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It is ground reality that we always find Baba lovers very short in number in any public functions or gathering as compared to followers of other so called saints and leaders of various religion and sects. Though they are neither God-realised nor they claim so, except a guru or teacher but have large followings, funds and have established number of institutions.

If you ask any outsider whether he knew or heard of Meher Baba’s name? Hardly, one in 1000 or one in 10000 would answer yes. Take Sai Baba, almost everyone knew whether he is devotee of Sai Baba or not. Even local or regional saints are known to many in addition to their large following. These lines may be disappointing but Baba lover need not feel discouraged rather we should accelerate their efforts to spread Meher Baba’s name.

Let us think what could be the reason. Following answers may be read as guess work of mine.

Answer-1- It is all going according to Meher Baba’s will which superimposes over all events in the world.

Answer-2- It is also acceptable that everything and any event in the world in one or other way is the manifestation of God- Avatar Meher Baba and so to say all other saints & leaders of all religions and sects, represent Meher Baba and they including their followers are indirectly following Meher Baba.

Answer-3- It is also consistent with Baba’s assertion that I have not come for the crowd; I have come for those few ones who are lost in the crowd exclusively meant for masts. Coming into direct contact of a Sadguru or Avatar requires lifetime past preparations, hence lucky ones could reach Meher Baba 

Reason-a guess 

All Baba lovers even mandali anticipated breaking of silence and manifestation of Meher Baba in His lifetime. There are different opinion of Baba lovers about breaking of silence and manifestation of Avatar Meher Baba. Someone would say Baba has broken His silence; manifestation has taken place as so many have come to Baba after dropping His body, or manifestation is yet to take place. No one knows in what language (out of three) Meher Baba spoke on breaking of His silence and manifestation. Any guess may fall short of reality.  Meher “Baba made it clear to the mandali, “The five living Perfect Masters would not be in the limelight for at least one hundred years after He, the Avatar, dropped His body. It may be wise to conclude, therefore, that if anyone claims to be a Perfect Master within this span of time (1969 to 2069); He should be looked upon with considerable suspicion.”  

Baba also said “All Masters are one in consciousness. One Master is not greater than another; the disciple must, however place his own Master above other Masters, until he transcends the domain of duality and realizes unity.” (Lord Meher) So we are to look towards Meher Baba only.

It is another guess which may be found logical. Almost all other sects and religious leaders give some kind of physical or mental training which brings some kind of relief at physical or mental level and common man gets attracted easily who are always in search of material benefit which may come from any source. Even many get addicted in process of meditation or yoga in delusion of progressing on spiritual path or to have attained some status or position to train even others. But Baba said it is far from reality. One does only get physical or mental relief from such practices temporarily but no spiritual benefit. One’s aim should be to go spiritual. Baba said in simple words, “Your goal is to become one with God since I am God (your Goal) so come to Me. Pray and remembers Me.” These simple words are even difficult to believed and grasped by even intellectuals. General approach towards easy, cheap or priceless things is always to undermine it. So is the case with Meher Baba in general approach.

Meher Baba was not against Prasar (propagation) of His Love and the Truth of Reality. His Love, which is for all alike, should spread and envelop all without discrimination and the Prasar of His Love can only be achieved by exemplary lives of love and humility led by his lovers.

He was averse to any Prachar (propaganda) of His name or His message of Love and Truth.  He also advised not to preach His philosophy and insist on anyone of other faith to come to Baba. He directed us to live the life of love and so other may follow you. He allowed us to bringing His name in notice of others and said it is My responsibility to reach their hearts from their ears.

In Baba’s words

Your work is to tell the people who Baba is and also clarify that Ram bhakti or bhakti to any deity is Baba’s bhakti. There should be no quarrel over Jai Ram or Jai baba. Explain that Baba is God –Fresh stock –in Human form and if they do not listen stop talking.


As Baba Lover especially as worker, one must try to spread Baba’s name among general public without any expectation of it result or effect on others. It does not necessarily need any stage or a platform. Here are few suggestions which I feel, are not in contradiction to Baba’s directives on spreading His name.

1-Tell your relatives, friends and aquitances, the name of Avatar Meher Baba.

2-Conduct Baba functions on any occasion like birthdays and anniversaries of any member of family.

3-Conduct series of celebrations on anniversaries of Baba’s birthday, silence day, first visit and even foundation day or inauguration day of the centre.

4-Put Baba’s badge on person and carry few handbills or brochure and hand over to anyone who queries you seeing your Baba’s badge.

5-Distribute introductory pamphlets or hand bills through news paper hawkers in your residential area

6-Distribute introductory pamphlets or hand bills to co-travelers while travelling in contract carriage of marriage or picnic party.

7-Distribute of hand bills /brochures on Meher Baba to morning and evening walkers in parks.

8-Distribute Baba’s handbills in exhibitions. Almost 5 to 10 exhibitions are held in Delhi every day. This one of the easy platform for spreading Baba’s name without expenditure needs volunteers.

9-Get your visiting card printed one side with small saying of Baba or at least name of Avatar Meher Baba. Don’t leave word   Avatar Meher Baba.

10-Put sticker of Baba’s name in front or back or both side your car, motorcycle and bicycle.

11-Display Baba name and photo on invitation cards anniversary of birthday, marriage and condolence ceremonies.

12-Stick wall posters at strategic locations in the city.

13-Announcement of meeting on loud speaker in local area before function/gathering.

14-Baba lovers having shop or commercial establishment can keep the handbills/brochures at the counter and pass on to customers /visitors

15-Arrange public function in your locality or any other common place preferably in an open area. A conference hall or auditorium is not necessary. These arrangements in indoor halls and serving food to Baba lovers or visitors restrict common man to even to take look on Baba’s photo compared to program conducted in open area or in a tent. Our focus should be to reach to masses who are not aware of name of Meher Baba.

16-Take out procession in local area before conducting program.

17-Donate important books in the libraries reading centers like “God Speaks”, “Discourses” or “Questions Answers” on Baba.

18-Place advertisement in local news papers.

19-Documentary relay on radio channels.

20-Documentary video on TV media which is most effective method of reaching common man.

All these approach may be made on individual basis or as part of Center’s activities, of course on the basis of availability of funds. One must keep in mind the Baba’s directives in this matter; “In case you find that money is the hindrance in carrying Baba’s work better drop My work. A single penny collected in My name, misappropriated may cause million of rebirths.”