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Ego is one of the seven vices (Lust, anger. greed, attachment, ego, Jealousy and hatred) which get developed in human form along with intellect. Ego has to be reduced to zero to attain God –realization. The state of Egolessness is the state of God realisation. It is impossible to get rid of ego without help of Avatar or Sadguru who are God personified. Avatar and Sadguru brings out the hidden egoistic sanskaras of His disciples and cuts it to zero in best way suited for him. One has to proceed first to develop egoless ego by dedicating all his thoughts, words and actions to his Sadguru or Avatar. At appointed time Avatar and Sadguru through obedience of His orders surfaces the ego sanskaras; dries it, burns the heap all dry sanskaras in a flash and imparts instant God Realisation.

What is ego?

In Baba’s words

“The ego is composed of fulfilled and unfulfilled desires. The soul can progress through the suppression of the finite ego and its transference into the Divine ego which is possible by love and rendering selfless service to humanity.”

“The chief forms in which the frustrated ego finds its expression are lust, greed and anger and have body and mind as the vehicles of expression.”

Pride is a specific element in egoism and expresses in number of ways.

Beware of pride, not only because it is hydra-headed, but because it is deceptive. So deceptive is it that, more often than not, it puts on the apparel of humility.

Two types of Ego

There are two types of ego. The false ego has innumerable wants and desires. It says, I am a man, I want this, I am a woman, I want that, I am sick, I want to be happy, I am rich, I am very poor. It is always "I."

But when this ego is annihilated a transformation takes place, the false "I" is replaced by the real "I," and the experience, "I am free from desires and wanting, I am infinite, I am one with God" is gained. That is the Real Ego.

If a man asserts "I am God" because he has read and understood intellectually that there is nothing but God, this assertion fails because he and his mind are not one. This assertion is due to thinking, which means duality. He had no direct experience, only an idea of unity through his understanding, therefore this is not a real experience, and is not the Real Ego. There is no room for compromise. You cannot be a man of the world and at the same time become one with God.

If you have realised God within you, and God is all-powerful, then you must also be all-powerful. Why then do you feel helpless? Because, there is a veil that veils you from God. You yourself are the veil, and it is not possible for you to lift it. Your eyes can see a vast panorama but cannot see themselves for that a mirror is required. When the mirror of My grace descends, your own True Self is revealed in an instant.

Egoless ego

Egoless ego- the ego of first word signifies ‘i’ (false self) and the ego of second word signifies the ‘I’ (Real Self, God).

God’s ego is Real, Divine, Infinite and only One without second, whereas our egos are false, illusory, finite and many. God has no finite ego (false self, i) because God is infinite. Thus we can say that God has egoless ego.

Egolessness consciousness is the state of God-realisation, the state of impression-less infinite ego which is consciousness of Avatar Meher Baba, Sadguru or a God realised soul. This infinite impression-less ego may be termed as Real Self and denoted as ‘ I ’  (i.e. capital I) and our individualized ego may be termed as false self and denoted as ‘ i ’ (i.e. small i). Ego is like a hydra- headed snake; one head is cut off, another springs up. It gets outward expression in numberless ways. Its nature is very sublime and gets reflected in form of our thoughts, words and actions unknowingly. It is more difficult to control than anger and lust which are resultant expression of ego. It is because we do not get any signal before expression of our ego. Control over ego is getting control over anger and lust to a great extent. To control ego, we have to be mentally conscious every moment for its non expression.

Baba explained Egoless ego in reply to a question: What is that action which is 'I'-less?

In all actions there is "I," but the action motivated by love for the Beloved in complete surrenderance to him has no "I" in it. It is egoless ego. In true love, the lover wants to seek the happiness of the Beloved without any thought of self. He then feels that he loves all. This is the highest state of love. All other actions, good or bad, are binding. The actions of one, who has surrendered one hundred percent to a Perfect Master, or the Avatar, have no "I" thought. In true surrenderance, there is no thought of "Why?" and "Wherefore?" Once your surrenderance is complete, all actions done by you are not yours. You have to renounce nothing but your own self (i). One has ultimately to go beyond the mind, because the state of Reality is beyond it. (Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 18 p. 6120.)

