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Gandhari wanted to bless her son, asked Duryodhana to appear before her naked but Duryodhana appeared half naked misled by Lord Krishna. Later he was killed by Bhima with strike on his thigh.

Like-wise Baba asked Pratap Ahir appear naked before Him the reason best known to Baba. The  incident of Duryodhana and Gandhari is similar to Pratap and Meher Baba hence these two incidents are compared not the characters of Duryodhana and Patarp Ahir.


Duryodhana was a major character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata and the eldest of the Kauravas, the hundred sons of blind king Dhritarashtra and queen Gandhari. After death of Jayadratha Dronacharya, Karna, AshwathamaKripacharya, and Krit-Varma in battle, Duryodhana’s hopes got shattered and after making some final desperate efforts, he fled from the battle field.

On the eighteenth day of the war, with his army reduced to himself, Ashwathama, Kripacharya and Krit Verma, Duryodhana goes to meditate in a lake. Pandavas and Krishna eventually find him.

On learning that except for Duryodhana all her sons have been killed, Gandhari was left shocked. Despite knowing her sons evil tendencies, Gandhari out of motherly love decides to bless her son. After years of blindfolding her eyes out of respect for her blind husband, Gandhari- an ardent devotee of God Shiva, decided to remove her blindfold to use the great mystic power of her eyes in order to make every part of Duryodhanas body invincible to all attack. For this purpose, she called upon Duryodhana to her tent and told him to appear before her naked. As Duryodhana was entering the tent stark naked, Krishna who was just leaving her tent criticized Duryodhana who then covered his thigh and groin and appeared before his mother.

When Gandharis eyes fell on Duryodhana body, she was shocked to see his thighs and groin covered. Hence, she could not bless his thighs and groin, which became susceptible to the enemys attack.

Lord Krishna knew that Gandhari had not blessed his thigh and groin, when fight ensued between Duryodhana and Bhima, Krishna, observing the fight, calls out to Bhima and signals him by repeatedly clapping his own thigh with his hand. As intended, Bhima was reminded of an oath he had taken after the game of dice to crush Duryodhanas thighs. Bhima hit Duryodhana on his thigh. The strike was so hard that it landed Duryodhana on the ground and proved fatal for him.

Before dying, Duryodhana argued that the means used by Bhima to kill him was illegal. To this, Krishna said that Duryodhana was not the right person to argue as not once in his lifetime did he follow the rules. After the death of Duryodhana, the Pandavas cremated him.

Pratap Ahir

As instructed, Pratap Ahir came to Mahabaleshwar. Baba was upstairs when he arrived and sent some of his own food for the boy. Pratap ate and was then summoned. Baba had just taken a bath; his hair was untied as he stood on the landing. Pratap recalled: "Baba was standing with his hair flowing to his shoulders, with rays of sunlight falling on his face. Baba watched me as I approached the verandah. He was looking at me with so much compassion, I have never forgotten it. He looked radiant, as if light was coming out of his eyes. I never saw that look again."

Baba beckoned to Pratap, who climbed the stairs, and Baba greeted him with kisses, embraced him, and gestured, "You are very fortunate. I do not meet anyone in this New Life. You have a very old connection with me."

Baba led Pratap to a hall and made the boy sit close to him on a cot. On the alphabet board, very slowly Baba spelled out questions about Pratap's parents, family, and school, commenting that Pratap's family, too, had a close connection with him.

Every few minutes, Baba would kiss Pratap. Sitting next to Baba, the boy carefully watched Baba's fingers move on the alphabet board. It was surprising that he was able to read the board and follow what Baba conveyed.

Suddenly, Baba asked Pratap to get up and stand about ten feet away. Baba gestured for him to remove his clothing. Pratap remembers, "For a fraction of a second, I was a little hesitant because I thought someone else might be looking. Baba reassured me that nobody else could see." Pratap obeyed Baba and removed all his clothes. Baba gestured for him to turn around, and then immediately instructed him to put his clothes back on.

When dressed, Pratap again sat near him. Baba asked him more questions and then spelled, "My nazar is on you. Abstain from smoking, drinking, and illicit sexual relations. Baba would not like it if you indulge in such things. I am telling you this as your elder brother. Will you obey these instructions?"   Pratap promised sincerely."I will,"

After being given some other general orders and being with Baba alone for about two hours, Pratap came out. The servant-companions were gathered outside. Baba held Pratap close and commented, "I am very happy with this boy. I like him very much. He loves me."

Baba joked, "How many years have you all been with me? You are good-for-nothing! So many of you still can't read my board, whereas this boy just came this morning, and he already reads my board!"

At that, Nilu made Baba laugh by remarking to Pratap in Marathi, "Now Baba will prefer you, and you will deprive us of our daily bread!"

Pratap was served a good dinner, but when he saw what the companions were eating, he felt he should be given the same fare. The next day, Baba sent Pratap back to Poona with Padri. Pratap became a staunch lover of Baba. It was actually due to Gadekar's efforts as he had brought Pratap and many other true seekers to the Lord's feet.

Interpretation- Mere presence of a person in vicinity of Avatar or a Master spiritually benefits from the radiating of Halo of Avatar or Master. A glance of Avatar can bring any kind of transformation in one’s life. Here Master means a Master who is God-realised.