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Money has absolutely no connection with love and love is the only thing of real value.

Money comes to Me in waves and as waves it rolled away. Money comes and money goes but I will always remain the fakir I am.

Beauty, money, position, world, and universe are as valuable as zero in comparison with God who alone is worth seeing and becoming.

If money is collected for Baba’s work and spent without being accounted, then all the work in the name of Divine cause must be stopped.

No one could ever win Godhood from Me in exchange for all the money in the world, but he who loves Me intensely can become God without possessing a single cent. -Meher Baba

Meher Baba  said

Spending money by Himself

In 1923, when I set first foot in Arangaon (present Meherabad) I had nothing with Me. some of My lovers gave money which was spent for Prem Ashram, school, Dharamshala and dispensaries etc. I might have spent crores of rupees till now but have nothing of My own.

Money comes and goes but I will always remain the Fakir I am.

In 1924, Meherabad was like a small model town. In it lived about 500 souls working in school, hospital, dispensaries etc. At that time nearly 1000 rupees were spent daily for maintenance of various services.

Australian Lovers sent 6000 dollars in 1958 for trip to USA and Australia.

Spending money by others

It entirely depends upon the way in which we use money, whether it is good or bad. Money earned and utilized as means of livelihood for oneself and those who depend on one is good. Given as charity for the benefit of humanity, it is better. But to give anonymously and yet carefully for intelligent service and spiritual upliftment of humanity, without dictating as to how it shall be administered or spent is the best use of money. But very, very few selfless souls can do it.

When money, gained by fair means or foul, is spent in order to gratify one’s desire for pleasure and enjoyment, it makes the spender pleasure-loving and selfish. And if the same person suddenly looses that money, he naturally feels miserable and curses life and his fate. Worst still is it when he wastes money earned or inherited, in speculation and gambling, or wine and women.

Whether it is good or bad for us to possess money depends entirely on the use we make it. Fire can serve and warm man; fire can burn and destroy man.

Money has no value in defiance to obedience-an episode

In April 1930, Baba called all the mandali and had a serious discussion about the financial state of affairs. "We are short of funds and meeting expenses will be difficult from now on. What should we do?"

Rao Saheb spontaneously offered to go to Bombay to raise the money. "Splendid! It is a very good idea," gestured Baba. "But will you be able to return by tomorrow?" Rao Saheb assured Baba that he would definitely return in time.

Rao Saheb promptly left for Bombay, but was unable to return to Meherabad the following day. Baba was impatiently waiting for him and inquired frequently about him.

On the third day Rao Saheb returned, but Baba was not at all pleased to see him. Scowling, Baba asked, "Why did you fail to show up yesterday? Why did you disobey Me?" Rao Saheb could not say anything, but silently placed a huge bundle of currency notes at Baba's feet, thinking that this would satisfy Baba.

But, on the contrary, Baba sent for Chhagan and demanded, "Pick up that money and burn it!" Chhagan took it almost five thousand rupees – and did as he was instructed. Rao Saheb was aghast.

Baba explained, "You thought that I would be pleased at seeing the money. What value does money have for Me? Even if you place the treasure of the whole world before Me, it is nothing but shit to Me! You broke My order! I would have been pleased had you not brought the money and returned the day I wished. How can you know what pain you have caused Me by breaking My order? I don't want lucre, I want love!"

Rao Saheb sought Baba's forgiveness. Baba consoled him and then advised, "Always follow My orders. If you grant Me this gift of obedience, no other gift, however valuable, will compare to it."

Five thousand rupees was a considerable amount of money in 1930. Its equivalent spending-power during the 1980’s would be approximately fifty thousand rupees. One can well understand Rao Saheb’s shock when he saw the money being burnt. It would have the spending power of five hundred dollars in U.S. currency.

Count money every time-an episode

Perviz Talati came to Poona for Baba’s darshan. Baba instructed her, that the Bombay group will be on My chest from tomorrow. If anyone has a cold, I too catch it. So when they come, give each of them one tablet of Anacin. Do you have enough money to buy it?”

Perviz replied, “Yes, Baba, I do.”

The next day she gave one tablet to each. She had given the pharmacist a hundred-rupee note, but she did not count the balance when he returned her change. When she came to Baba, He asked, “Have you distributed the tablets to all?”

“Yes,” Perviz replied.

“How much did they cost?” Perviz was not sure. Baba asked again, “How much did you give the pharmacist?”

“A hundred- rupee note.”

“How much did he give you back?”

“I didn’t count it.”

Baba warned her, “Remember, always count your change. Never trust anyone, not even your parents, and no one! If your mother gives you any money, count it. Even if I give you some amount, count it. Don’t trust even Me regarding money.”

From that day on she acted according to Baba’s advice. Once a shopkeeper returned to her more than the correct amount, she counted the change and then counted it again. The man said, “Lady, it can’t be possibly less. Why are you counting it over and over again?”

Perviz replied, “It is not less, it is more!”

“Impossible! I have been in business for twenty five years and it never happened to me before.”  So Perviz gave back the change, and on counting it he found that he had made a mistake and was very impressed by her honesty.

Another time she discovered ten rupees extra in her daily wages. She approached the cashier, who asked whether he had given her less than her due. Perviz replied that the envelope contained ten rupees more, which she had come to return. “You are the only person I know who would ever return money this way, The man gratefully said, “No one else would have bothered.”

Money Matters –two episodes

During 1958 sahawas, at Meherabad, two matters regarding money were disposed of by Meher Baba:

Regarding love offerings keep you decisions of parting with the money and do not increase or decrease the amount. Utilise the money for purchasing books, photos etc. and distribute to others at your respective centres. Those who cannot afford even small sums should not worry as I want only their offer of love.

Meher Baba wanted a special train to start from Meherabad near the railway station so that lovers need not go to Ahmednagar with their luggage. Vishnu was in a perturbed state as there was a deficit of Rs. 2300 or so due to shortage of passengers. Meher Baba told Vishnu, ‘’You are with Me since childhood. The deficit is nothing and I want the special train to start from Meherabad. Even if it is 300 crores it is nothing at all as compared to your love for Me. I will bear the deficit and don’t   worry.”





Obedience performs the will of Beloved.

Obedience to Master is greater than Love.

Obedience seeks pleasure of the Beloved

Obedience as the free devotion of the will has nothing in common with authoritarian subservience.

Obedience is greater than all spiritual experiences but for show of love is worse than no obedience.

Obedience is surrenderance of love in which the wish of Beloved becomes happiness of the lover.

Obedience is a gift from Master to man.

Obedience is more important than devotion even if it is done unwillingly, because gradually, in the process, duality vanishes. When you do what the Master says responsibility falls on Him whom you obey, even when you obey unwillingly.

Obedience to His slightest wish and constant attentiveness are the means of loving Baba.

Obedience must be unquestioning. Only then it is of highest order. But it is impossible.

Obedience is more important than devotion, even if it is done unwillingly. It counts for a great deal because afterward, in the process, duality vanishes and responsibility falls upon one person-the Master, the one you obey. If He tells you to get up, you must. If He calls you, you must go

Only intense love for Me can bring you to obey Me as I want.

One who obeys is the beloved of the Beloved.

Be a befitting and fortunate slave. Carry out every command of Master without any question of why and what. About what you hear from the Master, never say it is wrong because the fault lies in your incapacity to understand. What My Master does is of the highest good to all concerned.

Carry out every word of the Master. Do not feel disgusted or depressed, with the result of outcome of any work, however negative it may appear, or feel upset about any taunt of the Master.

Even after coming in contact with a Perfect Master, it is very difficult to obey Him. Suppose you believe Me to be the Perfect One and while obeying Me, even if you have a passing thought doubting My perfection, it would not be perfect obedience.

Greater than love is obedience.

Implicit obedience to the Avatar gives you God-realization in the flash of a second, when His nazar or grace turns on you.

I ask you that you love Me most and obey Me at all times. Knowing that it is impossible for you to obey Me as you should, I will help you to carry out whole-heartedly what I ask you to do by repeatedly bringing you the importance of obedience.

If you ask Me, do as I say. If you do not want to obey Me, do not ask Me.

The beginning of real love is obedience, and the highest aspect of this love which surpasses that of love itself, is the aspect which culminates into the perfect obedience  or supreme resignation to the will and wish of the Beloved ( God)

The consciousness of those who leave their hold on all except their life of obedience to Me shall transcend all limitation of the intellect.

There are a few among the purely intellectual who can establish a life of obedience to a Perfect Master, and fewer still who can maintain it.

To receive My grace, you must obey Me, whole-heartedly with firm foundation of unshaken faith in Me.

You will always find many who do not obey. They are just devoted. They worship but do not obey.

When you do what Master says, the responsibility falls on Him whom you obey, even when done unwillingly. - Meher Baba

According to Meher Baba

Obedience should not be mechanical

Obedience to the Master's will should not be mechanical, because it will then be monotonous, dry and uninteresting. Not only should it not be mechanical, but no thought of self at all, even for a second, should be there. How could these things be achieved? That is: it should not be mechanical and, secondly, no thought of self should be there. It is almost impossible, so what the disciple has to do is to consciously become the very will of the Master.”

If you are always conscious of keeping the Master's will, and the consciousness is not disturbed by the slightest thought, then it is not mechanical. But this is impossible without the grace of the Perfect Master. Even to understand that the Master's pleasure is your pleasure is impossible. But if you always have this steadfast thought that the Perfect Master's will is your pleasure, then it is not mechanical.