One’s ego  (i) gets converted into egoless-ego when one associates  one’s  ego  (i) having full love and surrenderance to (I) in thought, word or action, then one’s finite ego  (i), gets absorbed in the ocean of infinite impression-less  (I) which is always infinite and impression less.  It can be said that ‘ i ’ merges in ‘ I ’. In other words illusory ‘ i ’ gets  absorbed in ‘I’ leaving behind the ‘ I ’ which was already present. This can be made clear by an example of a rope appearing as snake in the night.  The moment the light is thrown on the rope, the illusory snake vanishes and rope is visible. So the illusory snake does not go anywhere nor does it merge into the rope because in reality it had never existed at all, it was only an illusion. It means that impressions of one’s individual ego (i) become zero. The impression of individual ego (i) much depends on one’s love and surrenderance to (I) that is in Avatar Meher Baba or any other Perfect Master or Sadguru.

A seeker may be inspired to think of God as the Real doer of everything and himself as the witness of all his thought, word and action or any happenings in the world. This is highest type of yoga termed as Sankhya Yoga (mentioned in Bhagwad Geeta) among the all yogas viz. karma yoga, dhyan yoga, raj yoga and bhakti yoga etc. Baba has shown the easiest way to practice this Sankhya Yoga in His wish for Baba lovers. These are

  1. Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep always at the back of your mind that all this is Baba's.
  2. When you feel happy, think: "Baba wants me to be happy." When you suffer, think: "Baba wants me to suffer."
  3. Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely: "Baba has placed me in this situation."

Ego persists till 6th plane of consciousness

On the 6th plane of consciousness, soul is in the grip of ego (existence of self –a separate identity from God. At the 6th plane (Pir) the third Eye of soul is open. He sees God everywhere and in everything but the soul is still conscious of separate self. The soul intensely longs for union with God. Then appropriate and destined time Sadguru or Avatar appears before Him or His grace descends and soul gets instant God-realsation.

The ego persists till the end in all the six stages of the Path. When it is completely eliminated it appears again as the Divine “I” in the seventh plane.

Thinking of Avatar or Sadguru as doer in your action weakens the strength of Ego

“To avoid inaction on one hand and pride of action on the other, it is necessary for the aspirant to construct a provisional and working ego which will be entirely subservient to the Master (or Avatar). Before beginning any activity the aspirant should think that he is not doing it, but it is the Master who is getting it done through him. After doing it he does not claim the result of action or enjoy them but becomes free of them by offering them to Master. By training his mind in this attitude, he succeeds in creating a new ego which though provisional and working is amply able to become a source of that confidence, feeling and enthusiasm which true action may express. But this ego is spiritually harmless since it derives its life and being from the Master who represents Infinity and when the time comes it can be thrown away like an outward garment.”

Better think of Me when you eat, sleep, see, work or relax. Enjoy everything and do not discard anything. Think it is Baba who is eating, sleeping soundly and when you wake up remember Baba is getting up. If you do wrong, think Baba is doing wrong. If you get a pain think it is Baba who is having pain. Keep this one thought constantly with you. If you do all this sincerely, you will know something. Say “Baba, it is you not I who is doing.” This gradually minimizes the strength of the ego and eventually destroys it.

 Best way of overcoming Ego

In Baba’s words

The best way and easiest way of overcoming the ego and attain Divine consciousness is to develop love and render selfless service.

 Intricacies of ego

Intricacies of ego are very fine. Its expression goes on through our thought, word and action even without being aware of one self. One has to be very conscious of this thought, word and action to avoid expression of ego.”

 Ego is hydra headed

Ego is hydra headed and is implemented by desires in numberless ways.”

