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Radha was true lover of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna also loved her dearly. Following episode reveals her great love for Krishna.

Krishna, while living in Dwarka with His favourite wife Rukmini, would often softly utter to Himself “O Radha... O Radha.” Rukmini felt jealous and asked Him why He kept remembering Radha so often when she loved Him so much and would do anything for Him.

Krishna did not say anything, He just smiled. A few days later Krishna complained of stomach-ache. Rukmini gave Him medicines, but the pain did not go away. He kept moaning in pain. Krishna told her that only the charnamrita (blessed water) of a person, who truly loved Him, would put an end to His agony. He then begged Rukmini to give Him some. A shocked Rukmini refused: “How can I commit such a sin? You are Lord of all, and if I gave You my charnamrita I would be surely go to hell.” Krishna then asked Rukmini to send an attendant to Vrindavan and try to procure some charnamrita from someone there. Soon the attendant returned with a cupful of charnamrita and Krishna sipped it, all the pain disappeared. He then asked the attendant. “Who gave you this charnamrita?’ The attendant replied, “No one in Vrindavan was ready to give it on learning it was for Lord Krishna. Then one young woman (Radha) came running up to me and gave me this cup. Her companions cautioned her, “You fool Radha; you are committing the greatest sin and will rot in hell.” But she did not care. “She said, “I don’t care about what it happens to me but I cannot bear to see My Beloved Krishna in pain.” She begged me to rush back to Dwarka and give this to You.

Krishna turned toward to Rukmini standing by His side and said,” See Rukmini, Radha is not afraid of going to hell for Me. She only thinks about Me. So if Radha loves Me so much, should I also not long for her?” (Source- a leading News paper)

Meher Baba Himself compared Mehera as His Radha. Brief introduction of Mehera and her conversation with Baba is given below as narrated by Bhau Kalchuri in Lord Meher.

Mehera Jehangir Irani

Mehera Jehangir Irani (January 7, 1907 - May 20, 1989) was Meher Baba's closest mandali (disciple). Meher Baba said, “She was the purest soul in the universe and that she loved Him as He ought to be loved. He called her His "Radha" and also said, "She is My very breath without which I cannot live."

Mehera met Meher Baba for the first time on October 15, 1922 at the age of 15 in the ashram of Upasni Maharaj during a visit with her mother, but did not come to stay with Baba permanently at Meherabad until 1924. Unique among Meher Baba's women mandali, Mehera was prevented by Baba from contact with men. It was not until the late 1960 that Mehera was permitted by Meher Baba to come out of her seclusion and meet some of the men mandali from a distance. On the porch at Meherazad, she simply folded her hands to them out of respect to their love for Baba and saluted them with "Jai Baba!"

Mehera was one of four women who accompanied Baba in his New Life period from 1949-1951. In 1952 Mehera suffered a severe head injury in an automobile accident while traveling across the United States with Meher Baba near Prague, Oklahoma (USA).

Mehera Baba continued, "There are many lovers in the world but none like Mehera. Her love is special. She is My Radha. Her love is incomparable and I bow to it." Baba bowed His head to her and Mehera embraced Him

Mehera stayed in Sakori with Upasni Maharaj. Under His guidance and along with other devotees. She was engaged in the labor work of carrying stones, earth and other building material on her head in a ghamela when construction work was in progress in building at Sakori ashram and all of Maharaj's kanyas were helping in the work. Although Mehera came from a wealthy family and had never done such lowly tasks in her life, she did not hesitate to share in such labor under the spiritual direction of Maharaj.

Daulatmai went again to Sakori, Maharaj permitted Mehera to leave. While Mehera was in Ahmednagar, she and her mother were called to Meherabad to meet Baba and discuss Mehera's marriage proposal. Baba asked Mehera if she wanted to marry, and Mehera replied demurely that she did not, and Baba was pleased.

In 1924, once Baba called Mehera and told her, "From today you are My orderly." Mehera was told to prepare and send Baba's tea, wash His clothes and clean His plate and glass daily.

In 1925, Upasni gave the ring to Mehera, telling her, "Wear this ring and be careful not to lose it." She wore it from that day on for the rest of her life

Soon after, Baba presented Mehera another heart-shaped gold ring, on which was engraved one word: MEHER. Baba put both rings around one of the fingers of her left hand and told her never to take them off. "The Pure One's fate was sealed!"

Mehera was destined to become the Master's chief woman disciple. One day Baba told her the story of Radha and Krishna and said, "As Krishna's love was for Radha, so is My love for you.  You love Me as Radha loved Krishna." A few days later, Baba declared before all the women mandali, "Mehera is My Radha. Her love is unique. She is most special to Me."

Over the years, many times Baba referred to Mehera as "The purest soul in the universe" and the one who loved Him most. As Baba said, Mehera's unique position in His circle, is the same as Sita's was to Lord Ram, as Radha's was to Krishna, or as Mary Magdalene's was to Jesus.

Daulatmai and Mehera donated their property to Meher Baba through legal document.

In 1935, Baba sent for Mehera and Khorshed. He asked Mehera, "Would you obey Me and wholeheartedly do what I say?" "Of course, Baba," she said. "I will do so with all my heart, as I have been doing up till now and will forever."

Baba instructed Khorshed to bring a needle. Taking the needle in His hand, He indicated to Mehera, "Promise Me by signing your name in blood on My arm." After Baba pierced Mehera's right middle finger, she wrote her signature with her blood on His left forearm. Baba ordered her thereafter not to sign her name, as if to seal the agreement. Mehera's complete willingness to obey made Baba very happy.

In accordance with Meher Baba's directive, Mehera's final resting place is by His side, adjacent to His Samadhi.

Interpretation: Baba said, “Mehera is My Radha. Mehera’s love for Baba was pure and Baba’s love for Mehera divine. True love is unconditional. True love gives without taking and takes without giving. There are no expectations from the giver and receiver. True love feels and yield space for other.

Baba defined "Love means a life of giving without expectation of receiving any reward."

Human love is for many in the One. Divine Love is for the One in the many. – Meher Baba