Explaining a couple of Hafiz, where the Master says "Obedience is just obedience, there is no questioning," Baba added:

You should be slaves of the Master, obeying even without thinking. If I order anyone to kill your child, you should obey Me without having even a single thought about the deed.

Three types of obedience

  1. Obedience of soldiers – From patriotic motives for one's country, If commander orders "Shoot!", the bullet is fired by the soldier without giving a second thought. Like the old saying, "Theirs is not to reason why, theirs is but to do or die."
  2. Obedience of a paid servant- The more and the quicker his pay, the greater is his "Yes sir," to his employer.
  3. Obedience of a slave in bondage- His is compulsory obedience. We have heard that in olden days when slaves were bought and sold, theirs was a miserable life. They did their work because they were lashed and because they had no other recourse but to obey under compulsion.
  4. Obedience of a lover- This is the real type of obedience. His is the willing obedience – no fees or consideration, no expectation of return or reward, but love alone.

Willing obedience-is the real obedience – an example

Willing obedience is the real type of obedience inspired by wholehearted love. Even in this last type of obedience though, there are different stages:

In the first stage the lover uses his common sense and discrimination in obeying. For example, take Gadekar who loves Me very much and really wants to obey Me willingly. If I tell him: "You must cut off your only son Digambar's head!" Gadekar common sense would tell him to hesitate and he would begin to think: "How can Baba say that, and ask me to kill my son? Baba would not have meant it seriously."

Then I remind him: "I am telling you very seriously and in all earnest. Cut Digambar’s throat!"

Again, Gadekar's common sense and discrimination comes into play. He gets up rather reluctantly and goes in search of a blunt blade and thinks: “Baba must have meant that I should just inflict a small cut on Digambar's throat. Baba would not have meant that I should kill him. Just inflicting a small cut with a blunt knife or blade will satisfy Baba. Baba has not ordered that I should actually separate the head from the body. Baba only asked me to cut his flesh." Thus Gadekar neither disobeys Baba, nor does he do any serious harm to his son. He makes an effort and uses his discrimination, giving only a slight and superficial cut to Digambar. In his discrimination, he has modified the original order in his own interest. This is one stage of willing obedience.

The second stage is characterized by literal obedience. Here Gadekar gets up with no cheer in his heart, shuts his eyes and cuts Digambar's throat. It is like taking a bitter medicine – "Castor oil obedience." Gadekar does not use his common sense or discrimination. He obeys but without relishing it.

In the third stage the lover seeks the pleasure of the Master. Here Gadekar cuts Digambar's throat in order to please Me, and feels quite happy and cheerful, and does it wholeheartedly. He is pleased in doing so and feels satisfied because he has thereby pleased Me. I call this type of obedience "Complete obedience for the pleasure of the Beloved."

Another type of obedience is the state of absolute obedience. It is different from the other types. None except the advanced souls on the path can give such obedience to the Master. Those on the fifth and sixth planes alone can give such obedience to the Master.

Suppose Gadekar and Digambar are before Me and I tell the father: "Gadekar, you have come here. Where is your son? Why isn't he here?" His absolute obedience leads Gadekar to such oblivion that he does not see Digambar by his side and also tells Me: "Yes, Baba, Digambar is not to be seen." This is not just nodding his head to please the Master, but he actually does not see that Digambar is by his side.

In conclusion, Baba gestured with a smile, "Don't be afraid! Baba is not going to ask anyone to cut anybody. It was just a simile. To cut means to remain detached."

Naaz and Niaz

Naaz literally means "nakhra" – coquetry, hard to please, never satisfied -and is said to be one of the chief attributes of the Divine Beloved. Sufis refer to God and Perfect Masters as the perfect personification of Naaz -always full of Naaz. Why? Because they are independent and indifferent, "beparvah" – no care for anything, completely detached.

Now, you might think that God, Who is the source of everything, and the Qutubs, who are God personified, how could they be beparvah (indifferent)? It sounds absurd. It is because God is absolutely independent and indifferent.

Niaz means to dance to every Naaz (whim, outrageous demand) of the Beloved, to his every mood. Niaz does not mean obedience, but surrenderance.

To carry out the "nakhra" of God and the Qutubs is a great thing. It means to dance to every tune of the Beloved, who is absolutely independent and indifferent. So also is God. And a lover of God is dependent on every whim of the Beloved. It sounds absurd that a Qutub is indifferent and independent, and His lover is totally dependent–dependent not on the Qutub, but on every independent nakhra of the Qutub. But this is so.

Exemplary obedience-an-story.

King Muhammad Gaznavi had a slave named Ayaz, who loved him very much. He obeyed the king in every detail and carried out all his behests. Ayaz had no care for his own life and, to keep Gaznavi happy, would do anything.

But, because the king loved Ayaz more, the other courtiers were jealous and could not tolerate the king's expression of love for his slave. The king knew all about this. He once gathered his courtiers around him and, placing before them a valuable pearl, ordered them to break it into pieces with a stone! They were bewildered and thought the king had gone mad to order the destruction of such a valuable gem! Not one of them was willing to obey the king.

Gaznavi then called Ayaz and ordered him to destroy the pearl. Ayaz immediately carried out the order, shattering the pearl to pieces! Gaznavi said, "Ayaz values my word more than the pearl! What value has a gem before my words? He does anything I tell him and respects my commands. He knows nothing other than to treasure and fulfill my orders and keep my pleasure. Because he loves me so much, I love him most of all! In your eyes, the pearl is valuable, but in the eyes of Ayaz, the worth of my words and my pleasure is more!"

After the story, Baba concluded with these remarks:

If you want to be worthy of My love, be like Ayaz! But, at the moment, you are not like Ayaz, but like piyaz – onions! Because every time I handle you, you weep!

Exemplary obedience of Kalyan disciple of Swami Ramdas–a story.

There once was a Perfect Master named Swami Ramdas, who had a lover named Kalyan.  Ramdas loved Kalyan very much.  Though Kalyan was very obedient, he was not in the circle of the Master.  One day, Swami Ramdas said to His circle members, "It is dark.  Bring a lamp."

His circle members laughed.  "Master, it is daylight.  There is no darkness.  What would we do with a lamp?”

The Master took that in, and afterwards, He called Kalyan.  "There is darkness everywhere.  Don't you see?    Bring a lamp."

Without saying anything, Kalyan immediately brought a lamp.  The circle members were very ashamed of not obeying the Master as Kalyan did.  Kalyan not only brought the lamp, but when the Master said, "Don't you see?  It is dark.  Why don't you bring the lamp?" Kalyan thought it was dark and brought the lamp immediately.

No compromise in obedience

There can be no compromise in love. One cannot love the world, and also love God. Worldly man has to compromise, but in regard to obedience to Me, there can be no compromise according to the way of the world.

It is very difficult to obey but at least try to obey cheerfully.

It is important to obey Me cheerfully. If that is not possible, at least try to obey. If I tell Rao Saheb to kill his son, and if he does not do it cheerfully but does it anyway, still he would find Me. Search your own hearts and see whether you are prepared for such obedience. If your conscience is not prepared for it, then what should you do?

Everything is the play of the mind. If I wish, I could make the harmonium start playing itself. People would take Me for God and would be ready to surrender themselves to Me. But this would not be dedication to Me, but to the playing of the harmonium. If a dead child is made alive, people are ready to obey – but this obedience would be to resurrecting the child.

You all somehow feel that I am someone really great, but you have no conscious experience. There will not be greatness in your obedience after knowing Me. But it is really great to obey Me when not knowing My True Self. Mind will revolt against such obedience.

Kaikobad Dastur has some experiences and derives anand (bliss). He says he knows who I am. If I tell him to cut his family to pieces, he will do it cheerfully because he knows Baba is something. But obedience without consciously knowing Me will make you greater than Me. Whatever I say, I say in all sincerity. It is impossible to obey Me literally. Were I in your place, it would be difficult for Me to obey. So, what should I say about obeying Me without knowing My Real State?

Obedience of Master is not easy-an episode.

While in Dehradun, another seeker from Uttar Pradesh called Swami Paramananda unexpectedly arrived, requesting an interview with Baba. Well educated, formerly he had been a professor of English, but he had left his position to pursue a life dedicated to finding God. Baba allowed him to come inside and Paramananda bowed down to Him.

Baba inquired, "How did you happen to come here?"

Paramananda replied, "I heard of you during a visit in Uttar Kashi and felt drawn to meet You. I have resolved to give up all worldly attachments and lead a life under Your spiritual guidance."

"There are many gurus and teachers here and in Rishikesh," Baba pointed out. "What made you come to Me?"

"I feel that You are the One who can lead me to the Goal," he replied.

"Many come to Me seeking material gains, relief from physical suffering or for a suitable wife or husband. I am happy that you have come solely for spiritual guidance."

Baba continued, "You want to stay with Me, but that is not easy – it requires great daring. And above all, those who stay with Me have to obey Me implicitly."

The Swami replied, "I am ready to obey You."

Baba instructed him to sit outside the room for fifteen minutes to reconsider. Paramananda did so, and when he returned he said, "My decision to obey You remains unchanged."

Baba looked very serious and spelled out emphatically, "Remember one thing carefully. It is easier to sit naked on a snowbound peak of the Himalayas doing meditation, japa and tapa than to live with Me and obey Me implicitly!"

Baba then stated, "Listen attentively. There are three orders that I want you to follow: For the present go back and stay wherever you want to, but without fail come to see Me after exactly one month.

"During this month, read My books and messages, and do not touch any woman. Will you do it?"

