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Draupati was wife of five Pandavas in Lord Krishna era. Pandavas and Draupati were exiled to forest by Kauravas on false ground. Having ill thought of Pandavas, Duryodhan the head of Kauravas approached Rishi Durwasha and made him agree to visit Pandavas in forest with his 100 disciples and have food.  He thought that Pandavas will not be able to feed Durwasha and his 100 disciples and would be cursed by Rishi Durwasha in a fit of his anger. Rishi Durwasha along with 100 disciples visited the place of Pandavas in forest and said, “We will have food after we come back having bath in nearby river. Pandavas and Draupati got worried. Draupati had a gifted vessel from which any quantity of food could be taken out provided she had not taken out food for herself. On that day, Draupati had already taken her food from the vessel and any more food could not be taken out. So she remembered Lord Krishna for help by heart.

Lord Krishna appeared on the scene. He asked Draupati to bring the vessel to Him. Lord Krishna found a piece of rice left in vessel, ate it and left. This act of Lord Krishna had miraculous effect on bellies of Rishi Durwasha and his 100 disciples. When they came back to Pandavas, expressed unwillingness to have any food as they found their bellies full with no appetite. Rishi Durwasha blessed Pandavas and left.  (Gist is derived from ‘Kalyan’ Gita Press Gorakhpur)

Following episode may find some semblance with mythological event narrated above.

During Baba's stay at her home, Dina proudly thought to herself: "How well I serve the Master. No one else is able to serve Him as I do. According to His order, whenever Baba needs anything at any time of the day or night, I supply it immediately. Is there anyone else who can do this?"

An incident made Dina keenly aware of the folly of such thoughts: One day, Baba instructed Dina to cook for him as well as for the mandali, and men were to help her. When it was ready, Dina informed Baba and he came to the dining room with everyone who had come for darshan that day. Seeing the numerous guests, Dina was taken aback. She took Baba aside and whispered, "There is not enough food to feed everyone. I didn't realize You wished me to cook for so many persons."

Baba asked, "Why? Did you cook less?"

"I cooked for only You and the mandali as usual. I didn't know about these other fifty people with You."

Baba made no further remark and began serving the food himself. He served large portions to each person as Dina nervously watched. All were served and still there was an abundance left over. Baba called Dina and gestured, "You eat the rest." Dina was shocked when she saw how much food remained. (Lord Meher Volume-IV page 1208)

Interpretation- Meher Baba claimed to be Lord Krishna in His Previous advent. According to Meher Baba, Perfect or Avatar possess Universal body and universal mind. Meher Baba is present at all level consciousness of every soul thereby He is able to help and suffer for everyone. His Suffering is Universal suffering of whole mankind.  A small act of Avatar brings universal transformation on gross plane. Meher Baba played and watched cricket. Now, one can see the effect i.e. popularity of cricket all over the world. Meher Baba miraculously performed similar act at the house of Madhusudan Pund and Subhadra in Pune.