilation of the Apparent. Here the seeker loses for all day consciousness of the body or the world and experiences infinite power. But since he has no consciousness of the world he has no occasion for expression of his power. This is the state of divine coma. The consciousness is now completely withdrawn from the entire world. If the seeker further advances he arrives at the fourth lane.
  10.  Forth Plane:  Merging into fourth plane is called annihilation leading toward freedom. The seeker experiences particular state of consciousness at this plane, since he now only feels infinite power but has plenty of occasions for the expression of power. He knows everything. He can for example know what anyone situated in any part of the globe is thinking or doing. Further he has not only occasion for use of his powers but had definite inclination to express it. He has infinite power even to create a new universe.If he falls prey to these temptations, he goes on expressing powers and gets caught up in the alluring possibilities of fourth plane. The fourth lane for this reason one of the most difficult and dangerous plane to cross. The seeker is never spiritually safe and has always the possibility of a reversion until he has successfully crossed the fourth planeMasts (mental Plane)
  11.  Fifth plane (Wali) - Mental plane superimposes over Gross and subtle plane both. The seeker is called wali. Merging into fifth plane is called the annihilation of desires. Here the incessant activity of lower intellect comes to a stand-still. He does not ‘think’ in the ordinary way. Yet, he is indirectly a source of many thoughts inspired in others. He sees but not with physical eyes. Mind speaks with mind and there is neither worry nor doubt. He is now spiritually safe and beyond the possibility of a downfall; and yet many a seekers on the exalted plane find it difficult to resist the delusion that they have attained Godhood. In his self-delusion he thinks and says, “I am God,” and believes himself to have arrived at the end of spiritual path. But if he moves on he perceives his mistake and advances to the sixth plane.
  12.  Sixth plane (Pir) - The seeker of this plane is called Pir. Merging into sixth plane is called the annihilation of self in the Beloved. Now the seeker sees God directly as an ordinary person sees the different thing in the world. This continued perception and enjoyment of God does not suffer a break even for an instant, yet he does not become one with God. He is still not united with God. He develops intense longing to get united with God and help of God realised Master (Sadguru or Avatar) becomes mandatory.
  13. Seventh plane (God-realised-Man-God-No more a seeker) – With the help of Sadguru or Avatar seeker of sixth plane ascends to the seventh plane. He experiences the last merging which is called the final annihilation of self into God. Through this merging the seeker loses his separate existence and becomes permanently united with God. He is now one with God and experiences Himself as being none other than God himself. This seventh plane is the terminus of spiritual path, the goal of all search and endeavour. It is conscious God-hood. It is the real awakening. Now the seeker has reached the other shore of the vast ocean of imagination and realises that this last truth is the only truth and all other stages on the path are entirely illusory. He has arrived the final destination.

    States of God-realised Souls:

    Following are the other states of God realised souls who are present in the universe but have different roles to play,.

    1. Majoob. No more seeker but possessor of infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss and remain absorbed in infinite bliss. He does not play any role in function of universe.
    2. Paramhans- No more seeker but possessor of infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss. He oscillates between the consciousness of God and man.
    3. Perfect Master (Sadguru) No more seeker but possessor of infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss. He among the five Masters controls the affair of universe. One of five Masters is the chief called Murshid-e-Kamil. They workout the descent of God as Avatar at appropriate time and work for the universe under the leadership of the Avatar.
    4. Avatar (God-man): The personified advent of God in human form appears and takes upon the burden of universal suffering of mankind through His universal body and mind.

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To answer this question why Meher Baba, one needs to know the real purpose of life. Do we want fulfillment of desires only in our life or does it have some higher purpose?

According to Meher Baba, “Aim of life is to love God and Goal of life is to become one with God. There is no creature which is not destined for supreme Goal, just as there is no river which is not winding its way to sea.” He also explained that every soul is consciously or unconsciously traversing the spiritual journey and heading towards God-realization. It may take million of births to achieve this Goal. Meher Baba said every soul is trying to find the answer of the original question, “Who am I” and ultimately gets the final answer as, “I am God” after getting numerous false answers of I am this and that.