Substantive Episodes

Below are few episodes of mythological and Meher Baba’s era which substantiate as how Avatar or Sadguru works acts to cut ego of His disciples.

A retired captain who had then become a sanyasi (one who gives up everything and wanders on pilgrimage) would come for Baba’s darshan whenever possible. On one such occasion he brought his wife. There was at the time a large crowd, and in his insensitive efforts to bring his wife to close despite the crowds, he almost backed right into Baba. Just in the nick of time, Eruch gave a sharp push to the sanyasi who collapsed into the laps of nearby women. He was very annoyed, yelled at Eruch and Eruch tried to explain himself. At that point Baba gestured to Eruch, ‘Be quiet!’ and then continued, ‘Now go and bow down to the man and apologize.’ Eruch promptly did as Baba ordered and the man later boasted to others: “See! Meher Baba gets His disciple to bow down to me.’ Baba, during darshan program gave above message.

  • Narad ji

Once an egoistic thought came in mind of Maharshi Narad ji a Bhakta (disciple) of Lord Vishnu to be a great disciple and have controlled vices like lust and greed etc. To remove his ego Lord Vishnu created an illusory kingdom of a king with most beautiful and luckiest daughter of marriageable age. Narad ji was sent by Vishnu to visit kingdom. Having seen the daughter’s   horoscope Narad was so impressed that he wanted to marry king’s daughter. Narad went to Lord Vishnu and requested Him to give him attractive face so to win Swayambar and wed king’s daughter. Lord Vishnu gave face of monkey to Narad ji. Unaware of the look of his face, Narad ji when reached in Swayambar, others present there laughed at him. Lord Vishsnu appeared on the scene and wedded the daughter of king to Himself. Having come to know of being fooled, infuriated Narad ji, in spate of anger went on cursing Lord Vishnu. He cursed Lord Vishnu saying, “You will also weep for your wife in next Avatarhood as you have cheated and made me sorrowful by not to marry king’s daughter. Vishnu said, “I am the Lord of the universe. I am the Generator, Observer and Destroyer of the universe. Your curse will not affect Me at all. It is all created by Me to release you from your ego. With this address of Lord Vishnu, Narad ji came to senses and realised his folly to have cursed Lord Vishnu. He realised that it was his ego which caused his Lord Vishnu to lesson him. Narad ji apologized before Lord Vishnu and wanted to repent asking a remedy of his curse. Lord Vishnu left it to Narad ji. Narad ji, said, “In your next advent, monkeys (monkey face given to me) will help you to find your wife (Sita) and winning the battle with opponent (Ravana)

  • Hanuman and Arjun

After Mahabharat battle, Krishna’s disciple-Arjuna had thought of his great warrior ship, Lord Krishna found a remedy. Lord Krishna took His friend devotee Arjuna to a riverside in incognito dressed as Brahmin. There they found a Langur (Monkey) lying on ground and obstructing wayside with his tail. Arjuna asked Langur (incognito Hanuman a devotee of Lord Rama) to shift his tail and clear the passage. Langur (incognito Hanuman) said I am not willing, if you wish, you can move yourself. Arjun tried but could not. Surprisingly He asked the Langur to reveal his identity. Langur said to Arjuna that he is Hanuman servant of Lord Rama and waiting for darshan of Lord Rama once more. Hanuman asked Arjuna who are you and this Brahmin with you.  Arjuna said I am Arjuna. Arjuna did not reveal the identity of Brahmin as Lord Krishna to Hanuman.

Arjuna said to Hanuman, “You cannot compare yourself with me. I am great warrior of Mahabharata.” Hanuman said if you want you can compete with me. Arjuna said OK. I will build a bridge of arrows over this river. Hanuman said I will break it with jump over it. Arjuna in a fit of ego and without dedicating his thoughts to Lord Krishna built a bridge of arrow over the river. Hanuman just taking name of his Lord Rama jumped over bridge and it broke down. Arjuna realised it was result of ego. He wept for his folly before Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna consoled him and said not fall prey to ego and remember never to forget Me. The strength you draw is all from Me.

