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Death is natural but suicide is unnatural. One is bound to act bad because of one’s bad sanskaras of past animal life and also suffers for his bad acts according to law of karma which is impartial. When suffering of any kind physical or mental becomes unbearable; goes beyond the limit of acceptance, in this tense moment, one commits suicide as destined.  This undesirable act of suicide causes a break in series of experiences or spending one’s bad sanskaras of past or present. Unspent sanskaras of the present life after suicide, one’s soul   remains in astral world (without body in subtle form) for long time and experiences unspent sanskaras of one’s previous life of gross world (before committing suicide) through astral body and gets a new body only after spending unspent sanskaras of one’s previous life. This takes very long time, years and years to get a new body unless soul in subtle body gets contact of a Sadguru or Avatar who can only release the soul from the bondage of astral body and give new body. Such souls committing suicide have either dominating good and bad sanskaras and according they use the medium of living bodies on gross plane and help or harm them by entering their body.

According to Meher Baba

An individual who commits suicide cuts short the period of his life artificially and thereby prevents the working out of those impressions that were released for fructification. When due to untimely death the sanskaras are withheld from expression, the disincarnate soul remains subject to propelling forces of these sanskaras even after the physical body has been discarded. The momentum of these unworked sanskaras are retained even in the life after death, with the result that the departed spirit greatly desires the things of the gross world.

The disincarnate soul experiences an irresistible impulsion toward the gross world object so badly and craves gross object so badly that it seeks gratification of his desires through the gross body of those souls still incarnate. For example if the spirit may want so much to drink alcohol, it takes to unnatural methods of gratifying the craving. When it finds someone who is suitable medium drinking alcohol in the gross world, the spirit satisfies its own desires through that person by possessing his physical body. Similarly if it wants to experience manifestation of crude anger, it does so through some medium of the gross world who is feeling angry. Such souls are constantly waiting to harass incarnate persons with similar sanskaras and try to maintain their contact with the gross world through other medium as long as possible.

After committing suicide one can neither go forward nor backward and one stays earthbound for a very long time as he has to spend the remaining gross sanskaras of the life just spent, without the medium of gross body, which is a horrible job. It is better to face our lot, in the gross world, as it would unfolds even if one tries and fails, sooner or later he must succeed. We get discouraged over love, finances, all sorts of things, but lack of endurance is our weakness. We are never destined to commit suicide, or murder somebody. But some time one thinks of it and he builds a feeling of hatred and desires to do such type of things or to murder somebody and keeps thinking of it long enough in time, this desire become ripened.  And result is that when the soul (Jivatma) incarnates in new body, (after its death) the deep rooted desire triggers off, due to some unusual happening, and suddenly he goes berserk. There are also instances that if you thwart one’s attempt of committing suicide, he will not do it again. So timely intervention is necessary.

In essence our thoughts and also our experiences are stored in our subconscious part of our mind. If we die in frightful fire, we may in our next life show same fear of fire. Similarly if anybody dies in drowning in the water, he may in his next life show some fear of water, because that fear is deeply embedded in his mind.

If we kill someone, then we will have to go through the opposite experience of being killed. If someone murders with criminal intent, he, either in this birth or in next birth will be killed in the same manner. If it does not happen he will go on killing because his sanskaras of killing will go on increasing.

Suicide can be classified in four categories

Lowest type

Low type

High type

Highest type

(For more details, please read the pages 74 and 75 of the book “The Mystery of Life after Death” by Sh. Anna Khandale)

Supernatural type of death

Some yogis leave their bodies voluntarily. This is possible only in case of advanced yogis who wind up their earthly career after completing their mission in the gross world. Such voluntarily death is altogether different from the suicide in so far as motives, results and manner of leaving the body as connected. (Ref; Mystery of Life after Death, page-76)


If anyone is executed by the Government, he enters a state of samadhi. It is temporary. For instance, when a person is being hanged, there is a clash during the execution between the functioning of inhalation and exhalation; becoming lifeless, the person enters a samadhi state. This type of samadhi has nothing to do with anything spiritual for as soon as this state is over and according to the sanskaras of his past life, the soul takes rebirth. If he has murdered anyone, he must pay for those sanskaras of murder. If the person is innocent, yet is executed he is then freed from the sanskaras of murder. (Ref; Mystery of Life after Death, page-76)

It is quite different in case of people who commit suicide by hanging. When a suicide’s samadhi finishes, he remains hanging-waiting between the astral and gross worlds. That person becomes a ghost and does not acquire another physical body for ages to come. (Ref; Mystery of Life after Death, page-76)


A ghost means a human being without a body, and in that bodiless state he has to remain as long as the sanskaras of his previous birth last. Then he takes another birth.