Talking of His Avatarhood, He said, “I have simultaneous consciousness of God and man both and bear the conscious experience of “Aham Brahmasmi” or “I am God.” I possess universal body and mind and I am present at all levels of consciousness and therefore, in a position to help everyone at all levels of consciousness.

There are many saints, walis and pirs who are on the path of God-realization at lower planes but are not God-realized. If you approach them, they can help you in your spiritual journey to the extent of their level only. For example, a Ph.D. degree holder can teach the nursery students but a high school student cannot teach a Ph.D. student. Many false and hypocrite saints and gurus having no level in spirituality, but with bookish knowledge are able to impress common man by their speech. Such gurus are no good for the benefit of spiritual aspirants. Kabir, the Perfect Master, Kanfuka guru had ka, behad ka guru nahi, behad ka guru aur hai, soch samajh man mahi”. (This means, the gurus of lower status are limited who gives secret mantra in the ear of disciple. So think about, he is not real guru who is unlimited.)

Meher Baba says, “I am the Goal and give nothing less than God realization.” I am shah Saudagar (who has full control over the business). Do not ask Me for a pin, or material things for which you may approach saints who can fulfil your desires. I fulfil your needs but not wants. If you are thirsty in a desert, you need water not lemonade. So do not come to Me even with the desire of God-realization but just to love, obey and try to surrender Me as much you can. Rest I shall take care of you and your Goal. I will take you to the final destination blind-folded without any risk and pitfalls of spiritual path.”

Meher Baba declared that He is Avatar of the Cycle (period of 700 to 1400 years). For 100 years after dropping His body, Avatar remains active in full force as if He is alive. Thereafter His manifestation starts. Meher Baba also declared that 100 years after dropping His body, five Sadgurus (who are always present on the earth all the time and control universe) will not come into prominence. This means till year 2069, one should not expect to come across a living Sadguru as Avatar Meher Baba is still active and will remain till his next advent.


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A Baba Centre established any where may be source of spreading Baba’s name; a place to held Baba’s Satsang and sharing Baba’s messages and discourses. Meher Baba was averse to any kind of Propaganda in His name. He said “Every heart is My centre.” Baba said that one should live such a life of love that other may get motivated to love Baba. In name of publicity, Baba made it clear that you can tell My name to others by any means but you are not to preach My philosophy. Do not insist others following a different faith to come to Baba. Follow your religion and creed in which you are born which suits you best.

Baba allowed first centre in Kovvur with statue to be installed. Sri Koduri Krishna Rao of Kovvur built Mehersthan (house of Meher) on the Western banks of the Godavri River in Kovvur, Andhra, where Baba had given darshan in 1954. Meher Baba while giving permission instructed Sri. Krishna Rao to build Mehersthan with his own funds without collecting any donations from others.  Meher Baba also permitted Bro. Krishna Rao to install full size bronze statue of Baba, for which Baba himself gave posture and measurements. The construction of Mehersthan was completed and inaugurated on 28-2-1963. On one occasion Baba stated that He was always present in Mehersthan.

Baba sent the following eight messages to Koduri to be displayed in Mehersthan:

* Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals and you will find that I am the Worshiped, the Worship and the Worshiper.

* To clothe simple worship with garments of ceremony and rituals is to expose me to the cold winds of ignorance.

* To love faithfully the God-Man is to worship God truly.

* To find me here in Mehersthan, search the depth of your heart.

* Mehersthan is built for me with love, but I may only be found here by my lover who brings me here in his heart.

* As the heart is, so is the house; as the eye is, so is the Image within the house.

* The heart of man has always been the ancient temple for the worship of the Ancient One.

* Nothing can house the Ancient One that does not house love.

(Lord Meher p-4912-1963)

Directives for running centres in Meherpuri (Distt. Hamirpur) and other centres

There should be strict rules framed and displayed to maintain discipline, cleanliness, and hygienic conditions in and around Meherastana.  Meherastana should have a watchman to look after the property, but no regular and paid pujari. Every lover of Baba is in himself is a true pujari.

