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Men are born in different gender, shape, size, countries according to their impressions of past actions. All men are dissimilar with respect to their approach in materialistic and spiritual outlook. Theirs born characteristics, reactions with their relatives, friends and even unknown persons to whom they meet in their life time are meticulously matched on basis of karmic considerations of past lives.

There is scope to better one’s actions in human incarnation as intellect gets developed at this stage which has a seat in one’s mind and capable of discriminating between good and bad. Since man form is last stage of development from animal stage. In first human form, animal sanskaras are dominating. Though the mind, heart and intellect both are present, these individuals but under the effect of dominating animal sanskaras their mind takes over their heart and they commit heinous crimes and blunders.

According to law of karma man experiences the opposite of his bad or good actions. In course life to life man experience happiness and miseries, rise and fall, and ups and downs sometimes so helpless and miserable that thinks committing suicide or renunciation of worldly life.

Very few think to analyze and try to find the answer that what is the cause of misery? Why result of their actions is not commensurate to their efforts. They then realise that many things are beyond their control. Tulsidas said, “Hani, Labh, Jeevan Maran, and Jash Apajash Bidhi Hath”. This means “Loss. Profit, Life Death, Fame and Notoriety rest with God.” One starts believing that there is some super-natural power that controls or limits his action and results. This is tuition from his mind which makes him believe the existence of super-natural power (or to say God) due to his sufferings. This certainly does not make him to believe completely in existence of super natural power (God) unless his heart takes over. When it is from the mind, it is not intuition. Intuition means that which comes from the heart. In the divine path, first there is intuition,

Intuition further results in faith for God.

Faith is developed in three ways 1. By reading and hearing scriptures (by intellectuals), 2-by sight (by seeing the Master), 3-Faith by experience (through personal contact of Master) Faith is also of two kind, first is intellectual faith which is unstable unless it turns into conviction which comes from mind. Second is faith which is the outcome of your heart.

When faith progresses, it turns in devotion (bhakti). Devotion is also of two kinds. First comes devotion with desire (Sakam bhakti`), then comes devotion without desires (Niskam Bhakti). Though nine types of Bhakti are categorized, anyone can lead the seeker further on the path of love.

When devotion without desire (Niskam bhakti)) reaches its zenith, it turns into love, which Meher Baba profess i.e. love for God. This is the Prem Marg (Path of Love) or Bkakti Marg of highest order which Meher Baba advocates. Therefore Baba said “Do not come to me for fulfillment of desire nut Just to love Me. In order to Love God, love Me Because I am God personified. Any other path likes meditation, yoga, sacrifice, renunciation or austerities are not desirable for Baba lovers.

One does not know how many births has he taken in human form? A believer in existence of God can be said to at higher level than of a non believer who is yet to get more tutoring from experiences in his life before coming to believe in existence of God. A God believer is generally born in a family with religious background according to his karmic connections of past. But most of such persons remain attached to the tenets of their religion and carry out prayer and worship as routine and do not seek the help of a Master and as how to advance on the path of spirituality or reach nearer to God.

Baba said that aim of life is to love God and Goal of life is to become one with God. Attainment of Goal is most difficult. It is very difficult task. Statistics give an idea how difficult it is? Out of a thousand million people, only 100,000 are on the Path. Out of these 100,000, only ten become Majzoobs, and out of ten, only one comes down as a Perfect Master."

The easiest and shortest way to God-realisation is through the contact of Avatar or Sadguru, which means keeping the company or sahavas of such a Master, obeying Him and serving Him. This remedy is like a special express train which carries you straight to your destination.

It is very fortunate to come in contact of Avatar or Perfect Master in life time. It requires preparation of life after life to enable one to be worthy of coming into contact of Avatar or Perfect Master. Avatar and Perfect Master always gives opportunity to test Himself of His Godliness but any malicious intention may prove very dangerous for individual. Likewise Avatar and Perfect Master also tests the seeker before accepting one as His disciples for one’s preparedness and worthiness.

Many of us who have seen or met Meher Baba in physical form are really fortunate and those who have come in Baba’s contact after dropping His body are doubly blessed because they are able to visualize Baba and had developed love for Baba without seeing Him.

Baba has given clear directives for Baba lovers in His life time. Topics covers, love , devotion, remembrance, repentance, prayer, honesty, obedience, service, forbearance, detachment, backbiting, hypocrisy, hatred, jealousy, lust, anger, visiting saints, food, fasting, intoxication, rituals, cleanliness, gambling, astrology and gemology etc. (described under heading “Directives” in this website).

Meher Baba has given directives in form of “My wish.” These directives are nothing but the practice of highest form of Sankhya Yoga. Repentance Prayer is also directive given by Baba to His lovers and God seekers. Parvardigar prayer dictated by Baba is unique in which Baba name is not there. Any aspirant or God seeker can praise his master in these words but only Perfect Masters or an Avatar is entitled for this prayer as others cannot possess such attributes.

Instead of going into trouble of all directives, there is shortcut given by Meher Baba. Baba had given open mantra “Remember Me constantly and wholeheartedly.” Baba also softened His attitude toward His lovers saying that My wish is not like order of a militarily commander for shoot at site. Just try to remember Me as much as you can. Leave all rest to Me.

I am sure that this short cut is the gist of Baba philosophy: most practical, easiest, safest and the final directive of Meher Baba for all His lovers and God seekers.

NB: All above is my interpretation based on Baba discourses and messages. I beg an excuse from those who differ and invite comments, suggestion or any correction.