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Money has great value. Possession of money gives one power to help needy or serve small or large section of society if used for charity. Principle laid down in our constitution “by the people, of the people and for the people meant to serve masses of the nation.

Money if misused may be disastrous to one and other. It has been said to the extent that “Money is character”. With money power one can hide or overlap over one’s misdeed. As it is prevalent now days that real culprits with use of their money power influence witnesses; get released from court and go scot-free. ,

When it comes to donating money for charity, help or service to others, one becomes serious. Any amount of donation for good cause or Baba’s work is somewhat reflection of one’s love for Baba. A rupee donated by a person with earning of Rs. 1000 is equivalent to hundred rupees of person earning Rs. 100000. According to Baba a smile by nurse to a patient which brings some relief for a moment has more value than the any amount of donation.

Baba said that My work can be done without money living such a life of sacrifice for Me that others may automatically love Me. If one thinks that money is the hindrance in doing Baba’s work he should better stop doing Baba’s work. A penny collected in His name and misappropriated may cause million of rebirths.

Baba’s words on spending of money.

It entirely depends upon the way in which we use money, whether it is good or bad. Money earned and utilized as means of livelihood for oneself and those who depend on one is good. Given as charity for the benefit of humanity, it is better. But to give anonymously and yet carefully for intelligent service and spiritual upliftment of humanity, without dictating as to how it shall be administered or spent is the best use of money. But very, very few selfless souls can do it.

When money, gained by fair means or foul, is spent in order to gratify one’s desire for pleasure and enjoyment, it makes the spender pleasure-loving and selfish. And if the same person suddenly looses that money, he naturally feels miserable and curses life and his fate. Worst still is it when he wastes money earned or inherited, in speculation and gambling, or wine and women.

Whether it is good or bad for us to possess money depends entirely on the use we make it. Fire can serve and warm man; fire can burn and destroy man.

(Sri Meher Baba question and answers 1933-page 55)

Money has absolutely no connection with love and love is the only thing of real value.

Money comes to Me in waves and as waves it rolled away. Money comes and money goes but I will always remain the fakir I am.

Beauty, money, position, world, and universe are as valuable as zero in comparison with God who alone is worth seeing and becoming.

If money is collected for Baba’s work and spent without being accounted, then all the work in the name of Divine cause must be stopped.

No one could ever win Godhood from Me in exchange for all the money in the world, but he who loves Me intensely can become God without possessing a single cent.

I have heard that people have been complaining of money being collected, money being used, money being spent, but not accounted for. If this is true, stop all work. One penny, one pie extracted in My name without true basis is dishonesty. So, today I want every one of you to pour out your hearts, and let us decide once and for all to work or to stop it. My dear friends, if you want to make people love Me, show them that you really love Me. Do not merely make them read My books and messages, but live such a life of sacrifice for Me that they may automatically love Me.

Meher Baba replied to a questioner, "It is only without money that Baba's real work can be done. What do you mean by propaganda? The very word makes Me look down (belittles Me). Since ages My work has been done without money."

Money comes and money goes. If you depend upon money for My work, then do not work for Me, because how will you get money? Let us be very practical."

Live such a life that you show others that you love Me. To ask people to give money and then in return to propagate Baba's message of love, "How does it sound? Absurd! So, unless you have something else to suggest other than raising funds to disseminate My message, it would be better if you cancel work and begin to live the life of love. Let there be no compromise in this, otherwise the whole thing will merely be a show, a mixture of honesty and dishonesty.