Baba directed Baba lovers in Bombay conducting the affairs of their center through a letter from Eruch

Baba says that he always feels pleased and at home when he finds His lovers living and working for his cause in an atmosphere that is surcharged with the sweetness of humility, the fragrance of harmony and the sheer simplicity of love for one another.

Baba says that there are bound to be differences of opinion among his lovers regarding the conducting of the work to be done and the manner in which it is to be done, but such differences are, in a way, always healthy and invigorating as long as they do not carry with them the sting of arrogance and insolence.

Baba always expects his lovers to remain prepared to face and overcome all opposition calmly and humbly. And when the differences are thrashed out pleasantly, with an attitude of one who sincerely desires to learn and benefit from the other’s point of view, the results thus achieved are beneficial to both the parties concerned.

As soon as you succumb to the dictates of your ego and permit arrogance and insolence to put their heads up, then this attitude recoils on Baba himself, as you are his dear lover(s) and your Beloved Baba’s head remains bowed down with humiliation. Thus our attitude in his cause becomes the cause of his continual suffering, and the burden of this cross is continually borne by him for the love he bears for us. He will continue to suffer such sustained humiliation as long as his lovers, who have come in his close association, do not begin to share this most burdensome cross. His lovers can learn now to share this by putting up with any humiliation caused to them by the misunderstanding/arrogance of others in his cause. (ww.lordmeher.org, p-5049-11th Nov, 1963; Meherazad)

Baba’s Message on opening of centres in India

Baba said that I want to open 12 centres throught India before I speak. Of this 6 have already been established at Meherabad, Nasik, Toka, Madras, Byramangla and Mandala. For remaining 6 different places in India are still to be selected.  (Message given on 9-5-1940 Lord Meher page-2556)




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Any act of violence is non-violence much depend on the circumstance. An act may appear violent outwardly but if it is done for the benefit of other without self-interest may not be termed as non-violence. 100% pure non-violence is only possible by the person who has realised himself.

Aspect of violence, killing of living bodies of lower forms like ants, Insects even microorganism is not desirable from spiritual point of view as they create bad and binding sanskaras. In Jain sect, one is required to protect himself killing of microorganisms even unconsciously while breathing and eating; for reason they put band of clothing over their mouth and nostrils. One does not know how many ants insects are killed while walking and moving around. Many microorganisms and bacteria’s are consumed by one in eating and drinking. If one sticks literally the principle of non-violence, it would not be easy for one to comfortably to eat, drink or even move around. One may not help other by any act which may appear as act of violence but considering the circumstance it may not fall in category of violence. One may become inactive to some extent. A doctor may not perform surgical treatment on patient.  One will not fight and die for his country being afraid of violent act in killing the aggressor. One swimmer may not come forward to save the drowning person being afraid of acting violent.

There is solution from Baba for everything. According to Baba, God listens the voice of heart. First feeling or thought which comes to one’s mind in any situation is the voice of heart. One must act according to voice of heart. After voice of heart one’s mind takes over immediately and mind acts analytically. Baba has defined the non-violence and non violence in very appealing manner. According to Meher Baba violence in many situations is non-violence in real sense. There are different grades of non-violence and violence as described By Meher Baba.

According to Baba:

Non-Violence is categorized as under.

  1. Non-Violence pure and simple- (based upon Divine love)-Here one sees his own self and is beyond both friendship and enmity, and never does a single thought of violence enter his mind under any circumstances. This is possible when the state of pure and Infinite Love is reached and the aspirant is one with God.
  2. Non -Violence of brave- (based on Unlimited Pure Love)-This applies to those who, although not one with all through actual realisation, consider no one as their enemy and try to win over even the aggressor through love and give up their love by being attacked, not through fear, but through love.
  3. Non –Violence of strong- Suppose a physically strong man is insulted and spat by and arrogant man who is nevertheless weak and suppose that strong man who has got the power to crush the arrogant man, not only desists from hurling the arrogant man but calmly explains him the gospel of love. This action implies Non-Violence, but it is non-violence of strong.
  4. Non -Violence of the coward- (based on unlimited weakness of character and mind)-those who do not resist aggression because of fear and for no other reason, belong to this class.