To keep moral of Arjuna Brahmin (incognito Lord Krishna) said to Langur (Hanuman) that let this test be repeated once more. If you are really more powerful than Arjuna, you will break it again.  Hanuman agreed. This time Arjuna sent every arrow taking name of his lord Krishna to build bridge over river. But this time Hanuman in pride of breaking the bridge once forget to remember his Lord Rama, jumped over the bridge but this time it did not break. This surprised Hanuman. He looked at Brahmin and Lord Krishna revealed His identity as Rama to hanuman. Hanuman also begged before Rama down for falling into pray of his ego and as result of forgetting Him. Both Arjuna & Hanuman took round and round of Brahmin as Rama & Krishna in one body and were made to get rid of their ego.

  • Shivaji

Shivaji was the mini advent of Avatar Meher Baba. He was in contact of two Sadgurus, Swami Samarth Ram Das and Sadguru Tukaram ji. Shiva ji did lots of service for community like digging of wells, making shelters for poor etc. He thought himself that he is taking best care of his subjects and developed a sense of ego. He was caught by all knowing Sadguru Ramdas.  Sadguru Ramdas, on pretext of stroll took Shivaji in jungle. His guru went to hillock and asked Shivaji to take one shell covered with stone like mesh and crack the cover. A living creature was found. Sadguru Ramdas asked Shivaji, “What you have done for this creature?  Shivaji ego was cut and he learnt the lesson with this episode created by his Guru Ramdas for him only.

  • Bhau Kalchuri-Episode-1

Bhau Kalchuri Joined Baba in Dehradun in 1953. Baba’s first order was very embarrassing to cut down his ego. Baba asked him to go to rooms of mandali and tells them loudly, “O fool!  Keep silence after 9 pm. Bhauji did so and almost everyone happily replied, OK Sir since they knew that it was Baba’s order to him. When Bhau did the same with Gustadji Donkin’s room though they were aware of Baba’s order still they smiled and said OK Sir. Kaikobad used to repeat Baba’s name many thousand times and at 9 pm and he used to keep silence and repeat Baba’s name in his closed room. Bhau slowly opened his door and repeated the same words. Kaikobad surprisingly looked with anger at Bhau.  Bhau immediately left. On forth day Kaikobad was so annoyed that he complained to Baba and Baba stopped Bhau to do it further.

  • Bhau Kalchuri-Episode-2

In 1955, Baba agreed to give darshan program in Mumbai and prepared a text for certain message to be read by Baba lovers visiting Him. Gist of the message was no one should ask for material or spiritual things. I will do best what I think for him and when I feel right to do it.”

Baba asked Bhau to hang a sign board of this message around his neck; stand near entry gate and ask every visitor to read it. How ego hurting it was in presence of visitors but Bhau followed. He tried to ask to read signboard but due to crowd no one listened to him. One of the visitor threatened Bhau to throw him out of the gate. After one hour darshan program was over, Baba Called Bhau. Bhau narrated the story. Baba laughed and said. You have a small board around your neck but whole world is hanging around My neck.

  • Dina Talati –Episode-1

During Baba's stay at her home, Dina proudly thought to herself: "How well I serve the Master. No one else is able to serve him as I do. According to His order, whenever Baba needs anything at any time of the day or night, I supply it immediately. Is there anyone else who can do this?"

An incident made Dina keenly aware of the folly of such thoughts. One day, Baba instructed Dina to cook for Him as well as for the mandali, but the men were to help her. When it was ready, Dina informed Baba and He came to the dining room with everyone who had come for darshan that day. Seeing the numerous guests, Dina was taken aback. She took Baba aside and whispered, "There is not enough food to feed everyone. I didn't realize; You wished me to cook for so many persons."

Baba asked, "Why? Did you cook less?"

