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Cleanliness and hygiene is necessary to keep body unaffected by infection and diseases. Health is wealth. Healthy body adds to your confidence in ability to perform. So it is desirable to keep one fit and fine health-wise by taking all care about healthy food, exercise and specially cleanliness in all areas of living.

Meher Baba Himself was very health conscious and more about school children and His lovers. His motto of Mastery of servitude meant of serving others. It was a part of His Avataric activity to clean, wash and bath the dirty masts who were unconscious of physical bodies.

Baba very often took soda water mainly when in seclusion. His food normally consisted of dal and rice used to be cooked and preserved separately. Water glass covered with coaster had to be kept ready for His use. Lady disciples exclusively took care of food for Baba and mandali.

Following episode substantiates Baba’s concern on cleanness 


One day, the tea kettle was found to be unwashed and Baba was furious about it. He reprimanded the mandali at length:

It would be better for you people about cleanliness as far as My food and drink are concerned. For Me, cleanliness and uncleanliness are the same, but one or the other should be observed perfectly. If you want Me to remain clean, then you should pay the greatest possible attention in keeping My clothes, food and water thoroughly clean. Otherwise, if I start appreciating dirty, I will be so dirty that people would think twice before approaching Me. I can live in a filthiest way, in totally unhygienic surroundings, which you people would never be to do so. So remember this.

Another episode  

Baba’s concern for drinking water of school children

Baba used to visit the school every day. One day He was going from hill to the Meherabad quarters. He stopped near the school. Just outside the school, earthen pots were placed on a stand for the purpose of keeping drinking water for the students. Every pot had covering of wooden plate. So while passing by He found a pot quite open and no lid was there. He seemed to be disturbed.

All the functionaries of the school were summoned and asked to stand in line. Baba said, “The parents and guardians have put their children in My charge to look after their health and education. Now that the pot is open, dirt and germs of the disease may enter it and impair the health of students which would be a great calamity. You are not obeying My orders and doing your duties as I wanted.”

Then, He brought a cane and began beating every one. But when it was the turn of Dhakephalkar, Baba smiled and winked suggesting that there was an agreement that He would not beat him and so He went to the next to beat him. (Dhakephalkar was teacher in Baba’s school at Meherabad)