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(Compiled by Sh. A.K. Mehernath of Chennai)
1 Abdulla Haroon Jaffer  Disciple Like others Abdulla Jaffer in his life had loved Me with all his heart.
2 Abdur Rahman (Munshi)  Disciple Munshi was Aurangzeb and he returned to My Darbar due to his past connection with Me
3 Adi K. Irani Disciple & Secretary He was Shivaji’s wife when I was Shivaji
4 Khak Saheb Disciple-composer & Singer If God cannot be moved by such a beautiful performance, then God must be either deaf or dead!
5 Alu Satha  Disciple You are My saint Teresa. Remember Me as she did. When you die you will see Me, and I will see you. I will give you bliss after death."
6 Anita De Caro Disciple It is because of love that I have drawn you to Me. If I did not love you, you would not come to Me or care for Me. It is not your love that has brought you to Me; it is My love that has drawn you to Me.
7 Anna Saheb Kale  Disciple Anna Saheb (Kale), and his brother, is just the opposite. He is a man with a well-balanced mind, a systematic worker. His faith and love for Me are exemplary. He does all types of work for Me. He even works in the cinema to earn money for expenses connected with My work. After all, the money spent for My work is given to me by My disciples.”
8 Arjun Supekar  Disciple From my standpoint, it is good that he died. He was seeing me in my real form for three days before his demise, and he is now with Me. He has been given a great (spiritual) push.
9 Arnavaz Dadachanji Disciple She is another jewel. She is the wife of Nariman Dadachanji, and all the family are My lovers for the last 20 years.
10 Baidul  Disciple Baidul is the Sardar (Chief) of masts. In mast work he tops the list. The personal services rendered by him to Me are unique.”
11 Bal Natu  Disciple If you want to live, live life in such a way that life itself is completely satisfied, and dies in such a way that you scare death itself.
12 Behramshah D. Jessawala (Papa)  Disciple Papa has come to Me forever.
13 Bhau Kalchuri Disciple He was John when Baba was Jesus in his past incarnation and last incarnation was Khodadad Irani (nicknamed Nervous)
14 Bua Saheb Disciple He was a Chinese emperor in a previous life, and Jalbhai was his Wazir (minister). Both were opium addicts — and its effect is still there! Baba also revealed Bus Saheb was Afzal Khan when He was Shivaji.
15 Col. M. S. Irani Relative of Meher Baba The Colonel is fortunate to be remembering Me — no matter how."
16 Delia De Leon (Leyla) Disciple You are very lucky to have met Me now," and It's not luck that brings you here.
17 Deshmukh C. D.  Disciple Dr. Deshmukh is My very learned lover. Seeing Me going to masts and bowing down to them, he began doing the same. On one occasion he was said, "Do not want Me to want what you want, but want what I want you to want."
18 Dhakephalkar M.R.K.  Disciple Dhake has been with Me for nineteen years. He is no fool. He is an intelligent lawyer. He has received no temporal benefit from Me. His wife has just died and yet there has not been the least difference in his love and devotion toward Me. I called him and told him to give up his legal profession and do My work, and he has agreed to do so.”
19 Dr. Neelkanth Godse  Disciple Nilu was particularly fortunate to have breathed his last in My physical proximity, and it is as he would have wanted it.
20 Dr. Thota Dhanpathyrao  Naidu  Disciple Dhanapathy's mind, through love for Me, has also gone out of order!' Now he says, 'There is a mast here.'
21 Dr. William Donkin  Disciple Dr. Donkin's deep love for Me, unshakable faith in Me and unparalleled service for Me are beyond praise. Don comes from a wealthy family. His faith and love for Me are unique. He serves in the army for me alone, saves money for me and always gives me help.
22 Edke G. P.  Disciple There are many others like Edke, who all their lives have loved Me with all their heart.
23 Elcha Mistry  Disciple As a pastime, I feel like pulling his hair as kings of yore did to their jesters, who had to keep smiling as their hair was yanked.
24 Eruch Jessawala S/o Kaikhushroo Jessawala Eruch is My Peter. Peter renounced Jesus but Eruch will not renounce Me. If I ever liked the company of anyone it is that of Eruch. He is most reliable. Eruch loves Me very much. He is My right hand; but obedience is a terrible affair.
25 Faredoon Naosherwan Driver (Padri)  Disciple He is one of the four pillars of Meherabad. He works without any desire. He is service personified. He Has rendered great service for the last 25 years. For instance,  Padri, has not even the desire to know anything spiritual. All he wants and all he desires is to work for Me.
