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Cleanliness is necessary from health point of view. It also affects our mental state. Baba was very health conscious for self but more for His school boys, mandali and Baba lovers. Often He often took soda water instead of plane. Even His water glass has to be kept covered by mandali engaged in His service.

Relevant episode

One day, the tea kettle was found to be unwashed and Baba was furious about it. He reprimanded the mandali at length:

It would be better for you people about cleanliness as far as My food and drink are concerned. For Me, cleanliness and uncleanliness are the same, but one or the other should be observed perfectly. If you want Me to remain clean, then you should pay the greatest possible attention in keeping My clothes, food and water thoroughly clean. Otherwise, if I start appreciating dirty, I will be so dirty that people would think twice before approaching Me. I can live in a filthiest way, in totally unhygienic surroundings, which you people would never be to do so. So remember this.

Another episode

Once He found water pitcher in school at Meherabad uncovered, Baba started beating all teachers by stick. On the other side He was not conscious of this aspect while accepting anything from God intoxicated masts who offered anything to Him out of their love for Baba. In one incident Baba ate rotten rice offered by mast out of His love like Lord Ram ate tested ber (a kind of fruit found in Jungle) of Shabri.


Meher Baba revealed that worldly surrounding worst to worst cannot affect a mast on subtle or mantel plane since subtle plane superimposes over gross plane and mental plane over gross and subtle both.  So, what to say about Meher Baba who is present on every plane of consciousness?).