Paramananda said yes. "One more thing," Baba added. "When you come back after a month, come alone; do not bring anyone else with you."

Paramananda gladly agreed and left. How well Paramananda obeyed these three seemingly simple orders was to unfold?

Meanwhile in May, Baba directed Eruch that He wished Swami Paramananda to visit Him after two months instead of one month. (He was the swami from Uttar Pradesh to whom Baba had given the three "simple" orders). Eruch went to Dehra Dun but learned that Paramananda had gone to Delhi. He telephoned him, and Paramananda informed him that he had recently suffered a severe heart attack and had been bedridden for weeks. As the date of his interview with Baba approached, he had begun worrying as to how it would be possible for him to make it. Hearing this news, he said to Eruch "Baba is truly compassionate and all-knowing"

At the end of May, Paramananda came to Mussoorie but along with him he brought a young woman. Baba's first question to him was: "Have you come alone?"

Paramananda explained that when he was ill, this young woman had nursed him so well that he thought to bring her for Baba's darshan. Baba sternly spelled out, "I had asked you to come alone; you could not follow even this small order?" Baba, however, called the woman inside and complimented her for her efforts in serving the swami. He gave her a rose petal as prasad and asked her to wait outside.

Continuing His interview with Paramananda, He asked, "Did you read My books?" Paramananda replied that because he was so sick, he had not been able to read anything.

"What about not touching any woman?" Baba inquired. Paramananda said that this directive too had not been adhered to, as the woman had to touch him in the course of his illness.

Baba summarized, as He folded three fingers one after another, "You did not come alone. You did not study the books I asked you to read, and you could not keep yourself from touching a woman for just two months. That is why I told you in the beginning that it is easier to sit naked on a snowbound peak of the Himalayas than to carry out My instructions.

"However, I forgive you for your failures in obeying My orders. Forget what has happened in the past. I give you one more chance. This time no more reading of any special book or books, no restriction about touching any woman. Just one thing: Come and see Me on July 9th, but come alone." Paramananda agreed and left.

Swami Paramananda did return on the appointed day, but this time also he was not alone. The same woman and several others were with him. Paramananda explained that she was now his "Spiritual sister" and the other young women were members of her family. "They are all interested in You, Baba," he said.

"I have no concern with that," Baba chided him. "My only concern is with My order."

Paramananda asked Baba if he and the woman could live a dedicated life together by His side.

But Baba replied, "With Me there is room only for one. It is better that you go back and live the life of your choice. Know well that it is impossible to obey My orders unless I will it." This ended the contact with Paramananda.

A rare obedience of Krishna (disciple)-who obeyed even on a false accusation - an episode

There was a girl’s school in Satara near mandali’s bungalow, which Krishna Nair would pass going for night duty. One particular girl requested Krishna to give her Baba’s books in Marathi, and he gave her one. Some of the girl’s friends saw her talking to Krishna, and decided to have some fun. A love letter written in Marathi was received at the school addressed to the girl. Superintendent suspected Krishna, and matter was reported to Baba. Baba met with superintendent and explained that Krishna did not know Marathi, as he was from South India. Nevertheless, Baba informed the school official, “Although I know that Krishna did not do anything wrong, I have decided to send him home, as you suspect him.” The women were satisfied and left.

Afterwards, Baba explained to Krishna, “What happened is very bad. It reflects very poorly on Me. Now it is better you leave.”

Krishna was stunned. For a minute he doubted whether Baba was God. Weeping, he protested, “I am innocent, Baba! You know the truth. Still You are sending me away”

Baba replied, “Ram also knew that Sita was pure but He sent her away in the jungle. So I also know that you have done nothing wrong but I am sending you away for My own reasons. I will always have My nazar on you and help you internally.” Baba sent Krishna Nair back to his home Malabar, and thereafter never kept Krishna with Him as permanent member of mandali, though he was called back by Baba on various occasions.





Perfect poise is to make most of every situation.

Spirituality is poise.

Do not pose as being poise. Because God is everywhere. God cannot be fooled –so why pose as being something you are not?

Non-wanting is the state of poise and wanting is a state of disturbed equilibrium.

True poise comes when the ego mind with all its accumulated inclinations, melts away through Divine Love and there is realization that one with all life. -Meher Baba

Meher Baba explained

Poise is the state of mind where nothing excites you, nothing upsets you then only can you help others, then only can you make others happy. That means love. Thinking not of yourself but of others.

If you are in the Sahara and for four days you have no water to drink, and all of a sudden one bottle of water appears, how do you react? If you have poise, you will let your companion drink and not mind dying and letting her live. But, if you fight and grab for it, you lack poise and spirituality.

It is this poise that makes you sacrifice and makes others happy. For example, I always say make the most of everything. Here you have food, swimming, boating. Make the most of it and feel happy. Do not say it is not spiritual to enjoy innocent pleasures. But when we are driving on tour and there is dust and we feel hunger, thirst, and feel sick, then feel as happy as you do now. This is poise. If you do not feel happy -- it is not easy to feel happy then (under these conditions) -- you are not spiritual in enjoying this swimming, boating etc. -- is this clear? I do not mean making a show of being happy, but to really feel happy.

For you, My Circle, it is all right. You live with Me, leave all to Me, so you are serving the universe. But for those who are not living here near Me, this poise is 100% essential for spirituality.

Poise, Perfect poise. Make the most of every situation. He who upsets no one is a good man. He who is not upset by anyone is God-Man.





Prayer and worship are means only for God. While you are so much lost in the formalities of the things and it details that leaving aside God, you worship only the rituals and prayers.

Prayer means selflessness, no matter how high the prayer may be.

Prayer that God hears is the prayers of heart, that raising of heart, that suffering of the heart.

It is better not to worship if your heart is not in it. Any prayer made mechanically in a spirit of show or ceremony is all a farce. It results in greater bindings through one's pretence to purity.

One line prayer given by Meher Baba in 1924 “Khuda Paramatma Allah Ahuramazda Ram Yezdan Hu.

Repeating My Name is prayer itself.

Repeating My Name wholeheartedly is the greatest prayer that one can offer spontaneously for with no time or place is required. -Meher Baba

According to Meher Baba

Prayer should be Natural-an episode

After hearing Kenmore recitation of the prayers, once Hoshang Bharucha asked Kenmore, "Are you praying or fighting with God?"

The next day when he had to repeat the prayers, Kenmore spoke them almost in a whisper. Baba stopped him halfway through and asked, “Why he was suddenly adopting a new method of praying.” Kenmore replied, "I do not want to disturb the auditory apparatus of our new visitors."

Baba looked sternly at Hoshang and Cowas, who at that moment felt it would be better if the earth gave way beneath their feet and swallowed them up! Baba instructed Kenmore to repeat the prayer as usual. When he finished, Baba remarked, "Prayers should be from the heart. It does not matter whether they are said loudly or softly. They should be natural. For Harry it is natural to say them loudly. If he had to say them softly, it would not be natural for him."

Importance of reciting prayer - an episode narrated by Eruch Jassawala (disciple)

Baba would ask us to recite the prayers daily toward end of His life. As you know His body was frail and slightest movement of His body would cause Him extreme discomfort. Nevertheless, He would stand and take part in it. As His debility kept on increasing, He would ask us to recite the prayer faster and faster each day. Finally, a time came when, I was reciting it so fast, as per His instructions, that I did not understand what I was reciting, as there was no time to think or reflect on the words. It just became a mechanical exercise for me which I did because that was what He wanted. On one occasion as, I was doing my usual recitation, a funny thought passed through my mind and I broke into laughter. You know how the mind is? Well, while reciting the prayer, I was reminded of an express train speeding through a station and I laughed.

When prayers were over, Baba asked me, “Why did you laugh? I said while reciting the prayers, I had a thought of a train going through a station and I laughed. I also wondered as what is the idea of reciting prayer so fast. Baba said to me, “You have no idea what My participation in this prayer mean. Because of My participation, whosoever says this prayer, even he repeats them mechanically, will benefit from it. This is because I have participated in it.”

Addressing the pilgrims, Eruch would then emphasize, Baba put His body through so much of suffering and pain because of love for us. He has given us this wonderful opportunity on a platter; even if we repeat His prayer mechanically, we will benefit. He has made it is so easy for us. Knowing that how our minds are, Baba has made concessions for us, and also given benefit of mechanical remembrance. So make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

Simultaneous prayers are heard by Masters

Everywhere in the world, in the name of prayer and worship, a sort of useless babbling is going on. Nothing is gained by it; it has no substance. Those who practice they derive nothing from it. Do they for a minute think that loud noises can bring results? For years on end, it has been happening, and it will go on for years to come. For ages, the Brahmins, the Maulvis, the Dasturs and the priests have been muttering hired prayers, and they are actually paid for such drivel! But not the slightest advantage has been gained by anyone as a result.

The reason is that none of them does it sincerely or wholeheartedly. Their prayers are nothing more than the vocal cords useless prattle with no heart or feeling in it. Their mind’s intellect, attention and thoughts wander here and there, and this idle mumbo jumbo goes on. If it is done with a clear mind and with all sincerity, one's prayers reach straight to God. God wants honesty and an open heart not an outward show of meaningless chatter.