Violence is categorized as under.

  1. Non-Violent Violence (Based on unlimited love) - Violence done solely for defending the weak and where there is no question of self-defence or of self motive.
  2. Selfless Violence (Based on limited human love) - Violence done in self-defence when attacked treacherously and with no other selfish motive:-for example – when one’s mother’s honour is on the point of being violated by a lusty desperado and when one defends his mother; so also when the motherland’s honour is at stake and it is being attacked by enemies, the nation’s selfless effort at defending the motherland is selfless violence
  3. Selfish Violence (Based on and lust)- When violence is done for selfish motive by an individual or nation for power and selfish gains, etc


Violence without hatred

Suppose a mad dog has run amock and likely to bite school children and teachers in the school destroy the mad dog in order to protect the children. This destruction of mad-dog does imply violence but there is no hatred.

Neither Violence nor Non violence

Situation-1-Suppose a man, who does not know person who comes to his help and the clasping is often so awkward that how to swim, has fallen in a lake and is being drowned and that there is nearby another person, who is good at swimming and who wants to save him from being drowned. The man who is being drowned has a tendency to grasp desperately the person who comes to his help and the clasping is often that it may not only make it impossible for the drowning man to be saved, but may even bring about drowning of one, who has come to help him. One, who desires to save a drowning man, has, therefore, to render him unconscious by hitting him on the head, before he begins to help him. Striking on the head of the drowning man, under such circumstances, cannot be looked upon either as Violence or as Non-Violence.


Situation-2-Suppose a man is suffering from some contagious disease, which can be only cured through an operation. Now in order to cure this suffering man as well as to protect others from catching this infection, a surgeon may have to remove the infected part from his body by the using knife. This cutting of the body by a knife is also among the things which cannot be looked upon either as violence or non-violence.

It will therefore be seen that while the non-violence, pure and simple is the goal of life. This goal has to be achieved by individual seekers of God by following “Non-violence of the brave”. The masses who have not the requisite intense longing for being one with Him, have to be gradually led toward this goal on the principles of “Non-violent violence” or those of “Selfless violence” according to circumstances. In this connection, it must be clearly understood that ‘Non-Violent Violence’ and ‘Selfless Violence’ are merely means of attaining the goal of life, namely pure and simple “non violence” ‘or the “Love Infinite”. These means must not be confused or otherwise mixed up with the goal itself.


Lesson on violence and non-violence for spiritual aspirants

“If you are a perfect follower of non-violence, you give an oath that you will not hurt any creature. However, if you saw one dog killing three cats, what you would do – kill the dog? If you stood aside, you would allow killing of the three cats. If you keep silent, you are helping to kill three cats. If you kill the dog you are violent.

There is a tiger among the herd of cattle and you have a gun I your house that you do not touch, because of your oath of non-violence. You know you can kill the tiger and save the herd. What would you do? Kill the tiger, but (remain) detached-this is what Krishna teaches. Do not follow violence or non-violence, just be detached. You must kill for the good of the herd. In case of Arjuna, it was for the spiritual good of others, who were like tigers of lust and greed.

Is it right to go for war? Go for war if called and you cannot avoid it, but do not fight for the sake of killing. You just help and kill or be killed without fear and anger toward the killer. Few, very few can do so. Why do I want war? To make the things right for spiritual progress and advancement.”

