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Heart and mind are not to be understood as only biological organs of human body but these are source and seat of feeling and thought. Baba defined Heart and Mind as under:

Thought at rest and feeling at work is Heart,

Feeling at rest and thought at work is mind.

Mind is like store-house for our sanskaras-the impressions of our thought, word and action and all unspent or accumulated impressions are carried forward by a soul in his next birth. Intellect or intelligence fully developed in human form makes one to discriminate between good and bad and helps to reform one life after life.

Meher Baba did not discard the intellectual approach or reading of literature on spirituality. He advised many of His lovers to read God Speaks and Discourses. According to Baba Intellectual exercises can only give one an intellectual understanding of the path but it is not real understanding. To tread further on path one has to develop love, obedience and surrender to God and seek help of a Perfect Master.

Baba’s word,

“It is not through intellectual exercises and such learning, or knowledge acquired by reading or hearing lectures, that spiritual truth can be understood. At the most, these can give one an intellectual understanding, which is the first preparatory stage for ushering one into the Path. One can by reading books and having theories, get some intellectual understanding of the Truth, but that is not real understanding. One must experience truth, live truth, realize truth. It is very easy to do this if one takes it to mind. But the people make it complicated that it seems a gigantic task.”

Only pure philosophical approach one’s life may result in inactiveness and miserable situation. If one starts analyzing one’s thought, word and action philosophically to be good to act or bad –not to act, he may not reach to any definite conclusion. For example-Baba has explained that a service or help to others without understanding would be disservice and in doing so one increases the burden of sanskaras of the person to whom one is serving and to himself also for disservice if the person is not deserving.

In another, aspect of violence, killing of living bodies of lower forms like ants, Insects even microorganism is not desirable from spiritual point of view as they create bad and binding sanskaras. In Jain sect, one is required to protect himself from killing of microorganisms even unconsciously while breathing and eating; for reason they put band of clothing over their mouth and nostrils. One does not know how many ants insects are killed while walking and moving around. Many microorganisms and bacteria’s are consumed by one in eating and drinking. If one sticks literally the principle of non-violence, it would not be easy or comfortable for one to eat, drink or even move around. One may not help other by any act which may appear as act of violence but considering the circumstance it may not fall in category of violence. One will become inactive and life becomes miserable to some extent. A doctor may not perform surgical treatment on patient.  One will not fight and die for his country being afraid of violent act in killing of aggressor. A  swimmer may not come forward to save the drowning person being afraid of acting violent.

There is solution from Baba for everything. According to Baba, God listens to the voice of heart. First feeling or thought which comes to one’s mind in any situation is the voice of heart. One must act according to voice of heart. After voice of heart is heard, one’s mind takes over immediately and mind acts analytically.

Baba has defined the non-violence in very appealing manner. According to Meher Baba violence in many situations is non-violence in real sense. Above all Baba says, if one remembers or associates Me with any act with or without using intellect, I will protect him from bad sanskaras and will help to progress on the path of spirituality

Following lines of Meher Baba is real boost for intellectuals who know or want to know more about Meher Baba.

A person may be very intelligent, but if he has not the fortune to have the company of a Sadguru, he will not get Self-Realization. On the other hand a person, though dull, who has that rare fortune to have the company of a Perfect Master can have Self-Realization. And I myself will bow down to such a person who is fortunate enough to be very intelligent and, at the same time, who has love for and the company of a Perfect Master.