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There are many religions and sects formed after Avatars and Prophets who appeared time to time to relieve the suffering of humanity and uplift spirituality. Their messages and teachings were according to prevailing mental level and adoptability of mankind during that period. The essence of all religion is one and the same although apparently it may seem to be different.

The oldest religion, Parsee came after the advent of Zoroaster. He taught, “Good thought, good words and good deed”

Lord Rama demonstrated highest level of morality and taught the human relationships.

Krishna advocated the fight for truth and justice

Buddha taught renunciation of materialistic life for spiritual gain.

Christ said “Love thy neighbor.  I am son of God; I and My father is one

Mohammad said, there is one birth and one death, no incarnation. God in formless and I am the messenger of God (Khuda). Those who do not believe in God are infidels which are wrongly believed by Mohammdans that those who are not followers of Islam are infidels. This is the reason behind their orthodoxy.

Meher Baba in present Avatarhood authoritatively declared that He is the same one who had appeared as Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Christ and Mohammad and now He is Meher Baba whose advent as Kalki Avatar by Hindus, Mattreyi by Buddhists and return of Christ by Christians are awaited. Meher Baba has shown us the Path of Love to find God. He said to find God, “Love Me as I am God”. His path of Love (Prem Marg) is altogether a unique perception. Love is extreme devotion without desire. He said “I have come not to teach but to awaken.” According to Meher Baba, one does not need any kind of meditation, yoga or renunciation from worldly life. One need to Love Him only. Try to love Me constantanly and wholeheartedly.” This is most simple, relevant and acceptable for any God seeker and common man under present state of affairs.

Meher Baba made His point more clear with a simile that He is like a fresh stock compared to outdated medicine. His role can be compared with a sitting president of a nation than a retired or a late president, who does not have the same authority as a sitting President.

Though Meher Baba has explained oneness of all teachings, including Karm-kand or Shariat of past Avatars and Perfect Masters (Sadgurus) analytically that they appear different but do not differ. These have the same meaning but have been given in different scenario and in that particular time-frame they were best suited for the mankind in that particular advent.

So, it will be difficult to assimilate all the teachings and messages of all Avatars and Sadgurus which does not fit in present circumstances and will be most confusing. One may found contradictions between the messages and likely to misunderstand or miss to understand original theme of evolution & involution without having read the explanations given by Meher Baba. It is therefore, becomes necessary that one should receive messages from one channel only. This means the one channel of Maher Baba, the Avatar of the Age. It is also because His messages are best suited and easily acceptable for anyone. Any one following Meher Baba’s footstep as suggested by Meher Baba may not benefit one materially but definitely spiritually which is the real gain. It is not only desirable but necessary for one to shift from materialism to spirituality and this shift moves slowly life after life. It is rightly said where materialism ends spirituality begins.

Relevant message of Baba is reproduced below:

“I have only one message to give, and that is “Love God”. So, do not seek various messages through various mediums or channels, nor be deceived into thinking that I am sending my messages through any of you. This seeking of so called messages leads a sincere aspirant astray, and grossly endangers one’s spiritual progress. I am telling you all this because I love you.”

Above message of Baba is very clear that one need not get confused with the messages from other indirect channels of previous Avatars, Perfect Masters or saints of various sects (Meher Baba is also in their back) and adhere to messages of one and only one direct channel of Avatar Meher Baba.