Mahatma Gandhi was  advised not to impose Non-violence on general public because it was  impractical and ordained by God

Mahatma Gandhi had his own ideas of what constituted "non-violence" and "non-violent resistance," and he did not truly understand the gist of Baba's message on the subject. While Baba was on His mast tour, He sent Chanji again to Delhi to see Gandhi. He did so on 2nd and 3rd April 1942. Chanji returned to Dehra Dun and several letters ensued between himself and Gandhi about this subject. Gandhi was surprised to read Baba's views, which justified the use of violence in certain situations, and called them "wholly inapplicable." Yet, Gandhi's views were impractical for those on the Path; his idea of non-violence can only be achieved in the God-realized state of a majzoob, whereby it is attained automatically!


Duty an spiritual aspirant has to put everything at stake for the sake

In Meher Baba’s words

“As a rule, spiritual aspirants are indifferent to purely material well-being. They are prone to be indifferent to war as well as war-effect on the grounds that most wars are actuated by purely material considerations, But it is a mistake to divorce spirituality from material considerations. Material considerations do have a spiritual aspect and importance. Even spiritual aspirants, who are wrapped up in the super-sensible realities of inner life, can ill afford to ignore war, particularly when they are directly involved in it. ``


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Life has been a subject of much debate since time immemorial and will continue to be in future. Our Philosophers and intellectuals have been defining and explaining life but they have not been able to come to a universally acceptable conclusion. According to Hindu mythology, Life and world are illusion. The only truth being God and aim of life is God realisation.

  • Life is like a bridge

Life is like a bridge with ends of birth and death. Life between these two ends, circumscribe happiness and miseries, goodness and wickedness and vice and virtues. The aim of life for most people is the achievement of happiness at first instance and the second of mental peace. When one does not have misery or worry. One can say he is happy. One also fee happy when one gets what he has desired for a long time. In this case also the joy or mental state of happiness soon wears off. In other words, happiness in general sense may be attributed to the state of mind as long as we have no miseries or worry which gradually comes down.

  • The cause of one’s misery

The cause of one’s misery or worry is one’s desire and therefore, one should lessen his desires. Aim and ambitions are also long standing desires. Desires can be lessened by accepting the fact that one can only make effort but the result is not his hand. Therefore, here is no need to worry for on un-fulfillment of desires.

  • The theory of “predeterminism

The theory of “predeterminism” envisages that whatever happens is predetermined. One does not know what one is going to get as one never knows one has no control over it. So, why to desire. A question can be asked why one “Why to believe in this theory” One may believe or not, at one point of time, one has to accept and resign in this theory. Once one believe in theory, one may also accept that whatever happens in his life either good or bad resulting in happiness or miseries are always for his upliftment of mental set up. Of course this attitude has to be inculcated in one’s mental makeup. To summarize, it can be said that to get happiness and mental peace, one should do his duties honestly and faithfully and in case something goes wrong one should not worry and adhere to the theory of ‘predeterminism”. Since one cannot help it hence why to worry about it.

Lines written below in Hindi also carry the same meaning.

Dukho Aur Musibato Se Ai Insan Ghabarana Kaisa.

Tumse Jayada Tumhe Pyar Karta Hai Tumhe Bananewala.

  • Life for Baba disciples/ lovers

Above explanation may be meant for general masses, believer or non believer of God.  In case one by its destiny or Will of God comes in contact of Sadguru ( Perfect Master) or Avatar (Saviour)  then  one’s case become different wherein his  Master or Avatar ( takes the responsibility of His disciple’s good and bad action and guides His disciples all the time remaining behind back in his mind. The disciple may or may not be consciously aware of this fact but one is always in careful hands of his Master and receives His guidance internally. Such a disciple always takes for granted the orders or sayings of His Sadguru or Avatar.

For Baba lovers Meher Baba is Supreme. Reality of Life and approach toward it is explained Baba as under:

  • Life is a mighty joke!

In Baba’s words

If understood, life is simply a jest,

If misunderstood, life becomes a pest.

Once overcome, life is ever at rest.

For pilgrims of the Path, life is test.

When relinquished through love, life is at its best.

He who knows this can hardly be understood by others. He who does not know it feels himself in a state of delusion. He ponders over this problem day and night, but finds himself incapable of knowing it.

