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Promise is almost self obedience. It also reflects hypocrisy on one’s part. Promise for anything in words for any appointment, action to help other of any kind or by any means must be fulfilled on moral as well as spiritual ground. It is better for one to express inability or reject other’s request, if one has least doubt to fulfil it. One generally takes his words lightly and forgets that he had promised saying “Yes” for something to someone in conversation or in a meeting. This necessarily needs to be avoided.

Baba’s words

A person should always act as per his promise

Don’t make false promises.

First, think twice before give a promise but once you make it, keep it up at any price.

If a promise made is not kept up. It is the height of hypocrisy.

Never break a promise

According to the moral code of the world, one's word or promise is considered by mankind to be sacred. But He who has gone beyond time, space, cause and effect is not limited by anything. For him, there is no such thing as bondage. The infinite cannot be bound by anything finite, however sublime the aim may be. This means that one cannot limit the limitless!

For this reason and without your asking, I give you promises and your aim will be fulfilled at the proper time. But I also know that a promise can be a time-serving device. It is not meant for fulfillment, but necessitated by circumstances. It is a demand of the situation and so I do not care for its resultant reaction.

Baba always kept His promise. Baba said, “I will never let you down. Baba said that don’t make promises; if you make promise try your best to make it.”

Baba’s words

The promises given by the Masters are never vague or unfulfilled. They always come true and are fulfilled, but in their proper time. The question of time depends on the conditions or circumstances in which they are given. When Masters give their promises, they are given from the mental, or subtle, or physical plane, and thus differ in the time of their fulfillment accordingly.

For example, if a train is rushing ahead at full speed and the brakes are applied, the train does not come all at once to an immediate halt due to the momentum. It stops gradually. The period for the fulfillment of My promises is just like this momentum. If I give a promise from the gross plane, it is fulfilled exactly at the time given and comes true. If a promise is given from the subtle plane, the momentum, or force of fulfillment, is halved; the promise takes a certain amount of time, for its fulfillment was given from a higher plane. If a promise is given from the mental plane, it takes even longer for fulfillment — like a train at full throttle takes longer to come to a dead stop when the brakes are applied.

This is why the promises given by Me at different times vary in the period and details of their fulfillment. Out of sheer ignorance and inability to understand the secret behind it, you misjudge My way of working. This is the reason why some people have doubts about My power and ability to fulfil the promises I have given. They blame, ridicule and slander Me in public, and in private. But I go on doing My work in My own way, refusing to explain or disclose the manner in which I do it.

It has been My habit to give promises and break promises because I am beyond promises. I am master in the matter of telling lies. I may promise and not fulfil them. Remember that I am beyond all that too and hereafter fulfil every promise given.

Avatar always keeps His words.-an episode narrated by Dhakephalkar (disciple)

Baba used to visit the school every day. One day He was going from hill to the Meherabad quarters. He stopped near the school. Just outside the school, earthen pots were placed on a stand for the purpose of keeping drinking water for the students. Every pot had covering of wooden plate. So while passing by He found a pot quite open and no lid was there. He seemed to be disturbed.

All the functionaries of the school were summoned and asked to stand in line. Baba said, “The parents and guardians have put their children in My charge to look after their health and education. Now that the pot is open, dirt and germs of the disease may enter it and impair the health of students which would be a great calamity. You are not obeying My orders and doing your duties as I wanted.”

Then, He brought a cane and began beating every one. But when it was my turn, He smiled and winked suggesting that there was an agreement that He would not beat me and so He went to the next to beat him. I was saved otherwise; perhaps, I would have left His services. I wondered that He had kept up His word even though He was out of the mood. But I found that He was not angry or out of mood as He gave me the expression of a calm and quiet man with smile.

(Dhakephalkar was teacher in Baba’s school at Meherabad)