"I cooked for only You and the mandali as usual. I didn't know about these other fifty people with You."

Baba made no further remark and began serving the food Himself. He served large portions to each person as Dina nervously watched. All were served and still there was food in abundance left over. Baba called Dina and gestured, "You eat the rest." Dina was shocked when she saw how much food remained.

  • Dina Talati –Episode-2

After supper, Baba would go each day for a walk. He would ask for His meal at any time and Dina always had to keep it ready. One evening, before dinner, Baba asked Dina to accompany Him on the walk. Rushing to join Him, she forgot to put His food aside. After Baba and she departed, the mandali ate the meal without knowing that Dina had not saved a plate for Baba. They ate all the food, and put the pots and pans away after washing up.

On the way back from their stroll, Baba told Dina, "I am feeling very hungry. In fact, I feel like I'm starving! What have you cooked tonight?"

Dina then gave Him the menu and said, "The food is ready; I will serve you the moment we reach home." However, when they returned, she found to her dismay that there was nothing left. She began weeping. Meanwhile, Baba sent Vishnu to inquire why He had not yet been served.

Vishnu found Dina crying in the kitchen and told Baba. Baba came and asked Dina what was wrong. When she told Baba, He exclaimed, "You don't even have this much respect for Me? Are you so inattentive that you forget to save anything for Me? Do you only think of yourself?"

Baba's expression softened as he consoled her, "Don't worry about it. I have used you for some inner work of mine."

Dina said that she would prepare something for Him to eat in five minutes. But Baba replied, "My work is done; forget it." Dina, however, insisted that Baba to eat. Baba reluctantly agreed and ate a little of the food.

Later Dina understood the significance of this incident. It taught her a great lesson: Never take pride in serving the Master. What could one do for Him who serves the universe?

  • Shatrughan Kumar & Dhakephalkar

Once Dhakephalkar, and Shatrughan Kumar with Baba went to Khuldabad, where they stayed for about a month in a building at the top of a hill famous for the caves of Verul.

Baba assigned Dhakephalkar and Shatrughan Kumar watch-man duty at night. Both were supplied some pills which drove away our sleep and kept them awake the whole night.

One day Baba set both for a race and announced a prize to the best try.  So both went down the hill and when Baba waved a coloured cloth-an impoverished flag both started climbing. Shatrughan Kumar, being native of Dehradun was a mountaineer. Moreover, he had a light body. Dhakephalkar had a heavy body and no habit of mountain climbing. So naturally Shatrughan Kumar was ahead of Dhakephalkar and won race leaving Dhakephalkar far behind. During the course of conversation with Baba, Shatrughan remarked with little ego that people with heavy body like Dhakephalkar could not climb the hills and were of no use. Baba understood that he was pulled up with ego and wanted to give a smack to it.

“Let us go down a few feet and have game of putting shot i.e. stone throwing.” suggested Baba.

There was an open space where a stone of about 10 Kgs was lying. Pointing to it Baba announced.

“Whosoever throws it to longest distance will bag price.”

Baba Himself was one of the competitors. A line was drawn. Both had to stand there and throw the stone. Baba first tried His hand a marking was made at the point where the stone fell. Then it was Shatrughan Kumar’s turn. His throw was 10 feet ahead of Baba’s. Baba smiled. Shatrughan Kumar also smiled. Then Baba asked Dhakephalkar to take chance and encouraged him to use his full strength and throw to the longest distance. Dhakephalkar hurled the stone with all his might. The point where the stone touched was 20 feet ahead of the point of Shatrughan Kumar’s. Baba patted on Dhakephalkar back. Back to the bungalow Baba said to Shatrughan Kumar.

“If you are the first in hill-climbing, Dhake is first in stone throwing. So, nobody should flatter one’s ego on one’s success.” “Baba, I am sorry.” conceded Shatrughan Kumar.

