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Wish of a person is desire which may be attainable or not attainable.

Will of the person is also confirmed desire which he can fulfil on his own. But in reality a person has no free wish or will of his own. His wish and will both falls within will of God and makes one to wish or will as ordained or destined by God.  Will of God is one’s destiny in other words.

Demand is also anticipated desire which may be met from whom one demands. If not met from other one can meet it on his own.

Grace is something which one gets without asking which one is desperately looking for. According to Meher Baba the goal of life is God realization which may come to anyone instantly by grace of a Master or Avatar. A seeker must always aspire for God realisation and try to invoke the grace of God, Sadguru or Avatar.

All aspects of God’s grace and how to invoke it, is explained below.

Baba's words

Grace is to make you like Me

"What is grace? To make you like me. That is grace," replied Baba. "Grace does not lead a person to renunciation; it means that as soon as a person receives a Master's grace, he becomes like his Master."

"The whole universe is to be renounced. Making one like his Master, that is grace," .

"When the Guru's grace descends, then he himself makes one do everything and the result will be his," Baba replied. "But you have to understand this and do as he says. There should be no thought at all while carrying out his orders; the mind should not turn to anything else. (Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1217 – 1218).

Sadguru is like the banyan tree and Avatar is like the rain

The Man-God is comparable to a banyan tree. The banyan tree grows huge and mighty, giving shade and shelter to travellers and protecting them from sun, rain, and storm. In the fullness of its growth, its descending rooting branches strike deep into the fallow ground below to create, in due time, another full-grown banyan tree. It too becomes equally huge and mighty — giving shade and shelter to travellers and protecting them from sun, rain, and storm — and has the same potential power to create similar full-grown banyan trees. The same is true of the Man-God, who arouses the Godhood latent in others. Thus the continued succession of the Perfect Masters on earth is a perpetual blessing to mankind, helping it onward in its struggle through darkness.

The God-Man (Avatar), however, may be said to be both the Lord and servant of the universe at one and the same time. As the One who showers His spiritual bounty on all in measureless abundance, He is the Lord of the universe. As the One who continuously bears the burden of all and helps them through numberless spiritual difficulties, He is the servant of the universe.

Just as He is Lord and servant in one, the God-Man is also the supreme Lover and the matchless Beloved. The love He gives or receives goes to free the soul from ignorance. In giving love He gives it to Himself in other forms; in receiving love He receives what has been awakened through His own grace, which is continuously showered on all without distinction. The grace of the God-Man is like the rain, which falls equally on all lands irrespective of whether they are barren or fertile; but it fructifies only in the lands that have been rendered fertile through arduous and patient toiling. (Discourses pp-286-287)

God realisation is next to impossible without grace which is necessary

True worship is an expression of devotion, not just saying prayers and making supplication. For you to worship Me truly, it is necessary for you to have My grace. In grace, there is no bargaining whatsoever is possible in the receiving of grace, and there is absolutely no specific condition for its bestowal. It may be given freely to anyone, whether saint or sinner, intellectual or illiterate, man or woman. Grace is just grace, nothing more and nothing less.

Although it is next to impossible, yet it is conceivable that one might become one hundred per cent prepared by one’s efforts, and thereupon realize God. In such an improbable event, God-realization is not through grace.

But if the worst sinner stood before me and I had the whim (Lahar), I could make him realize God in less than the flash of a second. That would be grace. At the very instant My grace descends upon you, you also become me and we remain one.

It is easier for Me to come as an Avatar than for you to receive My grace. The problem is that once you have been conditioned by duality there is no end to the conditions which restrict your ability to receive My grace. Therefore it is difficult for my grace to flow from me to you.

That is why it is not as easy as it sounds for Me to get the whim to cause you to receive My grace. As a matter of fact it is flowing sufficiently all the time to fill one and all receptacles everywhere.

There is rarely a vessel which is not filled with other things. A vessel must first be emptied before it can be filled by the flow of My grace. It is also my grace which helps a vessel to become completely emptied in the first place.

The sun is now shining brilliantly outside this hall, but the sunlight does not reach you here under the roof. The sun is doing its duty of giving light. You have also to do your duty in removing whatever comes between you and the sun. Unless you break open the roof, how can you ask the sun to pour its light upon you? You have raised this roof of ‘ignorance’ over your own self. Demolish it and you will find that you yourself are the light and you yourself are the sun.

Through My grace, a sudden crack in the roof can let the sunlight in on you immediately, but one in a million roofs might thus attract My grace. I am the ocean of grace, but I am also hard as flint when you try to draw that grace from Me.

Grace descends at appropriate time and depends on intensity of love for God

The flow of My grace to you depends upon the intensity of your love, for it is love which attracts My grace to you.

Generally it is rightly said that the right time must arrive for grace to descend. Yet in a particular sense this is absurd. The contradiction arises because words are never enough to express spiritual truths accurately as they exist in the higher spheres, far above the intellect and understanding.

Suppose I happen to have the whim to make you realize God — simply because you happen to be near me physically at that moment — and you do realize God. That is grace, and it is also the right moment for you. In short, as long as you do not receive grace, the right moment has not come for you. And when you do receive grace the right moment has come for you.  (Listen, humanity, pp. 50-52)

How to invoke God’s Grace

One or some of the following, if faithfully carried out, can win the grace of God:

(1) Wholehearted love for God. Thirst for seeing Him, longing to know Him and burning desire for union with Him, constitutes this all-consuming love for which the lover forsakes everything, including himself.

(2) Keeping constant company with saints and lovers of God, and rendering them wholehearted service.

 (3) Guarding the mind against temptations of lust, greed, anger, hatred, power, fame and fault-finding.

(4) Absolute and complete external renunciation whereby one leaves everyone and everything, and in solitude devotes one-self to prayer, fasting and meditation.

(5) Living in the world and yet practicing complete internal renunciation. This means attending to all worldly duties without attachment, knowing all to be an illusion and only God to be real, carrying out one’s worldly affairs with a pure heart and clean mind, and living the life of a recluse in the midst of intense activity.

 (6) Selfless service. One who practices this, thinks not of himself but of the happiness of others, serves others with no thought of gain or reward, never allows the mind to be upset or disappointed; and facing all odds and difficulties cheerfully, sacrifices his welfare for the good of others. This is the life of the selfless worker. – (Meher Baba, Path of love-pp.11)

Complete surrender qualifies for descent of God’s grace

Unless I help you, you cannot surrender. The moment your surrender is complete, my grace descends and then, in less than a fraction of a second, the goal of becoming consciously infinite or infinitely conscious is realized. So ages and ages have to roll on for the arrival of that opportune moment when, by the Master's grace, one is established in Reality as the Reality of God. (Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 17, pp. 5744 – 5747).

Baba’s grace is the real mercy.

Baba explained, My graces is My real mercy which descends on a very, very select few. These are My friends. They are My lovers to whom I give the gift of sorrow and distress. It is a gift much greater than gold – of incalculable value – and not given to all. This gift is only for My beloved children. We Masters can grant a world of gold, of happiness and prosperity to others by our blessings, but this rare and great gift of privations, troubles and suffering is destined for only a few.

So, don't be anxious. Remember that I love most those whose hearts I pierce and who, though their hearts are wounded, stay with Me and stick to Me through thick and thin. Were I to use My dagger on outsiders, they would not dare approach Me. I keep them happy with praise and encouragement so that they may be in My contact and gradually be fit to bow down to me in the real sense of the word. For my friends – I kill them and it is my highest mercy on them. What is My mercy? What is my grace? It is your trouble and harassment. (Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1294 – 1295)