Ghosts are miserable. They have desires like any of us. They try to come in contact with human beings to fulfill their desires. When it is dark and silent, their subtle, smoky bodies become transparent. You have gross, subtle and mental bodies. They have only subtle and mental bodies, but these are not as limited as the gross. When stretched out, the ghost's subtle body stretches out in all directions – upward and sideways. That makes you shiver and scream, when you see them like that. Depending on surroundings, darkness and quietude, they can be seen. Their bodies can enlarge and shrink. That is why in dreams the subtle bodies go anywhere, stretching out and out. They can also be photographed in suitable conditions, depending upon the surroundings, time, light and the photographer. (Ref; Mystery of Life after Death, page-86)

These disincarnate spirits wish to contact living human beings. If Rano, a heavy smoker, has no body and for some reason becomes a ghost, she does not get another physical body until certain sanskaras are spent. They may be spent in one year or a million years. All depends on the contacts made to spend one's sanskaras. For instance, Rano has her craving for smoking cigarettes. She sees Kitty smoking. She, too, wants to smoke and tries to contact Kitty to have a cigarette. But contact with a gross body by the subtle body is almost impossible. Kitty feels the presence of the subtle body and is scared. But poor Rano only wants to have a smoke.

These disincarnate spirits wish to contact living human beings. Sometimes you feel hungry for nothing. This might be that sometime spit wants to spend sanskaras of hunger or anger through you.”

Ghost is an earth-bound spirit who has usually desires of lust to work off, and who tries to fulfil them through others.

Ghosts are not like tantric spirits. Ghosts are people who have committed suicide and have no body. They enter another body and then make the body of whomsoever they enter do as they wish. But tantric who has gained occult powers does not do so; he only makes his body big or small and thus his bodily sanskaras are always with him. In this action, there is also the danger that through some accident, he may be trampled on by some person while in his little body. In short, after long and hard study such Tantriks (magicians, sorcerers) do not benefit in any way but, on the contrary, risk contracting some of the worst possible sanskaras. So there is no use in playing such a worthless game of magic – sorcery!”

In some instances she, Rano the ghost, becomes so desperate that she waits until Kitty nods to sleep even the tiniest little bit, and then smokes through Kitty's gross body. The subtle can enter any gross body or thing. When it enters you, you don't even know it, and are not at all affected. But it can only enter your body when you are not conscious, when you are sleeping.

How many spirits have been drinking tea through Norina when she is not conscious? But the spirit has no hold; it does not reside in you or possess you, but just goes like the wind. And it only happens sometimes. Don't think about it, or you will go mad! It is of no importance, so trivial, so insignificant!

Sometimes you feel angry for nothing. This might be some spirit wanting to spend sanskaras of anger through you. But this is so unimportant, not worth thinking about. Our bodies are full of germs, but we don't think about it. If we did and tried to picture it in our minds, we would go mad. Masters are so bothered by these spirits – you have no idea. They want to touch Me for liberation, and they do. (Ref; Mystery of Life after Death, page-84)

We can get the messages, reported to be from dead, through the mediums by way of auto-writing or auto-hearing or by means of planchete. It is true that the mobility of the astral body of the psychic is somewhat different from the average man. Someone in the astral world is allowed to use physical body of the medium, for the purpose of communicating. Since the medium can neither see nor hear the astral spirit who is using his body, he cannot vouch for its correctness, and neither can you, although at times there is enough evidence in what is said to give you some clue. Medium’s vitality and personal magnetism is also being used by the astral entity while using the physical body of the mediums are so often in the state of collapse after scene. 

One more thing is that subtle time is different from the time of gross world. As everything in subtle world moves very swiftly, and prophecies from the astral are most confusing.

In India, it is common belief that “Payalu” the person can be the best medium for psychic experiments. “Payalu” means a person whose birth was through breech delivery. Generally at the time of birth of a baby the head part is delivered first. But in case of a “breech delivery” the baby’s legs are delivered first.  This may be superstition but the belief is quite common. ( Ref; Mystery of Life after Death , page-96)

Killing out of compassion (mercy killing) is not desirable

Mercy killing is generally advocated in view of critical suffering. In few countries it is legalized but not in India so far. For spiritual point of it is not desirable as explained above. It becomes a willing but unnatural or forced suicide.

Suppose a person kills a sick animal out of what he regards compassion for them, i.e. with the intention of giving them relief from suffering. But his innermost feeling is that, he would not like that sort of compassion to be expressed toward him if he were ill. This implicit acknowledgement of cruelty is sufficient to necessitate his having to become in some life a shepherd or a cowherd. Similar is the case of a gardener who may inadvertently or deliberately causes wanton destruction of plants. The harm to any living beings, one may have inadvertently or deliberately done has to be made good.


Avatar and Sadgurus are most compassionate to His disciples like cashier father to his son, who on demand of his son for 5000/-, gives Rs. Rs 10000/ from his account. God is all knowing; gives happiness or suffering what is best suited for one. Meher Baba always said,” It is  who makes you suffer or feel happy. I am not here to give but to take everything from you. I give only God realisation.”

Meher Baba, to His close disciples, put in extreme suffering to extent of making attempt to commit suicide by them. Baba saved them at nick of time in His own miraculous way to teach them their folly behind committing suicide. There are real time episodes of Meher Baba with His close disciples, Bhau Kalchuri and Krishna Nair. These episodes may read in book titled “Tears of Joy” by Anna Khandale.

One should take suffering as gift from God. Those who suffer more are more nearer to God. One should mentally prepare oneself for worst thing to happen in one’s life with the thought in mind that it is all coming from Baba and never forget Meher Baba either in state of misery or happiness. So Baba is remedy of all sufferings. One should never think of suicide whatever worst may come in one's life.