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It is because souls from other planets are taking birth on earth to start their spiritual journey which is only possible on earth which is nearer to Om point has and very important  for liberation of soul.

Baba revealed:

Souls coming from other 18000 planets

Many souls from other planets also take birth on earth during an Avataric age. Although there are numberless planets with evolving forms, only 18,000 are populated by human beings. However, people dwelling on the other 18,000 planets have no opportunity to advance spiritually. Spiritually speaking, they are totally "dry" — without love. They are far advanced in science, so much so that people of some worlds can read the minds of others; but the heart does not flower where there is no Wine to water it, nor Song to feed it. These worlds are bereft of the physical presence of the Avatar or Perfect Masters, and are not inhabited by lovers of God or advanced souls. The Wine shop is only on earth, and those born here are truly fortunate.

When the Avatar descends on earth, people from other planets take birth here. Because they are highly advanced scientifically, science in this world reaches its zenith during the Avatar's advent. At the same time, there is a population explosion, which is being witnessed. Divine love is experienced only on earth, and for this reason, to escape the overhanging clouds of suffering; people take shelter in the lane of Love. (Lord Meher 3478-1654)

'There are 18,000 worlds in creation which are inhabited, some by human beings with 100% intelligence, others with lesser and varying degrees of it. But the value of our Earth, where mind and heart balance, is inestimable. For it is here and here alone that one can go through the process of involution and experience the Subtle and Mental spheres, here alone that God-realisation can be attained.

During Avataric period every level of consciousness from Stone to Man in the evolution process receives a further push and is raised to a new level. Other deserving souls excluding the Human Form on our earth get a rare chance to acquire the human form on our earth which leads to the population explosion due to Avataric Grace.

Thus it is that souls (jivatma’s) from other inhabited worlds finally take birth on this earth for their emancipation, more so during the Avataric advent when the highest spiritual benefit is gained, and most so when the Avataric manifestation is greatest. Hence the present influx of population on earth is but the natural outcome of the rush of migration from other worlds, and the ones migrating from the worlds of highest intelligence are responsible for carrying science to the peak it has reached today.

All this has been recurring since timeless ages in a never ending tide and ebb. Even this Earth expends itself in time, and another earth takes its place. Science will soon come to know a little of what I have said. (From notes dictated by Meher Baba, 1963, India (Lord Meher)

Science is practically heading toward its zenith today because of the very intelligent souls from other planets coming here. Our population is increasing by leaps and bounds for the same reason that souls are migrating from other worlds as they want a human body on the earth in this Avataric age. All this has been recurring since timeless ages in a never-ending tide and ebb. Even this earth expends itself in time and another such earth will take its place.

Scientists will soon discover a little of what I say. There are 18,000 worlds with life and three worlds are inhabited by human beings. In some, the people are extremely intelligent, in others less so, and in still others still less. None of them who live in these worlds have any experience of the subtle or the mental worlds. Human beings from those planets must be born on this earth to experience the subtle and mental worlds. (Lord Meher-p-4997-1963)

Importance of Earth planet

Of the three worlds in the Gross sphere which are inhabited by human beings, ours, the earth, is the one where the man is highest spiritually. , Man on our earth possesses in his personality equal degree of head and heart (50% head and 50% heart) whereas, man in other two worlds possess 100% head and 75% head and 25% heart respectively. Man, in course of his reincarnation, is born in any of the three worlds but must finally take form and reincarnate on this earth to fulfil his Divine destiny, which is God Realisation.

In the gross sphere the earth is the last and nearest stepping stone to the path. The two other worlds are most close to the earth in the matter of inhabitation.

Altogether there are 18000 worlds with life but these two worlds and the earth are akin to one another in matter of human life. Our earth is nearest to the creation point (Om point). Our earth alone is directly connected with subtle and mental worlds. It is only on our earth that it is possible for human beings to possess intellect (head) and love (heart) in equal proportion. 

India- the land of spirituality

From ancient times, India has been a land of spirituality. So being born in India is a matter of spiritual pride, in as much as a person is seemingly so near to spiritual goal. The best of people born in America, Europe, Africa and other countries, with their good karma from this life, are born in India in their next life; and the worst of those born in India with false pride, egotism and undesirable karmas are born in Europe and America, or in places which are spiritually backward.