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One cannot get rid of desires.  Even when one says he does not want anything, it is also a desire. It is impossible to be without desire or want. Then the only solution is the help of a Perfect Master of Avatar. Only grace of a Perfect Master can make one free from all wants.

One has undergone through many incarnations. One desire is fulfilled more desires spring up. In each life one’s desires remains unfulfilled. Sanskaras of the past is spent and new sanskaras are gained in process. Balancing of good and bad sanskaras is never achieved in life time and one leaves his body carrying  enormous load of sanskaras life after life. In case we are not living a sincere life of a man; aspire for God realisation, and live a life of love for God, our life is no better than life of animal.

Sooner or later, one has to approach Perfect Master, who can only grace the God- realisation; one must remain attached with the Perfect Master. This can be said being footless to get stuck to one Master and not to move to any other. One must keep his Master above all other Masters known to him.

Becoming headless means no application of mind in following Master. One should implicitly obey his Master without any question of why and what like Kalyan, disciple of Swami Ramdas (Perfect Master). Baba quoted Hafiz (Perfect Master) saying that Master is never at fault; it one’s fault having no capacity to understand the cause behind it.

Baba explained being footless and headless 

There are two kinds of experience: real and imitation. Just as it is difficult to distinguish an imitation from a real pearl, so it is difficult to distinguish between an imitation and a real spiritual experience.

When finally the Real Experience is gained, worldly things and circumstances cannot affect you. Once gained, the Real Experience is never lost; it is permanent. To get this Experience Hafiz has said, Become footless and headless.

What is meant by becoming footless and headless? It means implicitly obeying the Perfect Master: following His orders literally and not using your head to analyze their significance; doing only what He wants you to do—your feet moving at His command and your life being lived in the way of His love.

How to become footless and headless

Baba’s words.

Do whatever I tell you. Do not use your mind. When the Will of the Beloved becomes your will, then you are footless and headless. Yet all this is impossible - even the very desire for union with Beloved God is madness. So there remains only one solution, and that is to become the very dust at the feet of the Perfect Master.

Implicit obedience to the Perfect Master is the only answer. Where his orders are concerned, follow them literally. Do not use your head to analyze their significance. Do what the Perfect Master wants you to do. Let your feet move at his command. Let your life be lived in accordance with his behest. This is becoming footless and headless.

One may be an intellectual genius, but unless he realizes the Truth, his so-called knowledge is a play of words in ignorance. His interpretations of life and the commentaries on Truth can lead one only as far and as much as one blind man leading another.

In the couplets, Hafiz gives an indication of Life Perennial. This is the life one should aim at. It is for this life that you have a human form. And unless you decide to live Life Perennial now and make sincere efforts to do so, all previous human forms, so to speak, are likened to those of animals. So only the life of love (for God) leading to Life Perennial is worth living. One who loves God has only one longing, one worry, and that is, to become One with God. This is the Real Life which leads the lover to the Everlasting Life. (Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 17, pp. 5761 – 5763.)