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Baba said:

Words that proceed from the Source of Truth have real meaning. But when men speak these words as their own, the words become meaningless.”

Meher Baba is the Source of Truth. Meher Baba brought forth His sayings in very simple words as “I have come not to teach but to awaken”, “Real happiness lies making others happy”, “I belong to no religion, all religions belong to Me”, “You and I are not we but one”, “In order to love God love Me as I am God personified” “Try to remember Me constantly and whole-heartedly” and “I will take you to the final destination of God blind folded without risk dangers and pitfall of the path”

These words are simple but most difficult to grasp. General tendency is to doubt or undermine the things which are easy, cheap or priceless. So is the general approach of intellectuals about Meher Baba.

But when it comes to speaking or writing Baba’s philosophy; one need to be very conscious in reproducing Baba’s words. It should be said or written exactly in a manner as written in Baba’s discourses or messages. Better, if one is not confident of exact reproduction of Baba words, one should clearly say that he is trying to convey Baba’s message in his own words. It is utmost important to preserve Baba’s words and maintain its originality without any distortion otherwise its seriousness will be lost. At times, it may be misinterpreted and misleading for others and the responsibility will fall on Baba lovers. There no one now to check and correct anyone; like Meher Baba did correct Eruch, His mandali and others for any incorrect interpretation.

There is a guess for reason behind it which may be found logical. Almost all other sects and religious leaders impose some kind of physical or mental training in one or any other type of meditation which brings some kind of relief at physical or mental level; common man gets attracted easily who are always in search of material benefit which may come from any source. Even many get addicted in process of meditation or yoga in delusion of progressing on spiritual path or to have attained some status to train even others. Baba said it is far from reality of gaining any spiritual benefit out of it. One does only get physical or mental relief from such practices temporarily but no spiritual benefit.

Therefore as Baba lover and worker, one should not propogate or patronizes any such ideas or practices which are not directed by Meher Baba and one should not create any new tradition in Baba’s name.


Remembering Baba and spreading His name

According to Baba, one should try to remember Him as much as one can; then in addition to our one’s own praying, one should seek more opportunities/occasions to remember Him. Apart from anniversaries of Baba’s Birthday, Silence day and His first visit to particular city on particular day, one may find more occasions like birthdays and anniversaries of their family members, relatives and friends to remember Baba in group. One more occasion can be added to celebrate inaugural day of particular centre in particular city. Remembering name or do Japa in group/satsang is more effective that individual praying.

Meher Baba was not against spreading (Prasar) of His name. He was averse to any propaganda (exaggeration), preaching His philosophy and not to insist others of different faith to come to Baba. He directed everyone to live the life of love and so others may follow Baba lovers. He also said that you can bring my name to others. It is my responsibility to reach their hearts from their ears.

So, as Baba Lover especially as worker; one must try to preserve Baba’s words, follow  His directives, not to propogate or patronize new ideas which may turn into tradition afterward in the name of Meher Baba. However, every Baba lover or worker must try to spread Baba’s name among general public without any expectation of its result with one’s limited resource, in group or through society. It does not necessarily need any stage or a platform. (A write up with few suggestions are elaborated in Article No- 85, titled “Why and how to spread Baba’s name”.)