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Baba has bestowed many concessions in our approach to tread not only on the path of spirituality but in transition of worldly life. It is not only for Baba lover but for all God seekers if they instill faith in Meher Baba’s divinity. Meher Baba made our material life easy with so many concessions. For example, Baba said He does not fulfil our wants but fulfill need only. If anyone gets contented by his need only, he will be almost worry free. Baba also cautioned that one should be very cautious in his demand. He listens the voice of heart. A sincere prayer is immediately heard and answered by Him. He said when you are not able to bear the brunt of My love do come to Me, I will help you. I never let down My lovers.

As regard to Karma kand, Meditation, Yoga, Renunciation or any kind of physical and mental austerities, Baba said it is not necessary for His lovers. Baba has laid utmost emphasis on repeating HIs name constantly and wholeheartedly as one can do his best. According to Baba remembering Him is the best kind of act to express his love, best religion, best kind of service as He is God personified and embodying all human beings. Baba said, “In order to love God, Love Me. To love Me and serve Me is to love and serve the whole universe.”

Some of privileges for Baba lovers, can be considered as concessions are serialized as under:

1-Baba fulfil your needs not your wants.

Meher Baba said “I fulfil your needs but not desires. If you are thirsty in a desert, you need water not lemonade. So, do not come to Me even with the desire of God realization but just to love, obey and try to surrender Me as much as you can. Rest I will take care of you and your goal. I will take you to the final destination of God-realization blind folded without any risk and pitfall of spiritual journey

Baba also said, “The world is a slave to needs. The need must become your slave. You must learn to use modern conveyances-not be used by them. I do not want you to give up your need, but I want you to be free from them. (Law of karma-mystery of life and death-121)

2. Baba exempts His lovers from Meditation

Baba said, “Meditation is superfluous and not necessary. It is just a mental exercise. My remembrance is the best form of meditation.

3-Baba exempts His lovers from any kind of Yoga

Baba said, “When one is in contact with a Sadguru, Yoga is meaningless and totally useless. What is use of fasting for when a hundred years to attain God/ what is the use of dying a physical death for God? Just remember My one instruction: remain bowed and submit to My wish. You have to become like dust beneath My feet.”

Explanation: Yoga is also not necessary for Baba lover. It is a difficult and risky path unless it is done in the guidance of a Master. Yoga in a form of physical or mental exercise if done in a proper way can definitely result improvement in physical and mental fitness. In Baba’s simple words, yoga is defined as “You go yoga will come.” Constant and wholehearted remembrance of Baba in itself is yoga.

4-No spirit however powerful can ever touch any Baba lover.

Baba Said, “No spirit, however powerful can touch those in my group. They run miles away from the members of my circle.” ((Lord Meher-p-2126)

Sayyed Saheb came to see Baba. His twelve year old daughter had recently died and Sayeed was feeling very depressed, not because she died but for the suffering she had undergone. In their ignorance, the family members had taken the girl to different psychic mediums to try to exercise the spirit they believed was haunting her.

Sayeed Saheb was in disagreement with the family and could not understand how a spirit could have bothers his child when he had so much contact with Baba over the years. Consoling Baba explained, “She was not suffering from any spirit possession, but from tuberculosis. No spirit, however powerful can touch those in My group. They run miles away from the members of My circle.”

5-No experience of hell and heaven for lovers closely connected. (For mandali)

Baba said, “Those who are closely connected with Avatar or Sadguru do not enter in heaven or hell state but take birth immediately” (Mystery of life and Death-page-56)

6-Meher Baba also excludes worldly renunciation for His lovers

Baba said, “For spiritual aspirants renunciation is of no help, but those who love the Avatar and are under His direct guidance do not have to renounce anything. The lovers of the Avatar have simply to obey the Avatar's instructions and to love Him wholeheartedly.” (LM-5219-1966)

7-Baba assured of God realization to anyone who remembers Him at His dying moment                                                  

Baba declared, “If you just take My Name at the moment of your dropping your body, you will come to Me. Yes, anyone. It is just not easy to do this. So, do not wait for the last moment. Remember Me constantly and wholeheartedly all the time and you will not fail to remember Me in your last moment and you will surely come to Me.”

8-Baba allows revering any saint or God as it ultimately comes to Him.

Baba said, “Any worship or obeisance done to any deity, animate or inanimate, to any saint, guru, yogi or advanced souls eventually comes to Me. By offering pure, unadulterated love to anyone and anything you will be loving Me.” (Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 12, p. 4365 – 4366)

9-Meher Baba allows anyone to test Him

Sadguru and Avatar always allows the spiritual aspirant to test Himself because He is truth Himself. Nothing is impossible for Him. Those who sincerely approach to Sadguru or Avatar are definitely helped by Sadguru or Avatar to bring them in His fold. But to test a Sadguru or an Avatar with malice intentions or to insult Him may be very damaging for the individual.

An -episode

One person approached Meher Baba to find his lost son but Meher Baba refused. When father of boy insisted, Meher Baba suggested him to look for his son on a particular street and the boy was found. Another man, having three sons approached Meher Baba to prove Him wrong. He requested Meher Baba to be blessed with a son. Baba asked him to be sure but the man insisted and Baba Okayed. The man approached his fellow villagers and said, “How he has fooled Meher Baba. He blessed me a son, whereas I already have three. Meher Baba is fraud and He does not know anything.” After some time, two of his sons died simultaneously in a road accident and only one survived.

10-Meher Baba is most considerate to help for His lovers.

Avatar or Sadguru is most generous toward help to His disciples. God listens the language of heart only. Any sincere prayer reaches to Him instantly and help is delivered immediately.

For example, consider a cashier in a bank as Avatar or Sadguru and an account holder as a disciple. An individual account holder approaches cashier and requests to withdraw Rs. 10000. Cashier checks from record and says you have only Rs. 5000 in your account so you can take Rs. 5000 only. Now his son having no bank account approaches his cashier father and asks for Rs. 5000 to spend on tour along with his friends. Cashier-father, being most generous toward his son, gives Rs.10000 instead of Rs.5000 from his own account in order to meet any exigencies on tour.

11. Meher Baba does not restrict food habits but gives preference to vegetarian food from spiritual point of view.

Baba said, “On the spiritual path vegetarian and non-vegetarian food has no meaning at all-except that a vegetarian should not take pride in that, or a non-vegetarian look down on a vegetarian. If we eat meat, the degree of sexuality increases in us; but if we remain on vegetarian food then it neither increases nor decreases