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Word “supreme” indicative of superlative degree manes “second to none”.

In order to have an idea of supremacy of these two personalities Avatar and Sadguru, one is supposed to know at least the literal meaning of words God, Sadguru, and Avatar. Meher Baba has defined these words with its real meaning in most simple words.

The word “God” stands for the short abbreviation of Generator, Observer and Destroyer (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh), the trio nature of formless God. This word refers to formless existence of God or Over-soul in unconscious state of infinite knowledge, power and bliss or (sat chit and anand.)

Sadguru (Man-God or Perfect Master) is a man becoming God in human form having attained God-realization or consciousness of “Aham Brahmasmi”. He bears universal body and universal mind, thereby gets associated with each living and non-living bodies of the universe. He has conscious experiences of “I am everything.”

Avatar or God-man is the direct descent of formless God in human form which is brought out by five living Sadgurus once in every cycle of 700 to 1400 years. Avatar is the same soul who realized Himself first through process of evolution on His own.

Guru does not merely mean true guru. The term is distinguished from other forms of gurus, such as musical instructors, scriptural teachers, parents, and so on. The Sadguru is a title given specifically only to an enlightened rishi/Saint whose life's purpose is to guide initiated shishya along the spiritual path, the summation of which is the realization of the Self

In one of Kabir's songs the Sadguru is described as the real sadhu:

He is the real sadhu, who can reveal the form of the Formless to the vision of these eyes;
Who teaches the simple way of attaining Him, that is other than rites or ceremonies;
Who does not make you close the doors, and hold the breath, and renounce the world;
Who makes you perceive the Supreme Spirit wherever the mind attaches itself;
Who teaches you to be still in the midst of all your activities.
Ever immersed in bliss, having no fear in his mind, he keeps the spirit of union in the midst of all enjoyments.

Avatar is not bound by time and space.

Avatar is not bound with space and time with regard to help anyone but Sadguru is. After a Sadguru drops His body, He enjoys eternal Bliss, and though the power is with Him He cannot use it. At the tomb or samadhi of a Prefect Master (Sadguru) there is spiritual power but it is the faith of the people for the disembodied Master which becomes medium to utilize the power. It is for this reason that people derive benefits by revering a Sadguru’s (Perfect Master) tomb; but the benefit accruing from such sources and drawn upon by individual’s faith is invariably material in nature. In the words of Kabir "The advantage one derives by pilgrimage is one. The benefits one derives by visiting a saint are four. But the benefits one derives by meeting a Sadguru or Avatar are numberless".

According to Meher Baba “Avatar” is the first soul which in beginning attained Perfection, God realization or experience of “Aham Brahmasmi” without help of Master and came back to the level of human being retaining the God consciousness

The same supreme soul of Avatar appears in different ages in different forms to redeem the mankind from the sufferings and takes upon Himself the burden of universal suffering. The time domain of Avatar is 700 to 1400 years till His next advent. The Avatar can impart God realization to any number of souls and can change the destiny.

It is only Avatar who incarnates after a cycle of 700 to 1400 years. Avatar Krishna said “Yada yada hi dharmasya, --------sambhawami yuge yuge”. Similar Is the Meher Baba’s clarion call in which He said “Age after age, when the wick of righteousness burns low, the Avatar comes yet once again to rekindle the torch of Love and Truth. Amidst the clamour of disruptions, wars, and chaos, rings the Avatar’s call “Come All unto Me”.

Contemporary Avatar of the age is most effective in spiritual help of the mankind. It is like a sitting president of a country who is in best position to help his countrymen than a retired or expired president. Meher Baba said “100 years after dropping body, Avatar remains in full force as if He is alive. Thereafter, His universal manifestation starts”. Meher Baba also declared that 100 years after dropping My body, five Sadgurus (who are present all the time and control the universe) will not come into prominence. This means till year 2069, no one should expect to come across a living Sadguru as Avatar Meher Baba is still active and will remain till His next advent.