From any corner of the world, heartfelt remembrance of God, even by the worst sinner or the most worthless and lowest person, immediately reaches God's ears. I am deaf to the sound of that Brahmin priest's chanting, though it is so near. I cannot hear it because it does not touch Me. It has no effect upon Me. Any type of loud, insincere prayer from any quarter leaves us Masters unmoved because it is only noise and carries no heart. Such dry flat prayers, however loud or lengthy, or done over a long period of years, have no effect on us Masters. Instead, if anyone prays to God, to Me, purely and honestly, from however far away and however slowly or softly, I, as God, immediately hear it and a connection is established.

For example, take a long distance telephone station. Other telephones are connected to it and the desired connection is given immediately upon dialling. In the same way, the Qutub is humanity's central main station; and if one remembers Him sincerely and wholeheartedly, from however long a distance, one's cry is heard and the connection is made. There is no question of distance here. The Qutub is the center, the focal point equidistant from one and all in creation. And He, as this center, serves the purpose not only for this world or universe, but for the three worlds and their various levels and planes.

But how is it possible that all prayers are heard at one and the same time? How is it that the prayers and calls of millions of persons bring immediate connection with the Qutub? The answer is simple. What is a Qutub? The ruler of infinite and unlimited powers! To him there is no question of one or twenty-one, a thousand, or a hundred thousand, or millions and billions. Everyone is equal in His eyes. But your call should be from the innermost depths of your heart. It will then reach His ears irrespective of distance or traffic on the line.

All prayers and sounds are a mere show if they do not originate from the heart. If not, then such prayers, however loud and however long, are quite meaningless. But compared to this, offering hired prayers through Brahmins, Dasturs, Maulvis and priests is much worse. It is nothing short of sheer hypocrisy.

Hired prayer or through any medium is  most undesirable

Prayers worship and entreaties to God can never be hired. Repeating My name wholeheartedly is itself the greatest prayer that one can offer spontaneously for which no time or place required. It is it bad for a person who has no time to pray himself want to have it done through a medium.

This is total foolishness and completely absurd. It is an excuse and a useless pretext. It does not hold water. It is an insult to one's common sense. Can prayer, worship or entreaties to God ever be hired? It is beyond one's imagination. While still being lured by Maya, it is like throwing the burden of one's action on the shoulders of others and paying them money to take him to God. It is pretence for keeping oneself immersed in mayavic pleasures.

A person says, I have no time to pray. Why not? Because one is unwilling to spare time for it. It is a meaningless excuse to cover up one's preoccupation with the world and lack of time due to one's desire to remain involved in Mayavic pursuits. The mind is entrapped in Maya and does not want to be freed; and so to achieve merit, a person offers hired prayers. Can this ever result in any meritorious action or virtue?

If you want to remember or offer worship to God, do it honestly and loyally with all your heart and mind. Even if you can only remember or pray to Him a few minutes each day, do it sincerely. Compared to babbling for hours on end, a sincere prayer of two minutes has more effect. It immediately reaches God's ears. The reason is that God always listens to the voice of the heart.

Any worship done to any deity comes to Meher Baba

I can say with divine authority that I experience eternally and consciously and continually being One with you all and One in you all. Any worship or obeisance done to any deity, animate or inanimate, to any saint, guru, yogi or advanced souls eventually comes to me. By offering pure, unadulterated love to anyone and anything you will be loving Me.

Meher Baba dictated following Universal Prayer (Master’s prayer) on 13th September, 1953, which describes all attributes of God-realised -Jeevan mukta, Avatar and Sadguru. However, any one can recite this prayer for his Master.

Universal Payer dictated by Meher Baba

O Parvardigar — the Preserver and Protector of all!

You are without Beginning, and without End, Non-dual, beyond comparison, and none can measure You.
You are unlimited and unfathomable, beyond imagination and conception, eternal and imperishable.You are without colour, without expression, without form, and without attributes.

You are indivisible; and none can see You, but with Eyes Divine.

You always were, You always are, and You always will be;

You are everywhere, You are everything; and You are also beyond everywhere and beyond everything.

You are in the firmament and in the depths; You are manifest and unmanifest, on all planes and beyond all planes.

You are in the three worlds, and also beyond the three worlds;

You are imperceptible and independent.

You are the Creator, the Lord of lords, the knower of all minds and hearts;

You are omnipotent and omnipresent.

You are Knowledge Infinite, Power Infinite, and Bliss Infinite.

You are the Ocean of Knowledge, all-knowing, infinitely knowing, the Knower of the past, the present, and the future, and You are Knowledge Itself.

You are all-merciful and eternally benevolent;

You are the Soul of souls, the One with infinite attributes.

You are the Trinity of Truth, knowledge, and Bliss,

You are the Source of Truth, the Ocean of Love; You are the Ancient One, the Highest of the High;

You are Prabhu and Parameshwar; You are the Beyond-God, and the Beyond-Beyond God also;

You are Parabrahma, Allah, Elahi, Yezdan, Ahuramazda, and God the Beloved.

You are named Ezad - the only One worthy of worship.




Meher Baba said  

Perfect Masters and Avatar can predict and predestine.

Good and bad thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all due to the working of the mind. If the mind vanishes, one realizes the highest Self. Just as they are the givers of light, Sadgurus and Qutubs are also the givers of thoughts. Not only can they predict certain actions, but they can tell what will happen years into the future, even before it is created in the mind of an individual – for they are one with the universal mind which gives light, thoughts and everything. Hence, they not only predict, but they predestine.  Things actually become divine will accord the Perfect Masters' will or wish.

Someone inquired, "If one commits sins of his own will, is one not really responsible for the consequences?"

Baba replied, "Truly speaking, you are not responsible. Yet, for the sake of humility, you have to admit your responsibility, and therefore experience both good and bad. Inevitably, in this manner, you are led to the perfection state."

No to astrology and prediction-an episode

Since 1929, Meherjee Karkaria had been quite successfully doing business in Iran, and had no opportunity of meeting Baba. He had come to India once in 1934 to see Baba, but at the time, Baba was in the West. In 1943, Meherjee again came to Bombay for a visit, and against his better judgment, a friend took him to a palmist. Consulting Meherjee's hand, the palmist said, "If you are not careful of your business, sixty per cent of your wealth will be lost." At that, Meherjee sent a cable to his manager in Persia, instructing him to dispose of his business. He then proceeded to Lahore to see Baba.

During their meeting, Baba asked Meherjee, "What have you been doing all these years in Persia? How's your business coming along?" Meherjee told Baba everything, and also about his recent encounter with the palmist. Baba twisted Meherjee's ear and said, "You fool! Do you believe in astrology? Palmistry? I am God, and God can transform, create and destroy entire planets. Send a telegram immediately that nothing should be disposed of."

Meherjee wrote the message, and Baba dispatched Vishnu to the telegraph office to have it sent at once. Baba advised him to continue his business as he had been doing, and Meherjee left for Persia. By heeding Baba's advice, his business prospered more than ever before.

Baba did not recommend astrology or predictions. Everything in life is predestined. Destiny superimposes over every thought, word and action of an individual. Baba’s will govern the whole universe. Only a Sadguru or Avatar has powers to predict or even bring change in the destiny which is very rare. Astrology is based on series of calculation, and there is every chance of miscalculation and failure. Even if astrological calculations appear good, it gives temporary solace to individual.  However, Astrology or any other knowledge adopted for predictions may go wrong and result in more disappointment and grief in one’s life.

Certain substances or creatures hold impressions but one should not bother as it create superstitions-an episode

Ruano Bogislav had something in her mind. She asked, “Is it true that certain substances hold impressions?” Being a rather strange question, Baba shrugged His shoulders, and Ruano continued, “When you called me to come to India in 1936, I had little money. But with a friend, I happened to go to a fortune teller, who said I should take off the old Chinese bracelet I was wearing, and things would improve. She said it had belonged to someone who had lost everything in life. So I did. I thought, why not? And, almost at once, someone sent me a check for five hundred Dollars, enough for the boat to India.”

Baba spelled on the alphabet board (which Mani read), “It is true, certain substances or creatures at the four corners (turns) of evolution hold impressions – certain metals, gems, black wool, cats, dogs. Not much should be said about it because it creates superstition.

Predictions by Meher Baba.

4th June 1927, Meherabad

Meherabad had no rains. Meher Baba directed Adi K Irani to go out and shout “come down rain” soon dark clouds gathered and it began to rain.

24th May 1932, USA

Elizabeth Patterson was driving her car for Meher Baba in USA. Meher Baba gave her a pink flower and asked her to keep it safe and also note the date. Baba had frequently indicated that He has to shed His blood on American soil.

Exactly after 20 years, the accident took place on 24th May, 1952, in which Meher Baba’s car driven by Elizabeth was proceeding to Ojai in the West Coast.  Meher Baba and others had serious injuries and were hospitalized.

February, 1934

Meher Baba said, “I have drawn a circle around Switzerland so that it will not be involved in the coming war.” Switzerland was the only country in Europe which was not involved in world war II of 1939.

October, 1943, at Lahore

Baba revealed mandali; “India will be divided into two countries in future.” He also drew up a line on the ground at particular place and said this will be the boundary line. In August, 1947, India and Pakistan were formed and there arose a dispute about the boundary close to the place referred by Baba in 1943.

30 th January, 1948

Meher Baba indicated to mandali in the morning, “A very significant event will take place today.” In the evening at 5 PM Adi sr. brought the news that Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.

July 1967, Meherazad

In intense hot summer, Meher Baba permitted Padri to sink a bore well. He reported to Meher Baba that no water was sighted even after drilling to 78 feet and wanted to give up. Baba instructed him to dig another 5 feet and by doing so ample supply of clear soft water was available at 83 feet.