26 Framroz Hormusji Dadachanji (Chanji)  Disciple Chanji was a kind man with a forgiving heart, and he never hated his former wife and partner for what had happened. Due to Chanji's influence, his entire family — his parents, four brothers, one sister, their spouses and children — and numerous other Parsis and Iranis in Bombay, eventually devoted their lives for My cause. On his demise Baba said, Chanji has come to Me forever. He has joined Me eternally and no one should worry.”
27 Francis Brabazon Disciple I have known you for ages. Baba remarked, "but you don't remember it. Baba assured him, You will come to know it is true."
28 Francis Brabazon Australian Disciple I have known you for ages. Baba remarked, "But you don't remember it. Baba assured him, You will come to know it is true."
29 G.S.N. Murthy Disciple Baba said to him, "You are my Vivekananda. Go to all place sand meet all people to unfurl Baba's flag in their hearts. Remember that it is always Baba who speaks in you."
30 Gabriel Pascal Disciple Baba gave His old Padukas as His Prasad and said, "You have very deep connection with me and will work for me in future through Motion pictures. I myself have drawn you to me and you are My Phoenix".
31 Gaimai Jessawala Eruch's Mother She will be My mother in My next advent after 700 years
32 Gulmai K irani Mother of Adi K. Irani You are My spiritual mother. I have a past link with you since My life times. I am telling you the fact that I am your son. You are most fortunate woman. She was Mother Jijabai when I was Shivaji. She is very fortunate that I was present at her burial." Gulmai was, in fact, the first person to be buried on Meherabad Hill.
33 Irene Billo Disciple You should be happy. Your father was very lucky. He died like Vivekananda, without suffering. He is free. All relations of those who are with Me, whether they know Me or not, or even if they do not believe in Me, get salvation. Krishna has said, 'Seventy-two generations of such lucky ones get liberation — mukti.
34 Jehangu Sukhadwalla  Disciple Whatever job you undertake, do it with all sincerity, honesty, and with dedication. No one will be able to bend even a hair of yours."
35 Jal S. Irani  Disciple Buasaheb was a Chinese emperor in a previous life, and Jalbhai was Wazir (minister). Both were opium addicts — and its effect is still there!"
36 John Boss  Disciple John Bass is My left hand, Ivy is My right hand and all of you are My throat! So how can these two hands throttle Me? Is it possible? Suppose there is a red ant; it is possible the right hand might slap the left hand in killing it.
37 Kaikhushru J. pleader  Disciple Normally, I do not go to dead body, but here is My special person, I have freed him today in all senses, and he has not to come back.
38 Kaikobad Feram Dastur Disciple Kaikobad, after leaving this body, will be released from the cycle of births. Therefore, he will not require another form.
39 Kharmen Masi Disciple She was Buddha's Aunt, and will be My father  in My next advent after 700 years
40 Khodadad Farhan Irani (Nervous)  Disciple Those who are buried here are fortunate. Because of Nervous, they are having the opportunity of seeing Me today. Here Nervous was to be buried.
41 Khodadad Rustom Irani (Khodu-Sailor) Disciple Sailor has been with Me from childhood. He has a thousand defects, but his love and faith in Me have been of such a high order that all his defects are of little consequence.
42 Khorshed Irani Disciple Dear Khorshed has come to Me to rest eternally in Me.
43 Mani S. Irani Sister of She was Subhadra when I was lord Krishna. My sister loves Me very much. She does not worry about anything. She simply obeys Me. From morning until night she is working for Baba. She knows Baba is God and loves Baba as God.
44 Margaret Craske Disciple It is your love that brought Me here.
45 Mary Backett Disciple My Archangel Mary has come to Me after fulfilling her appointed task. Be happy in My love.
46 Mehera S. Irani Chief Disciple She was the purest soul in the universe and she loved Me as I ought to be loved. She is My "Radha". She is My very breath without which I cannot live.
47 Mehernath Kalchuri  Disciple He is incarnation of Jal Kerawala (also disciple of Meher Baba)
48 Meherwan Jessawala Disciple Baba complimented him, "He is Eruch's brother and My jewel, an original jewel. From head to foot he is Mine."
49 Minoo Kharas Disciple True love never expresses itself outwardly. Love makes one forget oneself from head to foot."
50 Nonny  Gayley Disciple Nonny was one of My greatest lovers. She always gave spontaneously for My work. It is because of her great share of timely contributions, among others, that the center plan could be presently started. Funds will come, and come in plenty, but to the dear, departed soul goes the credit of starting My work that is to serve mankind's greatest need. I am happy her dear name will be connected and perpetuated with this unique institution. Baba had given Nonny mukti – liberation.
