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Baba said

The only thing that God does not forgive is posing, a show of what you are not inwardly. Least hypocrisy is the wave that washes one off the Path. On the spiritual Path, hypocrisy is the only sin. Be honest. If the least hypocrisy creeps into your thoughts, words and deeds, God, who is the innermost self in us all, keeps Himself hidden. It is better to deny God than to defy God. What I mean by this is that the one who does not believe in God and performs his duty honestly is far better than those hypocrite saints who pose as teachers, who profess outside what they are not within a danger to people. They are devils in the guise of saints.



Imagination of a self deluded man is so strong that he does not doubt he is what he thinks himself to be!  He feels he really is this or that person. This delusion is very positive but it is, after all, delusion. And although these men are not hypocritical, they are dangerous, but not so seriously.

Self delusion is unfortunate but hypocrisy is inexcusable. The self-deluded do not know but thinks that he knows. The hypocrite knows that he does not know but pretends that he does.


A hypocrite knowingly pretends to be what he is not. Hypocrisy is a million-headed cobra.  Hypocrisy is the worst thing — in every walk of life it consciously or unconsciously persists. It is no sin if one does not believe in God, but to be a hypocrite is a sin! If you have no faith, it does not matter.

Today there are so-called saints in the world who tell people to be honest and not hypocritical, yet they themselves are deeply involved in dishonesty. If you cannot love God and cannot lead saintly lives, then at least do not make pretence of it. The worst scoundrel is better than a hypocritical saint.

There are seven such hypocrites in the world, three or four of whom the mandali know. They said that Baba had blessed them and they were My successors. Each of them had a large following. They are now no longer posing. Rich, influential people used to go to them to pay their respects. They garlanded them, took them for rides in their car and generally revered them. I put a stop to it and forgave them. Now they no longer pretend. 

There should not be even a trace of hypocrisy. Posing is the only sin that God can never forgive. However vile or low a scoundrel may be, if he mixes with others as a scoundrel and admits it openly, he can be forgiven. If he acts and behaves as he really is, there is no posing.

The purpose in My telling you this is that if you love Me there is no reason why you should hide your love from others. But if you do not love Me, then do not pretend and say to others that you love Me. If you feel I am the Avatar, say so to others boldly, but if you do not then don't pose.


Hypocrisy is inexcusable.

God is infinite Honesty and compassion and as God, I forgive everything except hypocrisy. So, never pretend to what you are not.

Let us put an end to all hypocrisy. Let the hypocrisy be completely wiped out from your hearts. You should all have one heart, a clean heart. We are one finally. I would love to see it.