A person should always act as per his promise

Don’t make false promises.

First, think twice before give a promise but once you make it, keep it up at any price.

If a promise made is not kept up. It is the height of hypocrisy.

I am free from all promises, bindings, undertakings and arrangements. None therefore should ask for anything material or spiritual from Me at any time or on any account. I will do what I think to be the best for one and all and when I deem fit.

Never break a promise.- Meher Baba

Meher Baba explained

Avatar is not bound for any promises

According to the moral code of the world, one's word or promise is considered by mankind to be sacred. But he who has gone beyond time, space, cause and effect is not limited by anything. For him, there is no such thing as bondage. The infinite cannot be bound by anything finite, however sublime the aim may be. This means that one cannot limit the limitless!

For this reason and without your asking, I give you promises and your aim will be fulfilled at the proper time. But I also know that a promise can be a time-serving device. It is not meant for fulfilment, but necessitated by circumstances. It is a demand of the situation and so I do not care for its resultant reaction.

Avatar always fulfils His promises

The promises given by the Masters are never vague or unfulfilled. They always come true and are fulfilled, but in their proper time. The question of time depends on the conditions or circumstances in which they are given. When Masters give their promises, they are given from the mental, or subtle, or physical plane, and thus differ in the time of their fulfilment accordingly.

For example, if a train is rushing ahead at full speed and the brakes are applied, the train does not come all at once to an immediate halt due to the momentum. It stops gradually. The period for the fulfillment of My promises is just like this momentum. If I give a promise from the gross plane, it is fulfilled exactly at the time given and comes true. If a promise is given from the subtle plane, the momentum, or force of fulfillment, is halved; the promise takes a certain amount of time, for its fulfillment was given from a higher plane. If a promise is given from the mental plane, it takes even longer for fulfillment — like a train at full throttle takes longer to come to a dead stop when the brakes are applied.

This is why the promises given by Me at different times vary in the period and details of their fulfilment. Out of sheer ignorance and inability to understand the secret behind it, you misjudge My way of working. This is the reason why some people have doubts about My power and ability to fulfill the promises I have given. They blame, ridicule and slander Me in public, and in private. But I go on doing My work in My own way, refusing to explain or disclose the manner in which I do it.

Avatar always keeps His words.-an episode narrated by Dhakephalkar(disciple)

Baba used to visit the school every day. One day He was going from hill to the Meherabad quarters. He stopped near the school. Just outside the school, earthen pots were placed on a stand for the purpose of keeping drinking water for the students. Every pot had covering of wooden plate. So while passing by He found a pot quite open and no lid was there. He seemed to be disturbed.

All the functionaries of the school were summoned and asked to stand in line. Baba said, “The parents and guardians have put their children in My charge to look after their health and education. Now that the pot is open, dirt and germs of the disease may enter it and impair the health of students which would be a great calamity. You are not obeying My orders and doing your duties as I wanted.”

Then, He brought a cane and began beating every one. But when it was my turn, He smiled and winked suggesting that there was an agreement that He would not beat me and so He went to the next to beat him. I was saved otherwise; perhaps, I would have left His services. I wondered that He had kept up His word even though He was out of the mood. But I found that He was not angry or out of mood as He gave me the expression of a calm and quiet man with smile.

(Dhakephalkar was teacher in Baba’s school at Meherabad )




Whenever Meher Baba sent His close mandali on some work, He would instruct them to be back at particular time. Whenever the any mandali member was late Meher Baba used to get annoyed and would advise him to be meticulously follow the timings without any deviation. The discipline was for spiritual reasons known only to Meher Baba.

Punctually is very important – an episode narrated by Dhakephalkar (disciple)

Meher Baba was very punctual and expected others to be punctual. I was staying in ‘Nagar town” six miles away from the school and had to attend school on cycle at 7 A.M. sharp every day. One day I was a mile away from school, my cycle chain broke and I could not use cycle. It was already 10 minutes to seven. I was afraid I would be late. But in order to be punctual I left the cycle on the road by a tree and started running. When I reached school, I saw Baba standing at the entrance with a disciple on each side and smiling. He asked one of them about the time. It was three minutes less seven. Then Baba wrote on slate, “You are in time. Had you been late I would have asked you to go home.” I smiled and said, “I know that, If I were late, I myself would not have entered the school but gladly gone home without your order.” Baba smiled and said, “What about the cycle?” I said that it was lying at the side of the road under a tree. Then Baba asked one of His disciples to fetch the cycle, get it repaired and make it ready by 1.00 p.m. He offered me a nice cup of tea and allowed me to rest for the first period and to start work from the second.

NB : (M.R. Dhakephalkar was teacher in Baba’s school at Meherabad )

Pratap Ahir (disciple) was  reprimanded for coming late

During one period, Pratap was continually late in performances with the Poona bhajan group, though the others had wanted him to come on time. But when he was late yet again, Baba expressed his disapproval, remarking, “You should be cut to pieces with a blunt knife! Why a blunt knife? If the knife were sharp it would cut easily and you would not suffer much. But if the knife were blunt, it would cause great pain.”




Meher Baba answered

What is jealousy?

Baba spelled out, “Jealousy comes from a poverty of the heart and is essentially selfish.”

Should one be more of an idealist than a materialist?

Baba answered, “To be merely an idealist is hopeless; to be merely a materialist is also hopeless. It is necessary to create a balance between the two.”

What is difference between lust and love?

Baba explained in simple terms, “Lust is nothing else but the desire for self happiness. Love is desire for the happiness of others.”

In an interview, on Sunday, February 11th, 1940, Meher Baba gave following answers to a reporter.

What about astrology? Is it not a part of science?

Baba spelled out, "Everything has something to do with spirituality. It depends on how it is worked out, and that again results in either advancing or retarding spiritual progress.”

Science is a general thing, while astrology is individual, so science itself cannot be proved to be wrong. If a truth is established scientifically, you do not think of doubting it. It does not occur to you to doubt it. If you are told that the earth is round and if it is proved to you, you never think that it is flat. But if an astrologer tells you that you will get a million rupees after some time, you will think of it a million times.

Spirituality has no room for doubts. For example, if someone were to ask Me, 'Are you sure you are one with God?' I would ask him, 'Are you sure you are a man and not a dog?' He would say that he is a man because he cannot think of himself as anything but a man. In the same way I am equally sure that I am one with God. Even if the whole world tells Me otherwise, I do not feel anything about it. Spiritual certainty is something which nothing affects.

Is it impossible to understand spiritual matters intellectually?

Spiritual doctrines can be stated in intellectual terms. Intellect is a great help in the experience of the heart. If someone who never had a headache asks you to explain it to him, you will try to explain intellectually what it is. But to make him understand it, you would have to hit him over the head. He gets a headache and knows what it is.

There is nothing irrational in spirituality. Explanation can be made so practical that it can be lived.

Mysticism is thought to be something supernatural and out of human grasp. It is not so. You may be doing all your worldly duties and at the same time be a mystic. It depends on how you arrange your actions and whether you lead a proper life.

Mysticism has connection with every phase of life, if properly expressed. If not, there is a reaction which cannot be called mysticism. Thus love that is handled badly through jealousy is converted into hatred. Mysticism if adjusted rightly can help all nations now at war, while if handled otherwise it would make matters worse.

Mysticism means experience of the soul on higher planes. And the highest is attained through this experience"

What is needed to bring peace in material life?

Material adjustment can be made with spiritual understanding. If people were made to realize that all the trouble is due to self-interest, then automatically material adjustment would follow.

Is economic adjustment possible so long as human beings are what they are?

Economic adjustment and human nature are co-dependent. If it is realized that the trouble is due to self-interest, the problem would be solved. It is easy and simple. Yet because of this ease and simplicity, the task is also difficult. For example, if praise and insult do not affect you, you would be always happy. If not, you are bound to be unhappy. How easy the remedy is, yet the simplicity itself makes it difficult.

What is Meher Baba’s religion?

He says, “My personal religion is My being the Ancient Infinite One; and the religion I impart to all is love for God which is the truth of all religions.

Meher Baba’s opinion on purpose of life?

The purpose of life is to recognize God within ourselves to realize our oneness with the infinite. This can be achieved through love for God. This can be done even whilst attending to our worldly duties. In every day walks of life and amidst intense activities we should feel we should feel detached and dedicate our doings to our beloved God.

What is life?

According to Meher Baba, "Life is a Mighty Joke. He who knows this can hardly be understood by others. He who does not know it finds himself in a state of delusion. He may ponder over this problem day and night, but will find himself incapable of knowing it. Why? People take life seriously, and God lightly; whereas we must take God seriously, and take life lightly. Then, we know that we always were the same and will ever remain the same.......the Originator of this joke. This knowledge is not achieved by reasoning. But it is the knowledge of experience.

What is Baba’s work?

As far as My inner life and internal activities are concerned; only God and those who are one with God can know and understand. As far as My external activities are concerned, regarding My work with the God-intoxicated, saints, sadhus, and the poor, of contacting them, serving them and bowing down to them in whole hearted devotion, they have all been mostly recorded'.

Why is it necessary to have the aid of the Perfect Master in order to attain perfection?
Only a Perfect Master, who is the veritable incarnation of Divinity, can awaken in the individual the fire of Divine Love which consumes in its flames the lesser desires of the body, mind, and world, all of which must be completely relinquished before perfection can be realized.

Why doesn't Meher Baba perform miracles?

