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Very often, Baba said that I am not this body which is like a coat to be in your midst. My real form is (Virat Swarup) which I had shown to Arjuna when I was Krishna. Some of mandali suggested Baba to delete the word “Avatar” a prefix before His name, many are allergic to this word and few religion and sect do not believe in existence of personified God. Baba replied with a question thrown upon mandali. Baba asked if I say that you are dog, will you accept it? Mandali members said. “No, Baba”. Baba questioned why? They said because we know the difference between the consciousness of ourselves and dog. Baba said, likewise in every sense of word, I consciously know that I am God hence if I do not say that I am not Avatar; it will be biggest hypocrisy for Me. It does not matter for if the people accept Me as Avatar or not.”

There was reason behind it. Baba said, “In present time of materialism, people are so engrossed in the fulfillment of their desires that My clarion call to  “Come onto Me” and My declaration of Avatarhood will fall on their deaf ears and very few will come to Me in My life time.

There is no vanity if one calls himself what really he is. If one is an engineer or doctor, he has not to think even for a second to assert that he is an engineer or a doctor. The moment he thinks to identify himself with another character which he is not for any selfish reason, his heart gives a signal to his mind but his mind takes over his heart due to predominance his past sanskaras. This amounts to inexcusable hypocrisy.

Self Delusion

Baba’s words:

“Imagination of a self deluded man is so strong that he does not doubt he is what he thinks himself to be!  He feels he really is this or that person. This delusion is very positive but it is, after all, delusion. Although these men are not hypocritical, they are dangerous, but not so seriously. Self delusion is unfortunate but hypocrisy is inexcusable. The self-deluded do not know but thinks that he knows. The hypocrite knows that he does not know but pretends that he does.”

A common man with very limited spiritual standing can hardly recognize the spiritual status of God-intoxicated souls, (masts); and take them as mad whereas they are absorbed in love for God at subtle or mental plane of consciousness which superimposes over gross plane and therefore they remain unaffected with the adversities of gross plane. It also beyond capacity of common man to recognize Majzoob (God-realised soul), Sadguru (Man-God) or Avatar (God-man) who are God personified in human form and consciously experience the state of “Aham Brahmasmi” with infinite Knowledge, Power and Bliss.

There is no vanity if a God-realized soul asserts that He is God because He is God in real sense. Such was the instance when Hazrat Babajan after God realisation, asserted herself as “Anal Haq”, (I am God) she was buried alive in Lahore by fanatic soldiers. Later, she appeared in Poona and gave a spiritual kiss to Meher Baba

The contemporary saints, religious leaders of various religion and sects do not claim to have God-realisation and therefore cannot dare to call them God (Bhagwan). Some of their disciples or followers might have used word “Bhagwan” without having come to know the correct definition or characteristics of God with consciousness of “Ahm Brahmasmi”. In life time of Meher Baba there happened to be real episode which is ample proof of highest state of Baba’s divinity over these so called fake Masters. This episode is briefly described as under:


There was one self-styled false saint named Mirchandani in Bombay with large following. One of staunch followers of Meher Baba, Gulabdas Panchal, his brother Ratilal Panchal and one Mr. Mehta also stayed in Bombay. It was month of February of 1956, and Baba’s birthday was approaching. Baba was in seclusion in that period. Mr. Mehta who was also under influence of Mirchandani suggested to invite Mirchandani as Chief Guest in Baba’s birthday function. Gulabdas ji declined the idea, but on persuasion, agreed to visit Mirchandani’s place and meet him. All attended the gathering of Mirchandani. Mirchandani said to Ratiram that He has direct connection with God and he can show him God. Would he like to be his son? Ratiram inadvertently said yes. Then Mirchandani turned toward Gulabdas and repeated the same question. Gulabdas sternly said “No.” I have my own Guru, Meher Baba. This reply annoyed Mirchandani and he stared Gulabdas and Gulabdas also did the same. Staring continued for few minutes and later Mirchandani stopped staring. All came back. Gulabdas wrote a long letter to Baba asking the significance of this incident.

Baba was in seclusion in Meherabad, He immediately sent Eruch to Bombay to meet Mr. Siganporia, a Baba lover from Bombay and also Mirchandani. Eruch met Baba lovers at the residence of Siganporia (at that time there was no regular Bombay Centre) and wanted to know the reason for Baba lovers visiting other saints. Baba lovers said we are not able to meet Meher Baba for a long time so in order to satisfy our spiritual inquisitiveness, we sometime visit other saints. Eruch explained, because of His Universal work, Baba is in seclusion but shortly He will come out of His seclusion and meet His Lovers. All of us need not go to other saints.

Then Eruch with Gulabdas and few Baba lovers went to Mirchandani’s place. Reaching there Eruch said to Mirchandani; if you can speak one sentence, “I am the Lord of Universe”, I will accept your highness, bow down to you and leave. Mirchandani tried to assert and but finally spoke “Meher Baba is the Lord of Universe”. This was a lesson for Baba lovers and proof of Meher Baba’s highness over so called false saint like Mirchandani.

Meher Baba in His life time told that there are 72 hags of false saints who claim to be Avatar. There was one saint named Krishna who came and remained with Baba for some time. Having left Meherabad he started claiming to be Sadguru as appointed by Meher Baba. He was warned by Baba disciples but he did not stop. Later he got exposed and met tragic end.

Meher Baba also speaks of His Divinity when He asserts that I am the Goal. I am present in all these fake or real saints and the devotee are benefited according to their faith. Other saints tell you the ways and means in form of mantra, Deeksha, meditation or yoga to take his disciples near God- the Goal. I have made the subject matter of God realisation so simple through love and surrender to Me. So when I am the Goal, you all come directly to Me instead try to reach Me though other forms of Mine.