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Mind and heart are not only biological organs of body but former is seat of thought (intellect) and latter is the seat of feeling (emotion). Generally, mind takes over heart where heart is less developed compared to mind. Mind acts under the impulse of one’s past dominating sanskaras therefore it immediately take over heart in general. Spiritually speaking, it requires perfect balance of mind and heart which mean what your heart feels; your mind must speak the same. When perfect balance head and heart is achieved it is also the state of God realisation.

Meher Baba’s sayings are on mind and heart produced below are self explanatory need no interpretation.


Meher Baba defined

Feelings at rest and thoughts at work is Mind and thought at rest and feeling at work is heart. 

2-Four states of mind

Mind working is man; mind slow is Mast, mind working fast is mad and mind stopped is God.

3-Mind itself is Illusion

Mind is in illusion. Mind tries to think of that which has no beginning and no end, but mind cannot reach it because mind itself is illusion.

Happiness and misery, virtue and vice, pleasure and pain, heaven and hell, birth and death, are the creation of the mind and depend on the mind.

Mind divides a reality which is essentially indivisible. It clings to a form which is essentially perishable. It glorifies itself in actions which are essentially binding and in achievements which are essentially insignificant. It enjoys and suffers against a background of vacuity, thus depriving itself of any real happiness or understanding.

The whole creation is the result of thinking mind. Mind binds you to desire and liberates you from the same.

It is mind that makes us slave of worldly desires. The mind also can enable us to become the masters of destiny and to realize the Supreme Self.

Mind is like a bird cage with its many bars imprisoning the bird. The door of the cage is the heart, through which (when opened) the bird can fly to freedom so easily. But even when the keeper comes along and opens the door, the captive bird flutters about dashing against the cage, hurting its wings and trying frantically to get out through the many narrow openings between the bars and giving up each time. After a while the bird is exhausted with its effort and collapses, dropping to the floor of the cage looking dazed and helpless-and then, then it sees the open door, and in a moment is out of the cage and flying to freedom!

4-Mind persist till final stage of God realisation

The mind persists through birth and through death in spite of and through its changing vicissitudes. If the mind is annihilated, God reveals Himself, and so long as one is not conscious of God, mind persists.

5-Mind always misleads

The fact is that we are God, but we are misled by this shameless mind. The mind is so shameless that the more you wish to get rid of it, the more you become entangled in it- just as when you try to take out one foot from the mud, your other foot gets more deeply stuck. All the same, you have to get rid of this trouble.

6-Mind cannot reach God; help of a Master is mandatory

God is beyond the reach of mind. It is a matter of experience. Mind is very elusive and creates innumerable excuses in order to entrap you. It causes you to say, I cannot live just for God. I have my duty towards my family, towards society, the nation and the world. And so you are pulled more into Illusion than towards Truth

Mind cannot be annihilated by mind; just one cannot jump over oneself. Only by loving me, as I ought to be loved, can the mind be destroyed.

7-Fasting of mind

Fasting of mind means is having no thought. But this is impossible. But when you entrust your mind to Me by constantly remembering Me, there are no thoughts left on which mind can feed. This fasting is true and essential fasting.

8-It is difficult to get control over mind but try to control it.

Mind is a good servant, but a bad master. This means if you control it, it will act as you want. The mind is a bad master if it has control over you to go its way.

If you control the mind, desires become inactive. Because the mind also has good desires from human lives, those desires are worked out.

Mind is like a wound up alarm clock. It will ring at appointed time but only so long as the winding is there. Let it ring and take its course but take care not to wind it again (by indulging in bad actions)

Keep your mind quiet, steady and firm. Do not submit to desires, but try to control them.

Once the mind's control is firm you are lost! Mind is a storehouse of low desires and always misleads you. It has the stamp of animal desires on it from billions of years.

If anyone can consciously keep the minds and thoughts silent for 12 seconds he would achieve a very advanced spiritual state.

He who gets control over mind gets control over everything.

 9-Do not use your intellect when it comes to obeying Master

You may use your intellect, but not at the cost disobeying My orders. You may think as long as you have a mind you have to think. Your mind never stops thinking. It will tell you that it could not be night when your eyes see sunlight.

Remember not to let your mind lead you to disbelieve in the Masters word. You must think and understand that there is some important reason and purpose behind whatever benefit of others. Whatever He does, is always for the best. So do as the Guru tells you and let the mind think as it likes. That is enough.

10-Let your heart not take over mind, listen the voice of your heart.

Do not listen to the voice of mind. Listen to the voice of heart. The mind wavers, the heart does not. The mind fears, heart is undaunted. The mind is home of doubts, reasoning and theories. First thought that comes to your mind is the voice of heart.

It is good to use discretion in all things. Before coming to any decision, give more importance to the heart than head. In all the matters, the judgment of the heart should be given preference.