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Saint Namdev was a great devotee of Lord Krishna (known as Vithoba in south India). He was born around year 1273 A.D. in Hyderabad state. His father was a tailor named Dhanna Seth. His past five generations were devotees of Lord Vithoba and he was brought up in religious surrounding of his parents doing prayer and puja and he himself was drawn in praise and love for Lord Vithoba.

In his childhood, once his father had to go out for some work, he entrusted Namdev to carry out regular puja and arti of Lord Vithoba (a stone idle of Vithoba) in his house. Innocent and child Namdev having kept his offering of milk in small cup for His Lord Vithoba, sat before the stone idle and meditated, After some time, he opened his eyes and found that  quantity of milk was same as it was before. Namdev as boy thought that there was some fault on his part for which my Lord Vithoba did not accept the milk. Weeping, he beseeched Vithoba to accept milk. But when this did not work, Namdev vowed and said, “If you do not drink milk, I will not take milk ever in my life.” For innocent Namdev the stone idle was not a piece of stone but Lord Vithoba –God personified. Lord Vithoba (Krishna) appeared in person before Namdev and drank milk from his hands. This continued till return of his father who was surprised to know that his son had physical darshan of Lord Vithoba.

Saint Namdev was contemporary to saint Gyaneshwar, who was a Perfect Master. Saint Namdev accompanied Gyaneshwar on pilgrimage of various religious places. There are many miraculous episodes attached to Namdev.

P.N. Ganjoo

There is some similarity of this episode with incident which happed with Sh. P.N. Ganjoo, disciple of Avatar Meher Baba who thought of offering his food in temple in Kashmir. The food disappeared miraculously and was accepted by Lord Meher. First hand version of this episode is elaborated below.

In 1943, Dr. Ram Narian told me that Meher Baba is the Avatar of the Age. Although his words fell on deaf ears, I read through Meher Baba's discourses. I thought Baba was a good writer.

A few days later I went to a shrine located in a remote part of Kashmir, close to the place where Baba had fasted and been in seclusion for about a month. One day during lunch a thought crossed my mind: a holy man could come and share food with me. Then I thought: "Baba, you claim to be omnipresent, you come and share my food!" However, nobody came for the meal of rice and vegetables. I kept the spare food well protected and covered for the evening meal.

After a few hours, I saw that the utensils were empty and the food had disappeared. It was a great surprise to me, the manager of the shrine and others, but nobody could guess what had happened.

Next morning I woke up and started meditating. I felt strangely benumbed; someone told me that Meher Baba had come there and I could meet Him. The man lifted me in the air and carried me through space until I was near Baba.

Baba told me, "I have received your rice." He ate it in my presence — the same rice and vegetables that had disappeared the previous night. The man picked me up again, and in a moment I woke from the reverie to find myself sitting in the same straight posture and at the same place. No police could have helped me against the Divine Thief!

Interpretation- Young children’s heart is pure. Their heart and mind are one. Every word and action comes from their heart. They are not bound by the sanskaras of their actions since they   are caused by sanskaras of their previous incarnations. They bind themselves by their thoughts, words, and actions only after they develop the sense of discrimination of good and bad.  It is therefore, in Hindu custom “Yagyopavit” (Janeu or thread ceremony) is performed almost at the age of seven to mark the sense of responsibility in the children. Baba also said you have to become like child, footless and headless.