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It was clear order from Baba not to waste food which is in line with following episode.

Even through fasting, Baba would often serve meals to the mandali and boys, and was careful to see that no food was wasted. In year 1928, some of the mandali discarded a portion of their lunch. When Baba found out, He asked with obvious displeasure, “Why did you throw away some food?” They replied that he had served them more than they could eat. “I will serve as much as I like,” scolded Baba, “But you should never waste food. You should have eaten it even if your stomachs had burst. You know it is My standing order not to waste food. Why did you break that order? Am I so mad as to give you more than you could eat? Haven’t you at least that much understanding after so many years? This path is not as easy as swallowing sweet laddoos all day long. You have no idea what I am giving you through this food.”

Another relevant episode

Katie would cook in the other bungalow and send the food to Baba's bungalow. One day, with Baba's permission, bhajiyas were ordered from outside. After eating them, no one had any appetite left. The food as usual came from the other bungalow, but none touched it. Kitty was managing the kitchen and, according to Baba's order, would not waste anything. So she sat down in the kitchen, and once again started consuming the food all by herself.

Mehera observed her and asked, "For heaven's sake Kitty, what are you doing? You will die."

Kitty replied, "I will die, but die obeying!" When Mehera told Baba about it, he had a good laugh. Baba then forbade Kitty from eating any more. Otherwise, given her nature, she would have kept on eating the whole night.

In second episode

Kitty Davy was supervising the kitchen and had Baba’s order not to let any food go to waste. She was daily ordering fresh bread from the market, but each day some would be left over. One day, Kitty collected the stale bread and made bread pudding. No one liked the dish, so there was a lot left over. Now what should she do with it she wondered. Baba’s order was not to waste anything, so she could not throw it away. Failing to find a solution, Kitty sat down and consumed the dish herself in four hours, thus carrying out Baba’s wish.

In third episode

Since Naja was not well in Panchgani, Kitty was doing the cooking. She had Baba's strict instructions to see that no food was left over or wasted. But at times, something did remain, as she was not used to cooking for so many. When there was leftover dal, Kitty would drink it down, and if there happened to be too much vegetable that day, this too she would consume. Age was amazed that a well-off British woman was disposing of food in this manner. It was a testament to her intense desire to fulfill her Master's order.

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Do not try with your limited mind to understand the significance of My actions, nor try to imitate them. You must not do what I do, but do what I tell you to do. To try to bring My every action within the orbit of your understanding is but to understand the limitations of your own understanding. The utter simplicity of My Divine Game appears to be highly intricate as soon as you try to understand it through your intellect

Relevant story narrated by Baba  

For relaxation Baba would go to Munshi Rahim’s house at Charni Road to play cards. In August 1922, once while Baba and the mandali were playing cards, Ghani stole a card just the way Baba would pilfer. Baba stopped the game and told the men a true storey about the Perfect Master.

One day, a Sadguru with some of His disciples to a city where He was known. He approached a candy shop and entering, put some sweets in His mouth. His disciples, too, mimicked Him in this respect. He then visited a bakery and there the same thing happened. He picked up some cookies and put them into His mouth, and the disciples did the same.

Then He went to a blacksmith’s shop where there were red-hot pieces of iron in the furnace. The Master picked up one and ate it. Disciples stared at Him. The Sadguru then said, “Now eat it too.”

Not one dared move and Master admonished, “Why did you do as I did? Are you parrots? Never do as I do, but do as I say.”

Relevant episode when Baba said Want what I want you to want.  

Deshmukh broached the subject of a certain young man he had chosen as a husband for his daughter, Sanjeevani. Baba replied, "I don't like it; he is not suitable."

Earnestly, Deshmukh rejoined, "Baba, the fellow is very good. He is educated and comes from a good family."

Seeing that Deshmukh had already settled things, Baba relented, "If that is the case, proceed with the matter and let the match be made."

Coming out of the hall, Deshmukh told others that Baba had given His approval and wished that his daughter marry the fellow. Overhearing this, Baba called him back and corrected him: "Is it I or you who wishes that Sanjeevani wed this fellow? Don't talk like that!

"Want what I want! Instead of wanting what I want, you want Me to want what you want. And when you succeed in getting Me to agree to what you want, you even tell others that it is what I want. You have not only made Me agree to what you have already made up your mind about, but you go and tell others, “Baba wants so-and-so and my daughter to marry. What nonsense!”

"It is impossible for you to want what I want as it is impossible for you to love Me as I ought to be loved. But at least do not always want to make Me want what you want. Hold on to Me and try to obey Me implicitly and fully in all I ask."