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Miracle on gross lane is an illusion within illusion and misleading for anyone or even for spiritual aspirant. One should not give any importance to it. It is no sign of spiritual progress. It can be performed by a yogi, tantrik or spiritual aspirant, Yogi and Trantric have not spiritual status compared to spiritual seeker. Miracle if performed by a seeker is a distraction of seeker from the spiritual path by not able to resist the temptation of power gained at lower plane if he not under the guidance of a Master or Avatar.

Sometime one himself performs miracle unconsciously. For example: one is not prepared for an examination but he appears in examination unwillingly himself or on persuasion of someone and passes out with good grade unexpectedly. This can be attributed as miracle by himself. Any feat or act which one is not confident to perform but he takes chance and unexpectedly performs well, it can also be considered as miracle on his part.  In these two situations one cannot say Himself that one has the power to perform miracle. Miracles can be said to any act performed by one which cannot be explained by normal and scientific reasoning.

To perform miracles or display of occult owner is no sign of spiritual advancement. Some Normal man may be misguided by miracles performed by yogic or tantrik on gross on plane but such performers have no spiritual status. Display of the spiritual power by spiritual seeker of even first plane is not desirable and if such soul under temptation performs miracle he meets his spiritual disaster and get stuck up in path for indefinite period.  Spiritual power exhibited before other is not good. One should not be mislead by performance of miracles and accept the performer as real saint of spiritual healer.

Any spiritual aspirants, when enters on the path of first plane (Subtle). He himself becomes oblivions of the world (gross plane) and gets supernatural powers (occult power) which superimposes on gross plane and can perform miracles of different kind on gross plane.  The surroundings of Gross plane do not affect him but he can affect many things on gross plane. Progressing on subtle planes 1st to 4th plane he gets tremendous power of gross plane and can create a new universe like Perfect Master Vishwamitra did. But he was stopped by Lord Indra in trap by sending Apsara Menka to Him; Vishwamitra was distracted, married Menka gave birth to daughter Shakuntala, lost all his powers. Later Vishwamitra realised his mistake of to perform his act of creating new universe under irresistible temptation on his part. Later Vishwamitra did severe austerities and regained the status of Perfect Master. The powers on gross plane gained by Spritual aspirant is meant to concentrate on God without getting affected by adversities of gross plane or surrounding but the temptation to show off his achievement or power to perform miracle is so great that he is likely to fall pray to it unless he is guided or protected by a Avatar or Sadguru,

Meher Baba explained

The ability to perform miracles does not necessarily imply high spirituality. Anyone who has attained perfection and enjoys “Christ consciousness” can perform miracles. Healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, and even raising the dead are quite simple for a Perfect Master. Even those who has not become One with the Infinite, but who are only traversing the planes, can perform miracles and are able to make and unmake the things.  

Spiritual Masters do not perform miracles in order to just satisfy idle curiosity. Miracles were performed and will be performed, according to existing circumstances. Masters have sometimes performed miracles when they intended to give a universal spiritual push.

All miracles are child's play, whereas spirituality is far above them. Miracles in themselves have no spiritual value or significance. But they are necessary, and at times are performed by the Master as a means to convince people of Truth and spirituality. Jesus performed miracles, not for his own gain, but to make people recognize the Truth and to create faith in them. Yet when he was crucified, he who could raise the dead did not stop it. (13th March 1937, Nasik, interview with a Catholic priest.)

Baba’s quotes and explanation on other aspects of miracles

Miracles are small illusions in the great illusion called the world.

Miracles are justified only when they are performed for the purpose of drawing humanity at large toward the final goal of realising God otherwise they are definitely an interference with the natural evolutionary process.

Miracles do not consist of bringing dead to life, but in the living dead to the ego.

Advanced souls of lower planes of spirituality can perform big miracles but they do not do it. These occult powers gained in the traversing the spiritual path by soul of lower plane is to sustain himself unaffected in the gross world and concentrate more toward his goal without being distracted by temptation to perform miracles. Once compelled by temptation of performing miracles, if an aspirant or soul falls prey to it and performs miracles, his further spiritual advancement gets held up.

It should be clearly understood that attachment to miracles is only a continuation of the habit of playing with illusion. It is not miracles, but inner illumination which will one day bring true freedom.

Performing miracles to attract others for own following is a proof of one’s distraction from the spiritual path. Meher Baba said “Biggest miracle I have ever done is to have created this universe.”

No miracle is an exception of the existing law of universe. We call it a miracle because it cannot be explained by known laws of the gross world. Miracle means known laws are superimposed by unknown laws. The yogi who is not even spiritually advanced can keep his physical body for hundreds of years by using supernatural powers.


According to Meher Baba:

“The scope of miracles is very wide. Even the animal world is not exempt from the possibility of miracles. Though mammals such as porpoises and other animals do not have fully developed subtle body, there is in subtle world an equivalent and counterpart of their gross forms. The rudimentary subtle matrix, which has yet to develop into a definite and functionally self-sufficient subtle form, can still serve some purposes and become a medium for performance of miracles. Stories of sorcerers who caused schools of porpoises to come from the open sea to the shore for a native feast are within the bound of probability. But all this realm of supernatural, occult, miraculous and magic (black and white) must be regarded as having no spiritual value itself.

Divine miracles are generally attributed to Avatars, Sadgurus, or Realized human beings, while occult powers belong to yogis. The former is the outcome of extremely high and unselfish motives, while for the latter the mainspring is invariably the worst kind of selfishness. An Avatar or Sadguru performs miracles when He intends to give a general push to the world toward spirituality, but a yogi generally enacts his supernatural powers to serve his own ends.

For example, a child is tightly holding a parrot by the neck to the point of strangling it. Now in order to save the bird’s life it will not be advisable to try to snatch it from the hands of its young captor because there is the chance of his tightening his grasp. The child must therefore be offered a coin, which will make him let go of his hold on the parrot. In this instance, the offering of the coin means performing a miracle, and saving the parrot from the child’s grip means saving the mind from ignorance and Maya’s grip. Such is the way of Avatars and Sadgurus. However, if a yogi sees a very beautiful woman and desires her, he will materialize gold jewellery in order to attract her. It is evident that there is a world of difference between the motives involved in both these actions.

“Another example, a man has put on spectacle of white glass which makes him see everything white; through in reality all things are colorless. A yogi’s power consists of putting the red or green spectacles before the man’s eyes, and to take the man’s amazement everything appears red or green. A Sadguru, knowing that everything has no colour , not even white, and that everything is nothing, does not believe in wasting time over the changing the colour of the glasses. He works toward removing a man’s spectacles that he is wearing, thereby enabling a person to see the things as they are; however, the yogi only adds to the illusion which a person sees by putting  yet another pair of glasses before his eyes.