  • Life is like a movie

In Baba’s words

“In movie in which a villain annoys an innocent, decent man. He catches him, harasses him and wants to kill him. The spectators are fascinated by such drama and want to know if the poor man will manage to free himself from the clutches of the villain. If the victim overcomes his dilemma, the spectators feel happy; but if the villain gets the upper hand, they feel miserable. When the show is over, they realize it was merely a film – a picture on the screen – and the feelings that surged within them while watching it were without any basis. It was a mirage in which they were absorbed.”

“Your life is like that. It is a mere movie which has no substance to it for it is false – made-up. All that you see about you is absolutely nothing. Everything is false – an illusion, a play, a film, a mirage! Therefore, I repeatedly emphasize to one and all, do not be attracted by Maya; always pray sincerely to God and remember Him. Hold fast to my feet and I will lead you on the path to Realization.” (Lord Meher-p-808)

Baba remarked, "Life is a series of experiences which need innumerable forms. Death is an interval in that one long life." He then quipped, "And life, as I've said before, is wife, knife and strife!"

  • Take God seriously and life lightly

In Baba’s words

People take life seriously and God lightly, whereas we must take God seriously and life lightly. Then we know that we always were the same and will ever remain the same — the originator of this joke! This knowledge is not achieved by reasoning; it is born of experience."

Baba said that His wish (directives) governs the universe and His will is Law (destiny). Not a single leaf quivers without His nod. He does not fulfill desire but need. He develops an attitude in His lovers that one desires less and less-a real solution of desirelessness.   It turns out to be a smooth sailing in life for Baba lover, or any God seeker who believes in above words of Baba,

(Compiled by B. Kumar and Dr. J. Kumar Rohini, Delhi)

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Meher Baba does not advocate any rites or rituals unless it is done with pure heart and all sincerity.  Baba said “I belong to no religion but all religions belong to me”.. Following a Master does not mean giving up your religion. You should renounce the mind! Anyone of any following should continue his/her faith in religion or guru. This makes no difference to Meher Baba as He is associated with each and every soul and all their devotion and love for their gurus indirectly reaches to Him only. To love Baba is to love all; to love all is not to love Baba. If you are serving Avatar or a living Sadguru, you are serving the whole mankind.

Love is one which Meher Baba professed in this Avatarhood. Meher Baba preached love for God, love for human beings and remembrance of His name as far as one can.

Meher Baba said: “God is to be loved not feared. To have one eye glued on the delightful pleasures of the flesh and also expect to see a spark of eternal bliss with the other is not only impossible but the height of hypocrisy”.

Meher Baba said “Try to love God by loving those whom you cannot love. Real happiness lies in making others happy. Try to remember Me constantly. Come all unto Me. Be resigned to my will and hold fast to My Daman

Baba defined 8 ways of loving God

  1. To love god in most practical way is to love our fellow beings, if we feel for others in the same way as we feel for our own dear ones, we love God.
  2. If, we instead of seeing fault in others, we look within ourselves, we are loving God.
  3. If, we instead f robbing others to help ourselves, we rob ourselves to help others, we are loving God.
  4. If, we suffer in the suffering of others and feel happy in the happiness of others, we are loving God.
  5. If, instead of worrying over our own misfortunes, we think of ourselves more fortunate than many, many others, we are loving God.
  6. If we endure our lot with patience and contentment, accepting it as His Will, we are loving God.
  7. If we understand and feel that the greatest act of devotion and worship to god is not to hurt or harm, ant of His being, we are loving God.
  8. To love God as He ought to be loved, we must live for God and die for God, knowing that the goal of life is to Love God, and find Him as our own Self. –Meher Baba

For spiritual aspirant Baba advised:

If possible, observe celibacy. If already married, keep as little sexual intercourse with your partner as possible. Consider, if you are a man, all other women as your sisters; if you are a woman, all other men as your brothers.
Avoid all animal food, except milk and the products of milk. Don't partake of even eggs.

 Avoid all intoxicating drugs and drinks. Tea is not an intoxicant, provided it is weak. But be moderate in your habit of tea drinking.