The Avataric period is like the spring tide of creation. This brings a new release of power, a new awakening of consciousness, a new experience of life. Qualities of energy and awareness, which has been used and enjoyed by only a few advanced souls, are made available for whole humanity. Life as whole, stepped up to a higher level of consciousness is geared to a new rate of energy. Avatar’s grace flows to one and all in the universe. He takes upon Himself universal suffering through His universal body and mind to lessen the burden of human sufferings. During the period of the Avatar, anyone whether he comes in His contact or not, has heard His name or not, is bound to be spirituality benefited by His presence in physical form.

Avatar and Sadguru are  above  religion caste and creed.

Laying emphasis on supremacy of living Sadguru or Avatar (Man-God or God-man), Meher Baba said “Various religions are like patent medicines, just as it is necessary to approach a specialist for speedy recovery and radical care, so it is imperative to approach a spiritual master in order to become spiritually perfect. You surrender your head to barber, when you want to get your hair cut, till the work is done, similarly you must surrender yourself to a Sadguru if you want God-realization.”

 “As stated by a seer, wealth may be sacrificed for health, wealth for self respect and all the three (wealth, health and self respect) for one’s own religion, but to gain God everything including religion should be sacrificed without hesitation.”

The easiest and shortest way to God-realisation is through the contact of a Sadguru, which means keeping the company or sahavas of such a Master, obeying Him and serving Him. This remedy is like a special express train which carries you straight to your destination. Sadguru and Avatar is the easiest and shortest way to God-realization

The second way is to repeat, with all love and in all sincerity, any one name of God, and in the absence of a Sadguru, to serve humanity selflessly. This is like a journey by a passenger train, which halts at almost every station.

The third method takes a very long time. It means performing all the rites and ceremonies of one's religion wholeheartedly and faithfully, but not mechanically. This method is like a freight train chugging along very slowly.

A Perfect Master does not make you go through each plane. He takes you past them all, and the fun is you do not go. You just stay where you are; just as now you get up, go out and walk about. You think you go, but you are everywhere. Your mind takes this body. You are everywhere.

Three types of Gurus or Masters in the world at all times

  1. The imposter;
  2. The genuine but limited Guru, the Wali or master of the 5th plane, and the Pir or master of the 6th plane;
  3. The perfect Guru or Sadguru or Avatar, who is God-realized.


There are many saints, valis, and pirs of different spiritual planes who are not God realized. They can help you in your spiritual journey maximum to their level only. For example a Ph.D. holder can teach nursery to Ph.D. students but an intermediate student cannot teach a Ph.D. student. Many are false and hypocrite saints and gurus who have no level in spirituality but with their bookish knowledge are able to impress common men by their speeches. Such gurus are no good for benefit of spiritual aspirant. These saints or gurus of lower status give mantra or secret words to their followers for repetition, a medium of limited approach to progress spiritually. Kabir, perfect Master of His time said Kanfuka guru had ka, behad ka guru nahi, behad ka guru aur hai, soch samajh man mahi”.

2-The genuine but limited Guru

When a Wali is pleased with someone, he whispers or breathes a divine word in ear, or he looks steadily into the eyes of the person concerned, and causes a lift in that person's consciousness. In this heightened consciousness, the person can easily read the thoughts of those near him if he wants to. He sees coloured lights, and sometimes sees the face of the Wali within the light. But the Wali may raise one to his own level of consciousness, and cause him to identify himself with the mental body, and he sees his gross and subtle bodies distinctly as garments that he wears. Although this raising of another's consciousness is not mere hypnotism, but bestowal of an experience of a very high order, the state enjoyed, being within the domain of limitation (had) is still part of the passing show of illusion. The angle of vision has merely shifted from what it was previously. The view is vastly greater, but he still faces Maya with his back to God.

A Pir does not use either of the methods of the Wali. When he is pleased with someone he may ask for a glass of water or a cup of tea, and taking a sip or two, may give it to him to drink. Or he may ask the person for something, such as a handkerchief or scarf, and after using it for some time, return it to him. By such a seemingly insignificant action, the Pir may bring him up through any of the lower planes, even to his own station, and cause him to take a complete about-turn, so that Maya is forever behind him, and before him is the indescribable beauty and glory of God.