Meher Baba's miracles are performed silently in the hearts of His followers, awakening them to the spiritual values and true purpose of life. He says, "My first and last miracle will be performed when I break my silence. It will be the greatest miracle of all times. When I perform that miracle, I won't raise the dead but I will make those who live for the world dead to the world and live in God; I won't give sight to the blind but make people blind to illusion and make them see God the Reality. There is no grater miracle than the miracle of the awakened heart.

Why should misery perpetually exist on earth in spite of God's Infinite Love and Mercy?

The source of eternal bliss is the self in all and the cause of perpetual misery is the selfishness of all. As long as satisfaction is derived through selfish pursuits, misery will always exist. Only because of the infinite Love and Mercy of God can man learn to realize, through the lessons of misery on earth, that inherent in him is the source of Infinite Bliss and that all suffering is his labour of Love to unveil his own infinite Self.

How does Meher Baba help mankind?

I have come to sow the seeds of Love in your hearts so that in spite of all superficial diversity which your life in illusion must experience and endure, the feeling of Oneness through Love is brought about amongst all nations, creeds sects and castes of the world.

What is Meher Baba's experience concerning money?

Whether it is good or bad to possess money depends entirely on the use we make of it. Fire can serve and warm a man; fire can also burn and destroy a man.

Is it possible for man to get at the Truth?  

Discard all falsehoods to get at the truth. Discard all that which does not endure, and you will realize the TRUTH.

Is there any part of self that endures?

Yes, You alone endure and the rest of your self is to be discarded to realize the real SELF that is YOU.

What is Baba's attitude towards 'prayer' or 'worship'?

The ideal prayer to the lord is nothing more than spontaneous praise of His being. You praise Him, not in the spirit of bargain (or expectation), but in the spirit of self-forgetful appreciation of what He really is. You praise Him because He is praiseworthy. All prayers with a motive fall short of the ideal prayer which is without motive. If you pray with a motive to do good to someone, your prayer may actually bring about good both to Him and to yourself. Some people pray for the spiritual benefit of those who have done them some wrong. There also they are helping others spiritually. In the entire spiritual panorama of universe, nothing is more sublime than a spontaneous prayer. In its highest form; prayer leaves no room for the illusory diarchy of the lover and the beloved. It is a return to one's own being.

How can one get happiness?

If man wants the happiness he is striving for, let him be more aggressive towards himself and more tolerant towards others". He also says, "Real Happiness lies in making others happy".

What does Meher Baba mean by God?

God cannot be theorised; God cannot be discussed; God cannot be argued about; God cannot be explained; God cannot be understood; God can only be lived by losing ourselves in him through Love. God is Love. Infinite Love is God. Love God and you will find that your own self is nothing but God.

 How to love God?

To love God in the most practical way is to love our fellow-beings. If we feel for others in the same way as we feel for our own dear ones, we love God.





Religion is a cage and the people who follow it are all birds locked up inside.

Do not change your religion of your birth as deemed by God.

Every religion is equally an approach to arrive at the same Infinite Ocean of Love and Bliss.

I am not come to establish any cult, society or organization nor even to establish a new religion.

I belong to no religion. Every religion belongs to Me. My personal religion is of the being Ancient Infinite One, and the religion I impart to all is Love for God, which is the truth of all religions.

If, instead of erecting churches, fire-temples, mandirs (temples) and mosques, people were to establish the House of God in their hearts for their Beloved God, My work will have been done.

If you review My past activities, teachings and workings, you will find that they contain the elements of all religions in one way or another.

If an aspirant sticks to religious doctrines and dogmas, he will never achieve his ultimate aim, realization of the Truth.

Though the religion has come into existence to liberate man from all narrowness, it can itself become a cage when not understood properly. All the world religions proclaim the same eternal and universal Truth; yet human weakness has a tendency to crave out some limiting, narrow loyalty which closes its gates upon the shore-less and unbounded ocean of love or divinity. It is not essential of religions, but addiction merely to their own forms, which has tended to divide man, thus thwarting the very purpose of the great founders of the world religions.

The religion of Bhaktas or devotees of a Master is to carry out His wishes as far as possible.

The religion I shall give touches the knowledge of One behind the many. I intend to bring together all religions and cults like beads in one string and revitalise them for individual and collective needs. All the religions are equal as they are all different paths to realise the One God.

These different paths, Sufism, Vedantism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Jainism and Christianity are as rivers to the ocean.

The average man should follow his creed in all sincerity regardless of rewards to come only with the aim and object of “I want nothing, but God.

Various religions are like patent medicine just as it is necessary to approach a specialist for a speedy and radical cure, so it is imperative to approach a spiritual Master in order to become spiritually perfect.

Your own religion if put into practice, is sufficient to bring salvation to you. It a mistake to change one’s own religion for that of another, the surrounding and circumstances in which you find yourself best suited to work out your destiny or to exhaust your past sanskaras.  - Meher Baba

Meher Baba explained

Religion and Shariat is like alpha board

For example, this alphabet board which I use may be given to a child to make him begin to learn the ABC. But if he merely learns the alphabet without any efforts at proceeding further, he will learn practically nothing. It is the same in religion. The Shariat, doctrines and dogmas are given as a preliminary beginning–like the alphabet to reach the ultimate aim of the realization of the Truth. After one learns to Master the fundamentals, one advance, but if a person merely sticks to religious ceremonies and rituals and believes that religion is that alone, then he does not advance at all. God and Truth are far, far above Shariat – doctrines and dogmas, ceremonies and rituals.

Meher Baba explained that essence of all world religion is one and the same though at appears varying in different advent of the Avatars in different cycle. The declarations made teaching given by Avatar in different cycle according to prevailing social environments and mental status of human beings of a kind which could be easily acceptable. Avatars did not advocate to form a religion His name but it were the followers who formed a group and associated themselves with the outer form of teachings, rigidly and treated themselves different from one another.

Past Avatars and their declarations

Lord Zoroaster, Ram and Krishna and Buddha are accepted as Avatar of their cycle worldwide. They did proclaim to be Avatar (God-man) in different context. Avatar Meher Baba revealed Prophet Mohammad and Christ were Avatars; God personified but did not declare themselves God in human directly. According to Mohammad tenets, a soul does not incarnate after death till quyamat when they rise from the death. Meher Baba explained that the Mohammad talk about no incarnation, this meant for one real death of man (or soul) and real birth (on God realization). Elaborated further when soul in his last incarnation in human form dies and attains God realization then this dying in real sense the real death and next when he attains God realization is real birth.

Mohammdans do not accept Prophet Mohammad as God-Incarnate but since Mohammad said himself that He was the Messenger of God and with that reason He was easily accepted by His followers. He allowed four marriages to a man not to lead to astray and to maintain balance in society after loss of number of male deaths in Karbala’s fight. Mohammdan, say Khuda is formless and is without body. Baba explained, It refers to unconscious state of God which existed before creation of the universe. Universe came into existence by a mere whim surged in unconsciousness state (like dream) of the formless God. Since God in infinite unconscious state had the infinite knowledge, power and bliss, nothing is beyond Him, He can be formless and in the body of any form like Prophet Mohammad or Meher Baba of the present cycle. One of the real stories as was said that saint, Moses was determined to see Khuda face to face, went to hill. A divine voice replied, “You are not destined to see Khuda in body but to make you believe that Khuda exists I show you My hand”. This establishes that if Khuda has hand He must have body also. Hence, it is correct to say that Khuda (God) is formless but at the same time it is also correct the God is personal also and appears in human body   in every cycle (700 to 1400 years) to redeem the mankind from sufferings.

Christians also accept Jesus Christ as Messenger of God as Christ said Himself being son of God. Christ also said, “He and His father is One.” It means that He was God Himself, the Avatar the God-man. Baba openly declared that He is the Avatar of the age, again and again, for the reason that in the present age of publicity and propaganda even if I declare so again and again people are so addicted to the religion and its tenets that very few lucky one would hear and come to Me. Here in this context, it is necessary to point that as Baba said, Avatar comes once in cycle when five Perfect Masters (Sadguru) call upon Him and cause His decent in the earth. Five Sadgurus are always present on the earth. Consciousness of Sadguru and Avatar is the same as of God and man simultaneously, but Sadguru is man becoming God and Avatar is God becoming man.





Remember Me wholeheartedly and continuously while attending your worldly duties. This is best form of meditation and is the most natural and spontaneous.

Remember Me and all your headache will disappear into nothing they really are.

Remember Me so often that your mind is at loss to find other thoughts to feed upon.

Do not be absent from My presence in your heart. Feel you are watched by Me.

Don’t think of anything but remember Me so that when you drop your body you will be with Me.

Everyone is free to take any name of the God most loving to him. It may be Ram, Krishna, Allah, Christ, or other. If you drag them out of their devotion and try to divert it to Me, you belittle Me. In their devotion because I am the same Ram, Krishna, and others. I am fresh stock.

It is easier to concentrate on the personified (Sakar) Master than formless ( Nirakar) God.

It is normal to have bad thoughts so long as you do not interpret into action.

Just stick to Me. It does not matter what you are. Find Me within. Cling and rely on Me. Do not forget I am the cause and effect.

My remembrance is the solution to all problems in the world. I am present wherever and whenever I am remembered with love, irrespective of the numbers.

Repeat My name constantly and awake Me in your heart, so that you may be awaken for all times.

Repeat My name every second, every moment! If it becomes so natural in your subconscious, automatically it will come out during moment of difficulty to help and save you.

To follow Me, you have not to give up anything. Begin to remember Me from where you are, from what you are and how you are because I cannot be excluded from any area or vocation or anything.