Curb yourself, and never give way to anger. Whenever you fly into a passion, you contact red sanskaras, which are the worst of all.

Meher Baba consolidated almost all His directives in the repentance prayer given by Him as under:

We repent, O God most merciful, for all our sins; for every thought that was false or unjust or unclean; for every word spoken that ought not to have spoken; for every deed done that ought not to have been done.

We repent for every deed and word and thought inspired by selfishness, and for every deed and word and thought inspired by hatred.

We repent especially for every lustful thought and every lustful action; for every lie; for all hypocrisy; for every promise given but not fulfilled; and for all slander and backbiting.

Most especially also we repent for every action that brought ruin to others; for every word and deed that has given others pain; and for every wish that pain should befall others.

In your unbounded mercy, we ask you to forgive us, O God, for all these sins committed by us, and to forgive us for our constant failures to think and speak and act according to Your will.

According to Meher Baba, reading, writing and speaking are of very little importance from spiritual point of view. This can lead an intellectual to the threshold of spirituality. But to tread upon the spiritual path, remembrance, love, obedience and surrender to Avatar or living Sadguru is required which has real meaning. Meher Baba Himself composed song and sang “likhan padhan se na yar bazi, sanam ka hardam khayal hona”.

So one should Love Baba and remember Him all the way as one can.



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To read God Speaks and discourses given by Meher Baba in English and now translated in Hindi and Telgu requires certain level of intellect or to say knowledge of particular language. Intellect is the natural instinct which gets fully developed in evolution of soul in human form. Intellect which has its seat in mind and essential instinct or instrument which helps a soul to transform oneself better and better, birth after births by discriminating between good and bad to tread on the path of spirituality.

Baba did not discard reading of Scriptures

Baba did not attach much importance to intellect but did not discard it also. Meher Baba explained Intellectual reading can bring one on the threshold of spirituality, but cannot help beyond that. To enter in the house of God one has to fall into the lap of Love, obedience and surrender.

Baba advised many to read “God Speaks” which reveals mysteries of the universe as how it came into being and what are experiences of the soul in traversing the journey from God to man (Evolution) and man to God (Involution) Baba Himself speaks on His book “God Speaks”

In Baba’s words

“Reading books one can get some intellectual understanding of the Truth but it is not real understanding. One can by reading books and having theories, gets some intellectual understanding of the Truth, but that is not real understanding. One must experience truth, live truth, realize truth. It is very easy to do this if one takes it to mind. But the people make it complicated that it seems a gigantic task.”

 “The book God Speaks is a very important textbook for all students who are keen to understand the fundamental purpose and mechanics of life and the universe. God Speaks reveals to us that all the experiences, even of spiritual aspirants of the path to God-realization (gotten in the natural course of involution of consciousness), are of the domain of illusion and are ephemeral and absolutely unimportant; how much more illusory and distracting can be the experience of a layman in a laboratory who experiments with drugs to induce experiences with the semblance of those of an aspirant on the spiritual path.”

“When you study the book God Speaks, you will understand how very impossible it is for an aspirant to realize God without the grace of the Perfect Master, and therefore, it is of paramount importance for a genuine spiritual aspirant to surrender himself to the Perfect Master, who has himself realized God.”

"Some of the discourses of other saints and Perfect Masters are likely to confuse you by their contrary statements. For example, it is said that Muhammad and Christ declared there is no reincarnation; and it is said that Krishna and Buddha declared there is reincarnation. Now, whom should you believe?”

"So, take my advice and accept God Speaks as the final authority. Nothing of its kind has been recorded before.”

There is spiritual force in words said by Baba.

One must read the scriptures given by Avatars, Perfect Masers Viz Zend-Avesta, Ramayana, Gita, Bible, Quran, and latest God Speaks by Meher Baba. Even one does not have knowledge of language to read these books even storing these books in house will certainly add to spiritual benefit since words of Avatar radiate itself spiritual energy. It is therefore common to find in Hindu families keep Ramayana & Gita in their houses though they may be read only occasionally.

