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Meher Baba said He was Rama in ancient times. So the biographies of Lord Rama and Avatar Meher Baba are described as under:

Lord Rama

To the north of the Ganga was the kingdom of Koshala. The river Saryu flowed nearby. Dashrath was the king of Ayodhya.  Dashrath had three wives who gave birth too many heirs. Kaushalya was the mother of Rama, Kaikeyi was the mother of Bharat, and Sumitra was the mother o the twins, Lakshmana and Shatrughan. As four brothers children grew, the King began planning their weddings. A short time letter, his counselors announced the visit of Vishwamitra.

Vishwamitra had once been a king, but became a Perfect Master after passing through extremely demanding austerities. While practising these austerities, Vishwamitra creating new universe, populated with gods to comply his promise to king Trishanku. The devas implored Vishwamitra to abandon his endeavour. But he refused and consumed the merit of his austerities by using his powers. He then resumed his austerities with more vigor and his merits and powers became even greater. Seeing this, Indra sent a celestial apsara, Menka, to temp Vishwamitra.

He succumbed to the charm of Menka when he saw her bathing naked in the river. Vishwamitra left his meditation and austerities and together the two lived for many years. Form his union Shakuntala was born. Later Vishwamitra realised that he had been cheated by Indra’s cunningness and once more resumed his meditation and austerities until becoming a Perfect Master.

Vishwamitra went to Ayodhya and invited Rama and Lakshmana to accompany him on a journey that would rid the forest of the monstrous creatures that threatened the ascetics. After overcoming the monsters, they encountered a group of rishis who were on a journey to the kingdom of Videha, ruled by the emperor Janaka. Rama and Lakshmana and Vishwamitra joined the group of rishis and travelled to Mithila, the capital city of Videha.

When they arrived, they were received by emperor Janaka. The emperor asked Vishwamitra about the young men accompanying him. Vishwamitra informed Janaka that they were the children of King Dashrath and had come to see the great vow of Rudra. The bow was so big that no human could draw it.  This bow was once moved from it’s by Sita for cleaning the place where it was kept. When Janak came to know of exceptional power of her daughter Sita, he decided to select a warrior as husband for Sita who could break it. King Janak announced a Swayambar for Sita to select her husband who could broke the bow. All prospective kingly warriors even failed to lift it. King Janak was disappointed and lamed the fate of Sita.  Lakshamana voiced his ability to break it. Later Lord Rama came forward with the permission of Guru, broke the bow. Messages were sent to Ayodhya and invite him to the city for wedding of his son. The king Dashrath and his delegation arrived in Mithila and the marriage took place. Janaka was standing beside her daughter Sita, looking at Rama and said, “Here is my daughter who will always travel the path of Dharma with you. Take her hand in yours. With your honour and devotion she will walk with you always as if she was your own shadow.”

Rama and Sita lived for two years in Ayodhya. King Dashrath ordered that preparations begin for crowning of Rama, his eldest son and future king. However, this did not occur as the Kaikeyi, requesting two boons, insisted that her son, Bharat become king.

In earlier times when King Dashrath was young, he went to battle and Kaikeyi accompanied him. During the battle, Dashrath was badly wounded .Kaikeyi assisted Dashrath and drove him away from the battle in his horse and cart. She removed the arrows from his body and healed his wounds. With time, king recovered completely. Second time, in battle field the axle of Dashrath’s chariot broke down. Kaikeyi put her hand as axle and Dashrath continued his battle till end. Later Dashrath came to know of it. Dashrath thanked Kaikeyi and urged her to ask for boons on both occasions but Kaikeyi responded she needs nothing now but in future she might ask.

It was before the crowning of Rama that Kaikeyi told Dashrath to fulfil his two promises. She asked that instead of Rama, her son Bharat would be crowned as king. And the second boon was that Rama be sent to forest for 14 tears. The king Dashrath was devastated but he had to keep his word. And so, Rama left Ayodhya dressed as an ascetic, accompanied by Sita and his brother Lakshmana. The three roamed the jungle and forest of India for fourteen years.