This ego at times make one indulge in unwanted thing and land in untold difficulties. One has not only to avoid one’s ego but annihilate it and no sooner does the ego go than God is there with you face to face.

 Amiya Kumar Hazra

Amiya was an English professor living in Jabalpur.  He had heard about Meher Baba, and when he was in Pune, Baba gave a discourse on “Ego.” Amiya was very, very happy to hear it.

When he returned home, the question of ego had made him mad.  He said to himself, "I have got a lot of ego, and I must get rid of it.”

He resigned from his college and took a job as peon (messenger boy) in a primary school, where he would take files from one office to another.

Amiya's father was a doctor, very popular and very famous.  When he came to know that his son had left his professorship to become a peon, the doctor became very, very angry.  He could not figure out why his son had done such a thing and made inquiries regarding the matter.  He discovered that Amiya had come into Meher Baba's contact and had His darshan. His father was very, very upset with Meher Baba.  Abusing Him Amiya's father told others, "Who is this Meher Baba who has spoiled the life of my son? I will go to see Him.”

Some Baba lovers heard this, and one of them sent a letter to Baba in Mahabaleshwar.  As soon as the letter was read out, Baba asked Eruch to send a telegram to Amiya.  Eruch did so, instructing Amiya to come to Mahabaleshwar immediately.

Amiya received the telegram, and since he had no money, sold his bicycle to buy his train ticket.  He also brought along his friend, Sharma, a professor at the college where Amiya had previously taught.

When Amiya and Sharma arrived in Mahabaleshwar, Baba embraced them and asked them to sit.  Then He inquired of Amiya.  “Whether your screw is loose?”

"Yes, Baba, that's why I have come to you," Amiya replied.  "So that you may tighten my screw.”

How can I tighten it?  When I see you, My screw becomes loose!"  Then Baba added, "Why did you leave your job of professor?” "Baba, I've got so many egos.  In order to get rid of this ego, I left the post that was giving it to me.  I have taken up another job, where I have to carry out the orders of my superiors.”

Then Baba added, "In order to make your ego weak, you left your good job and you have become a peon.  Can you be free from ego by doing this?  Can anyone be free from ego by these outer means?  You cannot.  You have no idea that it is your ego itself deceiving you when it tells you this.  Your ego is not going to leave you.  Instead, it is becoming more and more firm and keeps you in its grip.  If you have this low job, it does not mean that your ego has become weak.  It has remained just the same. This is not the way you can get rid of it.

Only through love for God can you lose your ego, not through intellectual thinking.  But that love is the Grace of God.  And how can you have that grace?  It depends upon God's whim.  And therefore, only obedience to Me and My Love can save you.  Follow My order and do not think about your ego.  Whatever I say, just follow with all love.  Your mind may question, and let your mind question, but you just follow My order wholeheartedly.  Whatever I say, just do it.  Now I tell you:  Go back and apply for your previous post.

"But Baba," Amiya said, "Another professor has already been appointed in my place.  How can I get the same post?”

"Again, you are arguing?”  Your obedience should be natural.  Just try to get your post as professor of English again, and you will.  Don't use your intellect.  Don't argue.  It is not good.  If you argue, how can you obey Me? Whatever I say, just do it accordingly.

Then Amiya kept quiet.  When he went back, he was able to assume a post as a professor in another college.

  • Rao Saheb

In 1930, Padri and Vishnu brought in a bundle of clothes belonging to the deceased sadhu Christian Leik, and Baba distributed the garments among all the men. Baba offered a pair of trousers to Rao Saheb, who reluctantly said that he had enough pants. His reply displeased Baba, as it was only an excuse because Rao Saheb did not like the idea of wearing someone else's clothing. Baba angrily ordered him, "Put those trousers on right now!"

Rao Saheb replied that they were too small. However, Baba gestured, "Even if they don't fit, when I offer you something, you should accept it humbly. You men have to learn humility! Don't answer back like that! Don't go on repeating. This is useless. That is not right. Why are you so proud?"

