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One should necessarily try to develop vices of honesty, love, service, forbearance and charity to gain good sanskaras to counterbalance his past sanskaras. The Good and bad sanskaras need to be balanced quantitatively and qualitatively before God realisation. Baba said if one attains the absolute good sanskaras or absolute bad sanskaras, both qualify for God realisation. But Avatars, Sadgurus and saints always teach to do good acts. Reason behind is that one has larges accumulation of bad sanskaras from his previous forms which must find expression and need to be counterbalanced by good act through intellect in human life only. Moreover any excessive good sanskaras gained in process can be easily wiped out compared to bad sanskaras.

Certain bad acts (vices) termed as bad but are good act (attributes) under definite circumstances. Few of them as explained by Meher Baba are described below.

  1. Jealousy

Jealousy is bad in general, but one kind jealousy is exceptionally good.

Baba said, “Jealousy comes from the poverty of heart and is essentially selfish. Jealousy is not born of love, but of pretty mindedness and dies simultaneously with the death of petty mindedness.”

“Only spiritual jealousy of love for Baba is good and beneficial as it imbibes the good sanskaras of other’s love for Baba to whom you are jealous as well as Baba’s (impression less) by keeping Baba always on the back of his mind in doing so”.

Baba said, always remember, “The impressions of the Beloved, whether in worldly love or divine love, have their effect on you.” If you love “A” his impressions will attach to your mind without your knowing it; and if you become jealous of someone else, the impressions of both will affect you. That is, if Kim loves Me, My impressions, which are divine, will affect her; and if you are jealous of her, then my infinite impressions, plus hers of love for me, will both affect you.

Therefore, jealousy in physical love is not good, while jealousy in spiritual love is good. Where there is love, there is jealousy. One automatically follows the other; there is no need to create it.

This message was given by Baba after following Incident.

Finding Kim doing Baba’s personal work and herself excluded from it, Minta took it so badly she quietly went up to the third floor of the train station, determined to jump out the window! None of the persons present knew this, but the All-Knowing One sent Adi Sr. to find her. Adi reached the third story and caught her just as she was about to commit suicide. He took Minta to Baba, who pacified her and explained to her as she wept.

“Spiritual jealousy leads to advancement, while material jealousy leads to ruination and hatred.” - Meher Baba


Baba said, “Backbiting is the worst and most disastrous. One can overcome greed, and even lust, though both are very hard to get rid of; but by far the worst, and most difficult habit of all to eliminate, is that of speaking ill and trying to find faults or flaws in others. And why must it be eliminated? Because this particular act or vice incurs the burden of sins or sanskaras of others, which is spiritually very derogatory and reactionary”

“Don’t criticise. The habit of criticizing our fellow-beings is bad one. At the back of it often lies self-righteousness, conceit and a false sense of superiority; sometimes, it indicates envy or a desire of retaliation

“Remember that the first step in spirituality is not to speak ill of others.”

“The things which Meher Baba will not tolerate in any circumstances and by any one howsoever highly-placed he may be, is backbiting other than untouchability and hypocrisy.” -Meher Baba

But Baba allowed healthy criticism with free of any self interest. Babs’s words are, “Any remark or criticism that does not hurt is good. Make fun, joke, humor, but don't hurt anyone and talk back. If you point out the shortcomings of others lovingly, without any feeling of hate or animosity, it is all right. Even arguing with love is permitted.

Innocent and fair criticism does not hurt and is good, but it is quite rare. What I mean by talking ill of others is when you criticise and it hurts. It hurts when you are excited, out of anger. When you criticise with love and kindness, how can it hurt? If you point out the shortcoming of others lovingly, without any feeling of hate or animosity, it is all right. Even arguing with love is permitted”.

3- Violence

Violence is also undesirable. Any act of violence with least selfish motive brings necessary impression to get counter experience of similar act in his very same life or in next life as all unspent impressions of every life is carried forward in next life. If one kills someone, he is sure to get the experience of being killed by someone in future according to law of karma which one hundred percent impartial. In Jain sect guided by Lord Mahabir even prohibits killing of insects or microorganism unconsciously by breathing or eating; and for that he propagated the practice of putting cloth band over nostrils and mouth.