51 Norina Matchabelli Disciple She was Draupadi when I was Lord Krishna. She had been My mother twice and father once. She had been Joseph, father of Jesus. Spiritual sister & She will be is mother in His next in His next advent after 700 years She is the only person who has My spiritual thought transmission.
52 Pendu  Disciple He is one of the four pillars of Meherabad. He works without any desire. He is service personified. He Has rendered great service for the last 25 years.
53 Phyllis Otts Disciple She was assured not to grieve as the child she has aborted. The said child has been passed on by Me to G.S.N. Moorty’s wife in Calcutta who had no children for 20 years and wanted one.
54 Pilamai Disciple You are My spiritual sister, I have past link with You . You are most fortunate.
55 Ram Chandra Gadekar Disciple Ram Chandra Gadekar was Jatau (a bird) in past incarnation. Because he had given his life while fighting with Ravana, he came so close to Me in this Advent. He was also reborn as Shambhaji Bhonsle (eldest son of Shivaji) in My mini advent as Shivaji. Gadekar is a person who comes to tears by talking of the good qualities of others. I won't talk much about him. He is a smiling Buddha (he was rotund in shape) and a bhola bhakta (guileless devotee). He has passed through ups and downs, but he has never left Me. Although he has all along been serving Me, he told Me yesterday that it is a great pity that he does not get opportunities to serve Me.
56 Ramchandra Kale Bapuji (Kalemama)  Disciple Kalemama is the personification of "restless rest." The state of this disciple is well described by Gustadji, who refers to him by making a whirling sign with his hand. For such a restless man to have 100 percent faith in Me and stick to Me for years is a yoga which would not have been possible for Me.”
57 Ramjoo Disciple My dear Ramjoo has come to Me to rest eternally in Me.
58 Raosaheb Afseri  Disciple He is an old, old friend of Mine in a new disguise. He loves Me intensely."
59 Sadashiv Patel Disciple He was Tanaji Malsure when I was Shivaji. Sadashiv (Patel) is My right hand. A paralyzed hand, although becoming revitalized at times.
60 Sampath Aiyangar Disciple There are also others such as Bua Sahib, Munshi ji, Sampath Aiyangar and so forth who served My Cause with unimpeachable integrity of character before dropping their physical bodies- For each one of them a separate flower is placed in the Foundation of the Memorial tower.”
61 Sarosh K Irani  Disciple He has been in contact with Me for 25 years. He has dedicated everything to Me. He gives all his income to me. Give up everything and come to Me, I will make you king.
62 Savak Kotwal Disciple He has dedicated all his life to Me. His service has been unique. What yoga, concentration or meditation can be compared with this great service?
63 Sankaracharya Meher Baba In Mandala, 60 miles from Jabalpur It was said that Sankaracharya had his seat here about 2000 years ego. I was Sankaracharya in an in between incarnation.
64 Sheriyar Moondegar Irani Father of Meher Baba Bobo's death, however, is not sleep. He has gone beyond it and is awake forever! He is emancipated and has gained mukti (liberation).
65 Shireen S. Irani Mother of Meher Baba It was said to his mother; in order to get married there must be a man and a woman. God has put Me in such a state that I do not find anyone else in the world but me. I experience Myself to be in all. How can I get married? Have you given Me birth? I who first gave you birth and then you bore Me. I was your mother in the beginning of creation. It is good Memo died before I came. Had she not died, I would not have allowed her to die, and she would have suffered greatly. She would have slowly recovered, but she would have been paralyzed for life."
66 Shivaji Meher Baba Baba said," I have similar stature as that of Shivaji and My present from is similar to Shivaji in many ways. The seeds of my circle were laid 400 years ego at the time of Shivaji. I have now laid the seeds of the New circle to be which will be completely manifested in 400 -500 years from now.
67 Sitaram Dattatrey Deshmukh (Chhagan) Disciple How can I describe the love of Chhagan? He has been with Me from the beginning.
68 Sullo Meshram Disciple God always is, was and ever will be. But the existence of God’s great and true lovers – like Sudama of Krishna, Sulloo and others now – reflects God’s true greatness.
69 Vishnu Narayan Deorukhkar (Vishnu) Disciple He was Napoleon Bonaparte in his previous incarnation. He is one of the four pillars of Meherabad. He works without any desire. He has rendered great service for the last 25 years. Services of Vishnu can hardly be told. Those who were at Lahore saw him working in the most trying physical discomforts without the least thought for his body. No tapa or japa can be compared to these marvellous selfless services of My disciples.”