Irritated, Rao Saheb left Baba's presence in a huff. After a short while, Baba sent Chhagan with a garland of flowers for Rao Saheb. This enraged Rao Saheb even more and he exclaimed to Chhagan, "Pir, Wali, Sadguru, and Murshid! All have left and only Baba remains, but He is beating us with brooms today. Has it affected us in any way? We are still as we were." Rao Saheb's comments meant that even though Baba was the sole spiritual authority, He would goad His disciples like this, which they had to endure.

Chhagan returned and informed Baba about what had happened. Baba immediately sent for Rao Saheb and reprimanded him, "You animal, why is there so much pride in you? What do you mean by saying such things? No one has left! All Sadgurus are where they were. It is you who are leaving them. It is no use throwing dust at the sun! It will hurt your own eyes. If you strike glass on a stone, it is the glass which will break into pieces- not the stone.

"It is not easy using a broom. If I don't use it, how else will your anger be removed? When I use My broom, you have seen how all your dirt – lust, greed and anger are swept away."

Rao Saheb clarified his feelings, "I have no objection to putting on anyone else's clothing, but from childhood I've been taught that it is wrong." Baba again scolded him, "You fool. It is for this very reason that I have spent so much time with you. Jungli! Idiot, you should accept what the Master says! You are not required to think about it.

"This is the reason why priests have such a firm hold over the minds of common people to eradicate this hold is most difficult. You have been with Me for so many years, and see how firmly your upbringing is still rooted in you. If you don't listen now, you will be born as a frog in your next birth! Now will you listen to Me?" This comment made Rao Saheb smile and he apologized for his behaviour

  • Suloo Meshram

In a darshan program, Suloo Meshram stood up and said, "Last evening, I felt more or less unaware of my surroundings, and for about two hours, kept myself closeted in the bathroom. I felt that some breeze from God was passing over me; I felt I was beyond birth and death. I completely forgot about my family and my dying child, too, the child I left behind in answering Baba's invitation to come to Meherabad. I don't know whether the child is alive or dead. I still hear some sort of music and smell sweet smells. Yesterday, I was seeing light before my eyes, and that is why I could not sleep."

Baba motioned for Suloo to be seated and commented, "Suloo is telling the truth. He has been in My contact since April 1938, when he was a lad of fourteen. Since then, his love for Me has increased. He has composed songs about Me that are published in a book."

Baba, however, then admonished him, "Whatever your experience may be, there is no need to tell others about it!

Listen very carefully. When you narrate these instances, the ego gets tickled, and you don't know it. 'I saw this sight, it was so wonderful, and I felt so happy ...' All these magnify the ego!

  • Baidul

The Poona centre lovers would come to Guruprasad and describe all the work they were doing for Baba; boasting, we held such and such a program there-we had to face many difficulties, we worked so hard, we sang such beautiful bhajans that people were wonderstruck, our lecture created a great impression.” Baba would listen them and praise them in their efforts.

Once, when boast went too far, sending for Baidul, Baba stated, “Tomorrow, visit the Telugu locality and speak to them about Me. Take Krishna Bundellu’s father with you and do the work well.”

Baidul did as ordered. When the Poona centre workers appeared the following afternoon, Baba asked, Baidul, “Tell Me in detail what you did yesterday.”

“Yesterday’s work went off very well, Baba,” replied Baidul. “The Andhraites were impressed and all are coming for darshan.”

“Then you have done a good job, haven’t you?”

“Yes, very good work was done. I was roaming about the area all the daylong and got quite exhausted. I did lot of work.”

“What? You wild barbarian, Jangali Irani! Have you the face to do such work? What work could you possibly do? Who knows you? Don’t you realize that I alone do My work?”

“Yes you will, Baba, only You do the work.”

“Then why do you take the credit for it, saying that you did it?” Baba asked, “You were quite tired and put upon to do it, weren’t you?”