But according to Meher Baba any act of Violence much depends of circumstances and the motive of an individual. An act of violence may be regarded as non-violence under particular circumstance. Baba said snakes are to be killed as the they are soul of entangled form and do not get next birth till they are killed by man. Snake must be killed only when it comes to attack you in self defence. Any act of violence in self-defence is justified and brings no bad sanskaras. Lizard, rats other insect which are beneficial which do not harmful for mankind should not be killed but insects like mosquitoes, bugs and other insects which harmful may be killed without any feeling of any guilt. Such killing cut short the time of their future incarnations.

Meher Baba clearly defined Selfish Violence, selfless violence and Non-Violent Violence and also explained it with certain examples in which an act is apparently violence but turns out to be non-violent act under certain circumstances.

  1. Non-Violent Violence (Based on unlimited love) - Violence done solely for defending the weak and where there is no question of self-defence or of self motive.


  1. Selfless Violence (Based on limited human love) - Violence done in self-defence when attacked treacherously and with no other selfish motive:-for example – when one’s mother’s honour is on the point of being violated by a lusty desperado and when one defends his mother; so also when the motherland’s honour is at stake and it is being attacked by enemies, the nation’s selfless effort at defending the motherland is selfless violence
  1. Selfish Violence (Based on and lust)- When violence is done for selfish motive by an individual or nation for power and selfish gains, etc

Example of Violence without hatred

Suppose a mad dog has run amock and likely to bite school children and teachers in the school destroy the mad dog in order to protect the children. This destruction of mad-dog does imply violence but there is no hatred.

Example of Neither Violence nor Non violence

Situation-1- Suppose a man, who does not know swimming fallen in a lake and is being drowned and that there is nearby another person, who is good at swimming and who wants to save him from being drowned. The man who is being drowned has a tendency to grasp desperately the person who comes to his help and the clasping is often that it may not only make it impossible for the drowning man to be saved, but may even bring about drowning of one, who has come to help him. One, who desires to save a drowning man, has, therefore, to render him unconscious by hitting him on the head, before he begins to help him. Striking on the head of the drowning man, under such circumstances, cannot be looked upon either as Violence or as Non-Violence.

Situation-2- Suppose a man is suffering from some contagious disease, which can be only cured through an operation. Now in order to cure this suffering man as well as to protect others from catching this infection, a surgeon may have to remove the infected part from his body by the using knife. This cutting of the body by a knife is also among the things which cannot be looked upon either as violence or non-violence.

It will therefore be seen that while the non-violence, pure and simple is the goal of life. This goal has to be achieved by individual seekers of God by following “Non-violence of the brave”. The masses who have not the requisite intense longing for being one with Him, have to be gradually led toward this goal on the principles of “Non-violent violence” or those of “Selfless violence” according to circumstances. In this connection, it must be clearly understood that ‘Non-Violent Violence’ and ‘Selfless Violence’ are merely means of attaining the goal of life, namely pure and simple “non violence” ‘or the “Love Infinite”. These means must not be confused or otherwise mixed up with the goal itself.

Lesson on violence and non-violence for spiritual aspirants

If you are a perfect follower of non-violence, you give an oath that you will not hurt any creature. However, if you saw one dog killing three cats, what you would do – kill the dog? If you stood aside, you would allow killing of the three cats. If you keep silent, you are helping to kill three cats. If you kill the dog you are violent.

There is a tiger among the herd of cattle and you have a gun I your house that you do not touch, because of your oath of non-violence. You know you can kill the tiger and save the herd. What would you do? Kill the tiger, but (remain) detached-this is what Krishna teaches. Do not follow violence or non-violence, just be detached. You must kill for the good of the herd. In case of Arjuna, it was for the spiritual good of others, who were like tigers of lust and greed.

Is it right to go for war? Go for war if called and you cannot avoid it, but do not fight for the sake of killing. You just help and kill or be killed without fear and anger toward the killer. Few, very few can do so. Why do I want war? To make the things right for spiritual progress and advancement

Meher Baba substantiated above revelations by creating real life episodes which by which any intellectual will accept it logically.