It was during this time of their wandering in the forest, the Ravana abducted Sita while Rama and Lakshmana were absent. They began to search for Sita, travelling south and wandering back and forth trying to find her.

Sugriva used to be king of the tribes of the south having been displaced by his brother, now lived in the jungle. Seeing Rama and Lakshmana wandering in forest, decided to send Hanuman to find out who they were. Hanuman approached the two brothers, taking the form of Brahmin, and asked them why they were in this part of the forest. Rama told Hanuman his story, and recognizing Rama as Avatar, Hanuman took him to see the king Sugriva.

When Sugriva heard the Rama’s story, he promised to help him find Sita. Sugriva sent his best warriors in all four directions to find where Sita was being kept. They arrived at the southern most part of India and still had not heard of Sita’s whereabouts. They did not want to return without accomplishing their mission so instead they sat on beach, awaiting their end.

High above a hawk lived Sampati, the younger brother of Jatau. Seeing the warriors laying on the beach, he curiously approached. They told him of their failed search for Sita and how they had decided to await their deaths on that beach, as they had not fulfilled their mission. Sampati told then that he had seen Ravana flying in his chariot with Sita, taking her to Sri Lanka. He urged them to go to the Island.

The warriors decided between themselves the best way to cross the narrow sea passage to Lanka. Hanuman flew to cross the sea but was obstructed by Surasa (Rakashi) in the sea. Hanuman began to increase body so the Surasa her mouth to grasp him. Last Hanuman made himself too small like fly and entered her mouth and came out from her ear.

In the city, he searched for Sita in Ravana’s palace. During the night, he entered chambers of Rakshasa, where many women were sleeping, but Sita was not among them. He kept searching and under a tree in a garden outside the palace, he saw Sita. Hanuman made him very small so as not to scare Sita, and described her pain of Rama wandering through forest searching for her. Afterward Hanuman leapt back to the beach, where warriors were waiting and together they went back to see king Sugriva.

Rama and Lakshmana and Sugriva heard Hanuman’s story and immediately made plans to rescue Sita. A great army marched towards the south and decided to build a causeway to Lanka. Nal and Neel had a boon and helped by touching rocks which floated on water. A sound bridge was made by monkey warriors and they crossed to Sri Lanka and surrounded the city. Ravana sent his armies, led by his best commanders. Ferocious battle took place but all Ravana’s armies were defeated.

Ravana’s son Indrajit, through yogic practice acquired most powerful weapon, the Brahmastra. With it, Indrajit maimed and killed many warrior. Lakshmana struck by Brahmastra of Indrajit fell unconscious. Hanuman brought Sanjeevani from Lanka and his life could be saved. Lakshmana uttered Indra-hasta and with the name fell Rama on his lips, he sent an arrow, which killed Indrajit.

Ravana lost all of his generals, brothers, sons and armies. And in the last attempt, he prepared to enter battle himself. He fought with great bravery. With his each drop of his blood falling on ground raised same number of Ravana’s to fight against. Ravana had Nectar (Amrit) below his chest, which was revealed to Rama by Vibhishana, brother of Ravana. And fury of Rama aimed at chest of Ravana killed him. Vibhishana was devotee of Lord Rama had surrendered to Lord Rama after he was insulted and kicked by Ravana on suggestion to return Sita to Ram gracefully.

It is said that Ravana was a pilgrim of fourth plane. Knowing he had to reincarnate four more times to get realised, Ravana was determined to reincarnate only once more, and he played a main role in Rama’s advent. When he was killed by Avatar, he was liberated from wheels of birth and death.

After Ravana’s death, battle came to an end. Sita was dressed in fine clothes and was taken on a palanquin to Rama. From the island they flew in Pushpaka, the magic chariot of Ravana and arrived in Ayodhya.

Fourteen years had passed since their exile. His brother received Rama with great honors. Even though Bharat was made King, he never sat on the throne. Instead, he placed Rama’s sandals on the seat and once Rama returned, Bharat renounced the throne and Rama was made king.

Avatar Meher Baba

Biography of Meher Baba is written in episode no 27.