You can leave your mind in My care by remembering Me or repeating My name silently as often as you can.

To hear My name is enough. I do the rest. My name will serve as protective net around you.

Your job is to being My name to the ear of a person. My job is to bring it from ear to heart. – Meher Baba

Meher Baba explained


By thinking continually, you become what you think deeply. The mind makes one to become what one thinks deeply. When you meditate, you try to forget everything, even yourself. In loving, you forget everything and self, but you remember the Beloved.

Assume a large world map as Formless (Nirakar), a photograph on the back of the map as personified (Sakar) aspects of the God and a small child as an aspirant. If the map is torn into pieces, child cannot assemble the world map as the child has no knowledge of world map, but if he tries to assemble with the help of torn pieces of the photograph which he recognizes, he would be able to assemble the photo graph and the and thereby world map automatically.

Remembrance means establishing mental contact with Master

Once the aspirant has the bliss of the darshan of a Master, that sight gets carved on his mind, and even when he is unable to establish frequent personal contact, his mind turns to the Master again and again in an effort to understand His significance. This process of establishing mental contact with the Master is essentially different from merely imaginative revival of past incidents. In an ordinary play of imagination, the recall of previous incidents is not necessarily animated by a directive power of purpose, imagination ceases to be mere revolving of ideas and reaches out to the Master through inner planes and establishes contact with Him. Such mental contact with the Master is often as fruitful and effective as His physical darshan. The inward repetition of such mental contact is like constructing a channel between Master and the aspirant, who becomes thereby the recipient of the grace, love and light which are constantly flowing from the Master in spite of the apparent distance between them. Thus, the help of the Master goes out not only to those who happen to be in his physical presence but also to others who establish mental contact with Him.

Remember Me in all your activities

You should think of Me in everything you do. Eat, dance, but forget yourself in the action and think of Me instead. The less you think of yourself and the more you think of Baba, the sooner the ego goes and Baba remains. When you – ego – go entirely, I am one with you. So bit by bit, you have to go. Today your nose, tomorrow your ears, then your eyes, your hands, everything.

Think of Me when you eat, sleep, see and hear. Enjoy everything, but think it is all Baba. Baba enjoys it. Baba is eating it. Sleep soundly in Baba, and when you wake up remember it is Baba getting up. Keep this one thought constantly with you. If you do wrong, then think it is Baba doing wrong. If you get a pain, think it is Baba getting a pain. Then it will be all the time Baba.

Remembrance of Baba’s name is sahaj Dnyan

When you remember Me, you are in Sahaj dnyan (God's company or presence). The question is how to remember Me.

The easiest and surest way is to do as I tell you. It will be somewhat of a difficult task at first, as when you start to run you feel it too much (sore muscles); but when you are in training, you feel it "Sahaj" (meaning, naturally). At first, you will have to do it deliberately and then it will become natural.

There are four quarters of the day; there are four divisions in man's physical state: childhood, youth, maturity, old age. There are four quarters that Kabir calls the signposts. The first things in the morning when you get up, before doing anything, think of Baba for one second. Baba is then worn by your soul; early in the morning dresses your soul with Baba. At 12 noon, for one second do the same; do it again about five o'clock; when you retire do it also. I have never asked anyone to do this, not even the mandali. If you do it, I will be always with you, and you will feel My company all the time. Do it for four seconds every day, then you will be in the world, yet Baba will be with you all the time. This is the beginning of Sahaj Dnyan.

How to repeat Baba’s  name 

You must repeat audibly the name of Avatar Meher Baba in form of “BABA” by uttering “BA” with each breath in and again ”BA” with each breath out-without a break throughout the waking state during the day and night.

In late sixties Meher Baba Himself demonstrated silently to one of His lovers how to repeat “BA-BA” as one inhales and exhales. But this has to be done, He specially mentioned, in a very easy and delightful manner. BABA, the unique Divine Name.

Concentrating on Image of the Master makes the prayer easy

While remembering Rama or Krishna or any of other Prophets, you can bring his image before mind’s eye but what about God? Mere remembrance of the name has no meaning. It should be done with one-pointed devotion, with a mental picture before you. If you have His image before you in any form, it becomes easy. How can you concentrate thinking only of God? You must have some suitable image of an Avatar or Sadguru before you. When you pray, have My picture before you.

Proper way to do japa

Day and night you breathe, but do you ever think of it? Even at night when you sleep and when it is not possible to think of it, your breathing goes on for twenty-four hours, continuously and naturally. Do the japa in a similar manner; do it in such a way that it goes on spontaneously all the time – while eating, drinking, sitting, walking, talking – so that in the course of time, it becomes a natural habit.

To form this habit, first you have to repeat the one name of God most dear to you for half an hour daily, increasing the time gradually until the mental repetition becomes a natural habit, and you keep repeating it for twenty-four hours. God has hundreds and thousands of names. Select an easy one and with every inhalation, repeat it. While doing it, no special sitting or standing posture is required.

This habit will make you repeat God’s name always – while eating, working, urinating, defecating and so on. If at all you forget to take His name, take it at once as soon as you remember. Do this, thinking that it is a duty given to you. Don’t worry if you ever forget to take His name. If your thoughts begin to flow into a different channel, stop them and go on repeating His name. When it becomes a firm habit with you, even while thinking other thoughts, the repetition will be uppermost and you will not even be conscious that you are doing it – exactly in the same way in which you are unconscious of your breathing. Do not do it like pranayama, by taking one chosen name when you inhale and the same name when you exhale. Not like that, but do the repetition as I have explained in a natural way. Take any name – mine or any one – but have nothing to do with breathing.

Such a repetition will benefit you greatly, and there is not the least harm. If you go on repeating My name with love, you may possibly become God. Again have nothing to do with pranayama; follow the method I have shown you. It would have been different had you decided yourself how to take God’s name. But now that I have instructed you, you have to act accordingly. I do not say you should take My name. If you want to take the name of Ram, that is all right.

Meher Baba’s name works like mosquito net-an episode

As in other places in India and Pakistan, as well as in Satara, according to His wish, unbroken repetition of Baba's name had been going on from May 1st. It was to be continued by the mandali, turn by turn, until the 31st of July. One day, after Bhau and Kumar had walked with Baba to Grafton from Jal Villa, Bhau sat down in the bungalow to do the japa, since it was past his appointed time. He closed his eyes and began repeating, "Om Parabrahma, Paramatma," but his mind kept wandering. Frustrated, at one point, he thought to himself: "What is the use of this mechanical repetition of God's name?"

Meanwhile, Baba came back to Jal Villa and stood quietly next to Bhau. As his eyes were shut, Bhau did not know Baba was present, but after a while Baba tapped him on the head. Opening his eyes, Bhau was startled to find Baba standing before him. Baba asked, "Where was your mind roaming? God's name should be taken wholeheartedly!"

Bhau replied, "I cannot keep it in check, Baba. When I try to do the japa, it wanders more."

Baba stated, "Such japa is of no use. God does not hear it. But as I ordered you to do it, the responsibility is Mine. And so on hearing it, I have come to remind you to do it sincerely."

Then Baba advised, "Do not worry about the thoughts. The mind is not in your hands. You are repeating God's name because I have instructed you to do so. You are following My instructions. That is what matters."

Baba further stated, "When you are within a mosquito net, the mosquitoes cannot bite you, though they may buzz outside the curtain, and you hear the noise. You are safe from their bite and they cannot harm you. Thoughts are like mosquitoes, and if you fix the curtain of love and My remembrance around your heart, the thoughts cannot do you any harm. So do not worry about thoughts. Just remember Me and love Me. I am here to protect you."

God’s name has power to heal-an episode

Years ago in Iran, Baidul acted as a doctor and used to cure those afflicted by invoking Baba’s name and intervention, and then administering boiled garlic oil. In Satara, he would sit under a tree away from their bungalow; and seventy to eighty persons would come daily for treatment. Baidul would quickly dispense with his patients, giving the same medicine to every person no matter what the ailment was, and would return to Rosewood within half an hour.

Resting near rosewood was a Christian civil surgeon, whose young son was much troubled by a chronic throat ailment. The surgeon had done his utmost to cure his boy, but to no effect. One day, Baidul visited the family, and the doctor’s wife told him about her son’s affliction. Baidul immediately gave his ‘medicine’ of garlic to the boy, and amazingly the boy recovered within few days.

September 5th was Pendu’s Birthday. That evening, the mandali were sitting in Rosewood wondering how to celebrate it. Their food consisted of plain rice and dal in the afternoon, and a vegetable and chapatti in the evening. Since nothing special could be cooked without Baba’s permission, food was not considered. Instead, they decided to enact a humorous play for Pendu.

Unannounced, a servant from the civil surgeon appeared carrying a box full of freshly made sweets. He inquired, “Where is the doctor Saheb?” Nilu and Donkin were pointed out, but the man said, “No, no. the other doctor who visits the civil surgeon,” Since no one knew of Baidul’s secret activity, they did not know whom he meant. At that moment Baidul entered the room, and the man said, “Here is the man. I wanted this doctor. His treatment has proven beneficial to my master’s son. He has sent this for him.”

The quantity of sweet was sufficient for everyone, and Pendu’s birthday was joyously observed. The civil surgeon’s trust in Baidul was so great, that at times, he would take him to his hospital in his car to examine a patient not responding to his own treatment. Soon after this incident, Baba had Baidul stop acting as a doctor. Baidul’s power was not in his medicine, but in his taking Baba’s name whenever he consulted someone who was afflicted.