In Baba’s Words

“There is a force, a spiritual force, in my words which is of great help to the sincere aspirant. So you should work with them and strongly encourage others to work with and read Baba's words." You must understand that whenever Baba gives out words for His lovers to use and read, He attaches a spiritual energy to them-something like an atomic spiritual bomb! Then, when one reads those words, even if he does not understand even one word of what he reads, a part of the spiritual energy will be absorbed by that person. And this energy will be very important for that person in his spiritual progress."

Different kind of Scriptures

Meher Baba categorized different kinds of writings also. Baba said that words which come from the source of Truth have the real meaning.  The words given by Perfect Master or Avatar are worth reading, to be accepted and followed.

In Baba’s words:   

“The scriptures are like rotten bones rotted and are as food for worms. Theosophy and philosophy are like good bones rotted and are as food for vultures. The writings of inspired poets are like fresh bones and are as food for dogs. The writings of spiritually advanced saints are like flesh and are food for tigers. The writings by living Perfect Masters are like brain and are food for men. Good bones when rotted have some semblance of bone, but rotten bones when rotted are like filth.”

Reading is too short of love

Reading has no comparison with love. It is far ahead of intellect. Once one gets intellectual belief, one must aspire love for God which is once again a gift from the Master. May it may be necessary that intellectuals to unlearn what they had learnt before coming to Baba?

In Baba’s words:

“Reading is not necessary for those who love... love take one beyond the intellect and beyond the mind. Books and discourses will not bring about one's spiritual regeneration. Mind cannot be annihilated by mind, for one cannot jump over oneself. Only by loving me as I ought to be loved can the mind be destroyed. Anyone may have love for Me, but not the love as I want.”

Reading has no comparison with love. It is far ahead of intellect. Once one get intellectual belief he must aspire love for God which once again a gift from the Master. May it be necessary that intellectual has to unlearn what he had learnt before coming to Baba. In Baba’s words:

“In spite of all explanations and reading of books, words remain mere words. They do not take one any further than intellectual satisfaction. Only love for God works the miracle, because love is beyond mind and reason. Where then is the necessity to read?”

Limitation of Intellect

Baba explained the limitation of intellect also. A person however intelligent cannot get Self-realisation without coming into contact of a Perfect Master. It is most fortunate for an intellectual to get contact of a Perfect Master or Avatar which can help one to achieve goal without any risk of getting trapped in allurement of the experiences of spiritual path. In Baba’s words:

Intellectual explanation can never be a substitute for spiritual experience.

“It is better to study it, than to be ignorant of it; better to feel it than to study it; better to experience it than to feel it; and best of all to become it.”

“It is good to use discretion in all things. Before coming to any decision, give more importance to the heart than head. In all the matters, the judgment of the heart should be given preference.”

“Intellect can be used as much as misused or abused. The deeper the intelligence, the greater the responsibility for discrimination between essential and nonessential services.”

“All the explanations and articles have no connection with Reality. It is all a play of words and has no lasting value. Reality is beyond mind, beyond intellect. The very fact when you say that you have intellectually understood Reality shows that you have misunderstood it! To have Real understanding, consciousness must remain, and intellect (mind) must go. It does not mean becoming mad like Punjia (an inmate in the Mad Ashram at Rahuri). What I mean is that intellect should be the means of wholeheartedly achieving ends that are accepted by the heart. And if you obey Me with all your heart, intellect will go and consciousness will remain.”

“A person may be very intelligent, but if he has not the fortune to have the company of a Sadguru, he will not get Self-Realization. On the other hand a person, though dull, who has that rare fortune to have the company of a Perfect Master can have Self-Realization. And I myself will bow down to such a person who is fortunate enough to be very intelligent and, at the same time, who has love for and the company of a Perfect Master.”

So, let one read books on Baba’s philosophy, discourses, messages, episodes, write-ups and articles of his choice with back in mind that this is also a sort of meditation initiated by Meher Baba to help one to progress on the path of spirituality as destined for him.