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Hanuman was born to father Keshari & mother Anjana. In form of Hanuman, Lord Shankar manifested to serve Lord Vishnu in His Rama avatar. As child, Hanuman thought of sun a red colour fruit ran into sky to eat it. It was a day of solar eclipse, Rahu unknowingly tried to stop Hanuman. Facing hanuman he fled and called Indra for help, Indra came riding on his white elephant and Hanuman took His white horse as fruit of white colour and hanuman tried to catch it. Indra in His defence stroked Hanuman with “Vajra” (sword) which disfigured chin (Thori-in Hindi and Hanu in Sanskrit) of Hanuman. ESince then He was named as Hanuman.

Hanuman had come to know about advent of Ram. He met Ram on hills of Kishkindha. He served Ram in finding whereabouts of Sita in Lanka; brought remedial plant for Laxman when attacked by Meghad and assisted Ram in winning the battle of Lanka and killing of Ravana.

After trio, Ram Sita and Laxman came back to Ayodhya, Sita (Janki) taking out her priceless necklace put in neck of Hanuman as reward. Hanuman looking at necklace started breaking it beads with his mouth. Seeing this, someone tried to stop Hanuman. Hanuman said that I am trying to find if the name of my Lord Ram His idle is present therein. Anything which does not have name and idle of Ram and Sita it is of no use for me. Questioner asked if the name and idle of Ram & Sita is present in His (Hanuman’s) body. Immediately, Hanuman ripped open his breast by his nails and Ram and Sita with crown sitting on a throne were seen. (Gist is derived from “Kalyan” printed by Gita press Gorakhpur)

Baba lovers may find some semblance with mythological episode of Hanuman narrated above