In his lifetime a Wali and a Pir can raise one person, or at most two persons, to his own level of consciousness. A Pir cannot take anyone beyond the sixth plane, which denotes the very edge of limitation. There is an abyss to be crossed between the sixth and the seventh planes of consciousness, between the last point in limitation and infinite limitlessness, the goal. A Pir is himself in the realm of duality, and therefore cannot take anyone to the unitive state of unlimited consciousness. A Sadguru, being beyond the bounds of limitation, can and does do so. He utilizes infinite ways (including direct physical touch, or even just a wish) for the bestowing of His grace on the ones He chooses, to make them transcend duality and merge in the consciousness of God the unlimited (Behad).

A Wali or a Pir necessarily requires the physical presence of a person whose level of consciousness he intends to raise. But time and space are no obstacles to a Sadguru when He wishes to bestow His grace on any person or thing. The person concerned may be thousands of miles away, or not even in a physical body. Just a wish of the Sadguru can instantaneously establish that particular individual in the consciousness of the seventh plane of limitlessness (Behad).

A Pir can make one see God. But even then one's 'real I' still has falseness attached to it. A Sadguru, at the right moment, whisks away entirely the entire falseness. And how does he do it? That is inexplicable. Only he who is knowledge itself can do this. When falseness is entirely shed, real individuality is established. This is the 'I am God' state.

3-The perfect Guru or Sadguru or Avatar, who is God-realized

The Avatar is unique in as much as He is one with and conscious of everything and every being at all times. He is unique because He is commonly not understood yet most commonly lives in everything and every being. He is the Lord of all. He is the Master of Servitude of all.

He has a physical body, alternating His descent in different human forms on earth with the exigency of time and the needs of man. He has a subtle body to balance Universal Energy to the requirements of man. He has a mental body to focus the Universal Mind for the guidance of individual minds. He has a Universal Body to always maintain His link with the earth for a periodical descent on it in an individual body. He has the Universal ego and the Universal Consciousness to sustain His individuality and consciousness of God.

The Avatar is at all times the sole balancing power between Absolute God and illusion. He ever resides in both and is in perfect identity with them.

Meher Baba said- “I am the same “Ancient One” whose past is worshiped and remembered, whose present is ignored and forgotten and whose future (Advent) is anticipated with great fervour and longing”.

Meher Baba says “I am the goal and I give nothing less than God realization”. I am a shah Saudagar (one who has full control over the business). Do not ask me for pin, thread or material things for which you can approach sadhu and saints who can fulfill your desires. I fulfill your needs but not desires. If you are thirsty in a desert, you need water not lemonade. So, do not come to me even with the desire of God realization but just to love, obey and try to surrender Me as much as you can. Rest I will take care of you and your goal. I will take you to the final destination of God-realization blind folded without any risk and pitfall of spiritual journey. Only Sadguru or Avatar is worth to be approached for spiritual help which depends on past preparations of an individual and his destiny

Put your Master above all other Masters

It is a rare feat to achieve God realization which is the ultimate goal of human life and it is only possible through grace of a Sadguru (Perfect Master) or Avatar. It requires life after life’s efforts.

The supremacy of the claim of the Master is not to be challenged even by the reverence the disciple feels for Masters other than the one who has accepted Him. All Masters are one in consciousness. One Master is not greater than another; the disciple must, however place his own Master above other Masters, until he transcends the domain of duality and realizes unity.

Exclusive concentration upon one Master is usually indispensable for gathering up the psychic energy of the disciple. In rare cases, owing to special circumstances, the Masters may decide to share the spiritual work in relation to a particular disciple. And there are cases of disciples who have had to affiliate themselves to two or more Masters. But this is an exception rather than a rule; for Masters arrange the distribution of their work so that there is no conflict of loyalties.

(God to man and man to God, pp-47-48 ed. C.B. Purdom)