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Hanuman, a favourite disciple of Lord Rama was from animal life. He devoted to lord Rama as his servant and was instrumental in locating Sita in Lanka, carrying Sanjeevani to save life of Rama’s brother Laxman and fighting battle with Ravana’s army. More has been written about Hanuman in previous episodes.

Meher Baba said- Warrior (pet dog) for Him was like Hanuman to Rama. The narration of Baba about Warrior revealing his planes of consciousness is as under:

Warrior (pet dog)

Baba said: “As a matter of fact, Avatars, Sadgurus and Masters never reveal their way of working. If they do so, it entails more work for them. The Sufis say, "One who has found the Truth, hides it eternally." And it is absolutely so. This means that one who is God-Realized never reveals the Truth in ordinary words.”

“In the animal kingdom, a dog is on the turning, as it has intuition and also partial insight, without being able to use it consciously.”

“Dogs play an important part when used consciously by the Master. In My seclusion of about ten days, I wanted a dog for some work of my own – I won't tell you what. I could not use Chum, nor any of the other pets. The dog I wanted had to be fresh, new, innocent and young. So, before seclusion, it all came about that Khorshed happened to mention an Alsatian puppy, and eventually we got Warrior. I said, "He is my dog." Warrior was not actually a dog, but was temporarily brought down from the spirit world. I needed a dog for that kind of work.”

“So Warrior came, and I kept on telling Elizabeth that he was to be near me. But I also knew that it would be difficult, as things would crop up that would create obstacles. Therefore, for the first few days, Warrior suffered from worms, germs, et cetera. Eventually, I had him for the time I wanted him. I knew he would die, just as I know that before July 1st, 1941, Chum too will die. So after I worked with him, I fed him with my own hands and gave him water to drink. When my work was over, I sent him back.”

”Soon after, he got ill, and I discussed with 'Soltoon's sister' (meaning Baidul, since no man's name would be mentioned in front of the women) where to bury him when he died. We finally selected that spot. When Warrior got very ill, I saw that if he died within three days, he would again have to take another birth, which would not have been safe for him. I saw to it that he did not pass away. So, when in those three days he did not die, I was happy. Now, no more birth for him!”

“When Masters touch the dead bodies of animals, the animals get human forms in their next lives. Those animals who are in contact with Masters get forms of spiritual souls in the next birth. But, for Warrior, no more birth! I remember how he came to My gaadi the last time I saw him. I patted him. I knew he would die. He played a part in my work which none of you can ever grasp. He shared My work and now he is free. How God works! He just takes a spirit from the spirit world, gives it form, works with it, and when it is over, takes it away! Ram's Hanuman, Baba's Warrior!”

Interpretation: It is explained by Baba that normally an animal coming into contact of Avatar gets human form with spiritual bent in next birth. But in case of Warrior (pet dog) with whom Baba carried out His spiritual work, liberated him from the cycle of birth and death.


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DNA (chemical characters of a body cell) of every individual is different likewise spiritual path of God relisation for every soul is different. The finger hairlines of individual also differ which also distinguish individuals with each other. Impressions gained by every individual in course of his spiritual journey are different even though they come into contact of others and react with other.

There are as number of spiritual paths as the number of souls on gross, subtle or mental planes. Experience of two people cannot be the same. Numbers of souls are unlimited as the evolution process still continuing in underdeveloped counties like Africa and in other parts of the universe.

Numbers of souls are infinite as God with His infinite attributes, unconsciously started manifesting in form of numerous souls to experience His infinite-ness.

Infinite as number cannot be defined. It crosses the limit of one’s imagination. Infinite may stand different for individual to individual. Infinite can be said to be a number one ahead of  the highest number which one can think of. Therefore, it can be said that number of souls are infinite and so the experiences of spiritual path.

Number of souls and infinite spiritual paths can be partially grasped with following example.

If we assume the centre of a sphere as the God, sphere as universe, radii’s as directions (spiritual path) and point as soul on its outer spheres then number of souls that can be accommodated on the outer surface of sphere will make number of directions (spiritual paths) connected to centre.  All these direction can be considered as separate path for each soul to reach God at the centre. As the radius of sphere is increased spherical area of sphere will also increase and so the numbers of souls and directions. (spiritual paths) . In case radius is made infinite, number of souls (points), universe (sphere) and spiritual paths (directions) become infinite times infinite which are also infinite. Universe is also infinitely infinite in space and time but God remains one and the same at the centre where every soul has to reach and realize himself as God consciously.

Since the spiritual path of every soul is different one is bound to get realisation at different appointed time by Perfect Master or Avatar. Advance souls have to wait for appointed time for God realisation. It entirely depends on God’s grace as destined for advance soul.

Baba has revealed that “No two souls can achieve God-realization at one time even if they are husband and wife”