Even inanimate are affected by recitation of Avatar’s name–an episode with Espandiar Vesali (disciple)

Espandiar Vesali had been a student in the Prem Ashram in Meherabad in 1927-1928. Soon after the school closed, he returned home to Iran and had not seen Baba since 1928. Espandiar longed to have Baba's darshan, but he wrote saying he had no money to travel to India. Through Baidul, Baba wrote back asking how much Espandiar was earning and what was the means of his livelihood. He answered in detail that he had a modest income from a cherry and apple orchard, but that most years the winter frost destroyed the blossoms on the trees. If he had a good crop, he would sell it and should there be any leftover amount from what he needed for his maintenance, he would be able to come to India. Otherwise, he would not be able to see Baba.

Baba instructed Baidul to write back saying that Espandiar should go to the trees in his orchard and speak to them: "It is 35 years since I have seen Meher Baba, and I want to go and visit him. So you, my crop, are not allowed to freeze. I beg of you trees to bear fruit in abundance so that I might be able to go to see my Lord. The frost and winter should not destroy my crop this year." Baba instructed him to walk around the trees and utter these words, and then not to think of anything else and not to worry.

So, Espandiar "spoke" to his trees every morning.

Certain of the fact that he would not lose his crop, Espandiar borrowed money and flew to Bombay. He arrived at Guruprasad on 5 May 1963 and was extremely anxious to meet his Master after more than 30 years of separation, but Baba did not grant him darshan at once. On the contrary, he sent word for him to sit outside and read verses from the Divan-e-Hafiz. Espandiar sat on the verandah reading the book. After about half an hour, Baba called him inside. To see him meet Baba after so many years was a touching scene. Putting his head on Baba's feet, he wept and wept. After a few minutes, Espandiar was lifted up and he embraced Baba.

Espandiar once had an unusual experience at his home in Tehran. One day he heard a knock, he opened the door and found an Imam (a Muslim priest) standing at the door. The Imam related that he had had a dream in which a voice told him that the eagerly awaited Imam Mehdi (Saheb-e-Zaman, the Rasool) is now on earth and he would find him at a certain house in Tehran. In his dream, he was guided to the house which he saw clearly in vivid detail. The next morning, the priest went in search of the house in the city, found it and knocked on the door. As he spoke, tears ran down Espandiar's cheeks, for his house served as the Avatar Meher Baba Center in Tehran, where weekly meetings were held.

Espandiar Vesali came to Guruprasad on 7th May, in a serious tone, Baba informed him, "You cannot stay here longer than today. You must return to Iran."

Vesali replied, "Baba, it has been 35 years since I have seen you. Please give me permission to remain with You for at least 20 days or a month."

Baba replied, "No, I am also with you in Iran. You should go back and work for Baba. Even if you lost your life because of this (borrowing money), don't pay heed to it, and work for Me."

So Espandiar Vesali was driven by Adi to Meherabad, where he met Baidul. He was taken to Meherazad the following day and then left for Bombay. But at the airport he was informed he would have to purchase his ticket with Persian currency, and since he did not have anything other than Indian rupees, he was told it would be best to have his ticket sent from Iran. He returned to Guruprasad. Baba called him and when He heard what happened, stated, "All right, remain here until the answer to your letter arrives."

After a week, Baba instructed Vesali to travel to Bombay and see whether the answer had arrived. The letter had not come, so he returned to Guruprasad.

Baba again allowed him to remain in Poona. After another week, Baba directed him to go to Bombay again, but there was no letter or money and he had to return. In this way, Vesali remained in Poona for 20 days, until finally Baba instructed him to go to Bombay and wait for the reply there. The ticket came and just before leaving, he came back to Guruprasad to bid farewell to Baba.

Later that year, when the orchard crop was harvested, even though surrounding orchards had been severely damaged due to a harsh winter frost, Vesali's trees gave an unprecedented yield — much to the local farmers' amazement.

Calling Baba’s name loudly from the heart can save one from disaster

If you ever come across any such savage animals, or if you find yourselves in a perilous situation, cry out My name loudly. I will then save you. Even if you die, you should know that I have saved you, because My protection is real protection. I always protect My lover.

There is a difference between remembering My name and actually saying it out loud. In the eventuality of your body being overcome with fear in the presence of any wild animal or other creature (such as a snake), at such moments of danger you should loudly cry out My name so loud that the sound of My name falls on the creature's ears which will immediately make it as meek as a lamb!

But before inanimate objects, during any serious mishap or accident – such as a car crash or train wreck – you will be saved by remembering Me with full faith from the bottom of your heart.

To hear My Name is enough. I do the rest. My name will serve as protective net around you.

Assurance from Meher Baba to lovers and spiritual aspirants 

To have the consciousness of remembrance at that time, you should begin by remembering Me from now on! I am taking My own name continuously. Similarly, you, too, should take My name constantly every moment. If you cannot do it while living, at least remember to take it at your dying moment! For you, this is the only remedy to free yourselves from all your bindings.

If you just take My Name at the moment of your dropping your body, you will come to Me. Yes, anyone. It is just not easy to do this. So, do not wait for the last moment. Remember Me constantly and wholeheartedly all the time and you will not fail to remember Me in your last moment and you will surely come to Me.

Mythological story on remembrance of name of God-narrated by Mani (Baba’s sister)

Mani told that to say God's name at the moment of dying is of great spiritual benefit, even if said inadvertently.

She related the little story of an old miser whose son was named Krishna. As the miser lay dying, devils were on one side of his bed, gleefully waiting to drag him down to hell, while angels were on the other side weeping in despair over the fate in store for the poor sinner.

With his very last breath the old miser called out to his son, "Krishna, Krishna!" and died. So now it was the angels' turn to laugh joyfully as they carried him off to heaven, while the devils gnashed their teeth over the miser's lucky break.

Only Master’s name can free you from bondage

You do not know how many children you had during your last birth? You have forgotten how many times you have been born and how many times you had families! You have forgotten all this, but their bindings are still with you, and you are creating more bindings by forming new families. Only My name can free you from all this bondage!

It is mere talk to say that one is born and one is dead. All this is a passing show. It is just like the cinema film. For the time being, whatever is before our eyes, we see; as soon as it is not there, we forget. There is nothing like birth, death, form, father, mother, son, and daughter. But you do not know anything of this story. You are in bondage! Only repetition of My name will suffice to free the whole world from its entanglements!

Sixty years after I drop My body, you will find what wonderful changes take place in the world and how many people will take My name. There will be thousands who will sacrifice their very life in My name! But how fortunate you are that I am in your midst, that you are sitting before Me and I am telling you to take My name when about to pass away! There will be no one to tell them to take My name after sixty years.

When milk is being heated, it overflows the vessel when boiling. But when you begin boiling in My love, you should boil within and not overflow like milk for outward show.

Love is not a thing to be told or expressed to anyone. It is a secret to be kept.

Longing, patience and rocklike faith are required for God –Realization

Before Realization, the veil must be torn away and the mind must die. It is due to this veil that every individual mind functions in the gross and subtle bodies. Removing the veil would separate the gross from the subtle; when that occurs, in the subtle state you would be able to see internal things with as much clarity as you see gross objects. While doing all physical activities such as eating, drinking, sitting and standing – while your body is functioning – there is simultaneous progress into the subtle world. When the gross is separated from the subtle, it is like killing two birds with one stone.

But the veil must be ripped off. Though this veil is thin, at the same time it is very strong. It cannot be slit easily, but it can be rent in an instant by a Perfect Master. If it is torn, the consciousness of the soul at once enters the first plane. When a parrot escapes from its cage, it flies straight into the air without looking back.

But progress comes to a halt at the first plane if the rent in the veil is made through one's own efforts or with the help of a yogi or saint – an imperfect guru. Seekers advance on their own, but it is ultimately useless, as they inevitably become entrapped. If a Perfect Master is there to help, he would not tear the veil unless the aspirant is fully ready; then the Master would take him straight to the goal.

Only a Sadguru can free one from the cage of illusion, but three conditions are required – longing, patience and rock-like faith. Nothing is gained without longing. This is all that is needed, but the aspirant should remain restless. For instance, if a man is stung by a scorpion, he constantly thinks of how to overcome the burning, throbbing pain. He forgets about eating drinking and worldly pursuits. He forgets everything and has only one thought: how to make the pain subside.

In the same way, there should be continual longing to be one with God. There should be no other thought except this: "I must be one with God today – immediately, this moment!" The mind and heart must be devoid of any other thought. Even though many years of suffering may pass, patience should never be forsaken. At first the longing is intense, but gradually it lessens and cools down. This should not be the case; patience must not be lost. It must be persistent. In the beginning there is great enthusiasm and a person is convinced he will soon gain Realization. But with the passing of time, his enthusiasm wanes.

A person may be purposely snared by the Master and then thrown out! I, too, do such things. But a wise man silently puts up with everything that comes from a Master. One who is unwise becomes impatient and starts grumbling. But Masters always coax the aspirant along and gradually give him a push on the path. Masters always behave like this; it is their nature.

Crossing the path is like a pulling-pushing tug of war. But a wise man does not act in this way. A smart bird who is caught in a trap does not flap its wings to free itself. It remains quiet and unflustered, waiting for an opportunity to escape. An inexperienced bird flutters and squirms, becoming flustered and injuring itself more.

Think how patient Hafiz remained to have endured the treatment of His Master for forty years! Your steadfastness and determination should be like the steady flow of castor oil when poured.