“Yes. Baba, I became very tired from the hot sun, moving about the whole day.”

But what is so great in that? If there was a will to obey Me, you would not have spoken about tiredness. You should be ashamed to say such things in My presence. Turn into dust; obey then do My work! Why do you praise yourself? You are full of ego! What work of Mine can you ever do? Only he who sincerely believes that Baba alone does His work can help Me. Have you the faith to do any work?’

Thus Baba kept beating Baidul, and Poona workers, sitting as statue, listened. Baidul was made the target to teach them a lesson, and from that day on they never boasted about their achievements. To impart morale to others, Baba would always use the mandali as targets, as they could bear the wounds He inflicted.

  • GSN Murthy and C.D. Deshmukh

Both persons were Ph.D. Previous day murthy had given lecture on Baba Avatarhood in Poona and was expecting Baba to ask him the gist of speech. Suddenly in presence of all Baba asked him to whistling.  On a negative reply, Baba said, “You don’t know even whistling. What kind of Ph.D. you are? Baba then Baba asked Deshmukh to whistle. He tried but could not produce correct sound. Baba Said, You too are Ph. d. from London, You produce sound like baby pissing “Soo, Soo”.

Then Baba asked Baidul (not conversant in English) to give a lecture on His Avatarhood. Baidul raising hands started repeating few English words with punctuation of Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai”. Baba said, “Fine, what a good speech” Baba asked Murty and  Deshmukh, “Why don’t you clap.”

Then Baba called Meherji and asked him and said,” You now show, these two Ph.D.’s what a whistle is like? Meherji whistled so loud resounding the hall with vibrations. Baba said,” That’s kind of whistling I wanted to hear.”

Dr. Murty and Deshmukh were down to earth and realised the scene which was created by Baba to cut down their ego of intelligence.

  • Krishna Nair

Krishna Nair was assigned duty of watchman for Baba. Incident took place in 1942 when Baba was in Dehradun. He did not like girls. Once a girls asked him to accompany, he spat on her face. Girl complained to Baba. Baba asked the girl to beat Krishna with her sandal and reprimanding Krishna asked him to bow down to girl and seek her forgiveness

Baba asked Krishna Why he did so? Krishna said I do not want to touch a woman and have any contact.  I will not marry. Baba said you will marry and have son also. Krishna said, “I will never marry”. Baba said, “Are you challenging Me? You will marry and have a son also.” Baba called Vishnu with a quill pen and ordered Krishna to write on paper with his blood drawn from his forefinger by Dr. Nilu. After examining the signed paper Baba asked Vishnu for safe custody.

Baba permitted Krishna one month’s leave to visit his mother on condition that he should obey his mother only member in his family. Baba used to send Rs. 30 /every month. His mother pestered him for marriage. Krishna sent a word to Baba. A one line telegram was sent by Baba “Obey your mother’s words” He got married and the next day, he received telegram form Baba to return back. His newly married wife asked him to obey Baba. On reaching Rishikesh, Baba asked him to keep it secret.

After one and half year, Baba granted Him leave for one month but called him back after 25 days. In November, 1947 Baba asked him to leave he has gotten angry with a boy named Chandrabhan.

In August 1949, he came back to Meherabad with intention to join Meher Baba in His New Life. By this time a letter was received that his wife has given birth to a son. Baba asked Krishna, “How is your wife and son? Everyone was surprised how a son was born to him without marriage? Baba asked Vishnu to bring the paper singed by Krishna pledging in 1942 that he will not marry. Baba said “This bloody rascal challenged Me that he would not marry! Now he is married and has a son also.” Nilu interjected saying he wanted basundi for celebration. Baba said, “Ask krishna, who is to give Basundi”. Krishna said, “Baba, I have no money”. Baba arranged basundi for everyone to celebrate the occasion.

N.B.  These episodes are extracted from “Lord Meher” and other books I and biographies written by Baba Lovers. There would be many more such examples which are not my knowledge.