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Meher Baba said He was Zoroaster, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Christ and Mohammad. He is the same Kalki Avatar of Hindus, Mattreyi of Buddhists and second coming of Christ which they have been anticipating with long fervour. There are two episodes which establish that Meher Baba is the Kalki Avatar. Anticipated attributes of Kalki Avatar as given in Puranas and short biography of Avatar Meher Baba are elaborated as under:

Kalki Avatar

The name Kalki is a metaphor for eternity or time. Its origins may lie in the Sanskrit word Kalka which means foulness or filth. Hence, the name translates to the "destroyer of foulness", "destroyer of darkness", or "destroyer of ignorance”. Another etymology from Sanskrit is "white horse".

Avatar means "descent" and refers to a descent of the divine into the material realm. The Garuda Purana lists ten avatars, with Kalki being the tenth. The Bhagavata Purana initially lists twenty-two avatars, but mentions an additional three for a total of twenty-five. He is presented as the twenty-second avatar on that list.

In HinduismKalki (destroyer of filth) is the tenth and final incarnation of Vishnu in the current Mahayuga, foretold to appear at the end of Kali Yuga, the current epoch. Popular images depict him riding a white horse with wings, known as 'Devadatta' or God given. In these images, Kalki is brandishing a brilliant sword in his left hand, eradicating the decadence of Kali Yuga. Lord Kalki will remove the darkness of kali Yuga and establish a new Yuga (age) called Satya yuga (Age of Truth) on the earth.

His arrival is stipulated at a time when the earth is engulfed in crisis because of a tyrannical and powerful ruler. Kalki Bhagwan is said to be mounted on a strikingly beautiful white horse, and is most often picturised in the foreground of a dark sky. This symbolizes his coming at a time when darkness (evil) is the order of the day, and he is the saviour to rid the world of its sufferings. This is similar to the Parashuram avatar, where Lord Vishnu killed the atrocious Kshatriya rulers.

The Kalki Avatar is the most eagerly awaited one, more so because it will signify the cleansing of the world from all its sorrows that have been accumulated for many millennia. He is to arrive at the end of Kalyug, the Dark Age, and will mark the beginning of the Sat Yug. According to calculations, there are still many years left for that to happen

It is also said that Kalki avatar will come, when all the three rivers Saraswati, Yamuna and Ganga return to heavens (dried).

The earliest reference to the Kalki Avatar is found in the India's great epic, the Mahabharata. Rishi Markandeya tells Yudhisthir, the senior most Pandava that Kalki will be born to Brahmin parents. He would excel in academics, sports and warfare, and thus become a very intelligent and powerful young man.

Kalki Purana tells that he will stay for some time in Simhala Dwipa (Sri Lanka) and then return to India. Very minute details about his wife and children are mentioned. There are portions which have a literal connotation and there are also portions which have a symbolic connotation. The symbolic method was given by God so that the false ones who claim themselves as God will get caught when they try to fit themselves into his role. This method was reserved for another purpose also. It was done to prevent the Vedas from being destroyed by the atheists. Kalki Puranam also tells about all the deeds that Kalki Maha Avatar will accomplish. They tell us how he will confront 'Kali Purushan' directly and annihilate him. They also tell how he will ascend to heaven after his divine purpose is accomplished.

Meher Baba as Kalki Avatar

Shireen, mother of Meher Baba had a dream before His birth, which indicates the advent of Avatar.  The incident is reproduced as written in Lord Meher page-107 new volume..

In the early morning of Sunday, 25 February 1894, the long-awaited moment arrived. Shireen was lying asleep in bed at the David Sassoon Hospital; Grandmother Golandoon was by her side. The midnight gong sounded twelve times in the distance. Nurses came frequently to look in on her; the expectant mother was relaxed in a deep sleep. Suddenly, Shireen awoke and told her mother that she had had a vivid dream.

"A dream?" Golandoon inquired. "What did you see? Tell me."

Shireen answered: "I saw seated in a chariot a person as glorious as the sun. His cool brilliance pervaded the atmosphere. A few people were pulling his chariot, while thousands of people led him in a procession. Tens of thousands of eyes were gazing at him, enraptured by his divine radiance ... I, too, was in the procession and marveled at the luster of his face. His light fell on the whole procession and people's eyes were fixed on him; they could not look away."

Tears of joy came to Golandoon's eyes, and she said, "Daughter, a very auspicious son will be born to you. His name will be spread all over the world. He will walk among thousands of people one day and be carried in grand processions, as you dreamt. He will be given special reverence and honor." Her mother's interpretation delighted Shireen and she soon fell fast asleep again.

In Another incident, a lady during darshan program saw Maher Baba as Kalki Avatar. This episode also substantiates His coming as Kalki Avatar in modern time. The episode reproduced as written in Lord Meher

A large public darshan was held in the evening at the Jessawala’s' bungalow. Eruch had previously been connected with the Ramakrishna Ashram in Nagpur. The swami of the ashram was Bhaskareshwar Ananda and he attended the darshan. A saintly Hindu named Tukdoji Maharaj also attended. Tukdoji sang heartfelt bhajans before Baba, and was gratified at having his darshan.

Hundreds came for Baba's darshan that evening, among whom was the wife of a prominent judge. Her guru had advised her, "Go to Nagpur for the darshan of the Kalanki Avatar!" (*) When she approached Baba, the woman cried out, "Kalanki Avatar! Kalanki Avatar!" Those who saw her were taken aback, wondering if she was a mastani – female mast. She threw herself at Baba's feet and exclaimed, "The object of my life is fulfilled today! I have had the darshan of the Kalanki Avatar!" The woman went away in tears, but they were tears of joy.

Kalanki, another name for the White Horse Avatar, means the Divine Incarnation belonging to the present Kali Yuga, which is the last of the four yugas or ages, and the longest. Each Yuga comprises millions of years and hundreds of Avataric incarnations.

Interpretation:  None of previous Avatar has predicted His next advent. Lord Krishna did say in Gita that I come again and again, when righteousness burns low but did not predict in what form. Anticipated advent of Kalki may be guess work of saints who wrote Puranas.

Meher Baba did predict many events much in advance which came true. Meher Baba also predicted His Next advent as Japanese Scientist when the science will be at its zenith.