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Apparao M R.
Ex. State Minister of Social Welfare of Andhra Pradesh
Baba a told him, "I am happy with your work for Me. My grace will always be on you. I want you both to love Me more and more. I am God in human form." After Baba had embraced them, the couple left.
An Indian emperor of the Maurya dynasty
Ashoka  was  One of the greatest of the ancient rulers, he brought nearly all of India together. However, sickened of war, he turned from Hinduism to Buddhism, and thereafter professed nonviolence. He sent Buddhist missionaries from India as far as Greece and Egypt, and was largely responsible for transforming Buddha’s teachings into a world religion — Buddhism.
Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Indian Political Leader
Tilak was one of the pillar of Indian politics. All three were great, but Tilak was the greatest of them all. In politics, Gandhi was his disciple.
Begum Akhtar
Ghazal Singer from Lucknow
Your songs were my best birthday present. Your voice is matchless."
Brahmananda Reddy K.
The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
On his birthday, Baba sent this message: "Face life boldly and honestly. I am with you."
Chaing Kai-Shek
Ex. President of China
Baba complimented him: "He is a great soul, a philosopher and a practical leader, who above all is sincere."
Chiang Kai Sheikh
Philosopher from China
He is great  a man of great spirit, sincere and practical.
Political Leader
He is clever and shrewd politician and sprit of Britain , which but for him would have failed.
Cripps is clever, sincere, shrewd and sympathetic toward India

Dr. Ambedkar
Indian Political Leader
Meher baba net Ambedkar at Bombay and told him," Join Hands with Gandhi and go along with him for an electorate. You can exercise your influence on your colleagues and I will help you internally.
Edward VIII
King of England
Baba said, " He has a past connection with me and will join me.“ He lived at the time of Shivaji”
Edward VIII
king of England
He has a past connection with me and will join Me.
Firoz Shah Mehta
Indian Leader
Pheroz Shah Mehta is one of the pillar of Indian politics. All three were great, but Tilak was the greatest of them all. In politics, Gandhi was his disciple.
Gangadhar Tilak
Indian Political Leader
There are three types of souls — man, saint and God-Man. The saints are higher than men, and the God-Man higher than saints. Among men, Gandhi is surely one of the greatest today. Some call him a mahatma, and some call him a fool. He has his weaknesses, but he is a great soul. [Gopal Krishna] Gokhale, (Lokmanya) Tilak and Pheroz Shah Mehta were the pillars of Indian politics. All three were great, but Tilak was the greatest of them all. In politics, Gandhi was his disciple.
He was a regular wine drinker and had once fallen down in a street so drunk that he was arrested and brought to the court. The magistrate coincidentally happened to be his disciple, who imposed a fine on Ghalib but paid it out of his own pocket. There upon Ghalib stated:
Indian Political Leader
Gopal Krishna Gokhale, was one of the pillar of Indian politics.

However crazy and brutal is sincere in his convictions and aroused a whole nation to face the world. He is perfect medium and actor who is playing  his role in the world drama.
Jawahar Lal Nehru
Indian Political Leader
He was matchless as a statesman and India will have to wait for another 700 years to find another jewel like him. Only when I come again, during My next advent on the earth there will be another like Jawahar Lal.”
Jawahar Lal Nehru
Indian Political Leader
He is a matchless as statesman and India will have to wait for another 700 years to find another jewel like him.
Jhon F. Kenedy
Ex. President of America
He was a great man, good and sincere. Dying as he did has not only made him immortal in mankind's memory and history, but it has given him a great push forward spiritually. However, although he was assassinated because it was ordained to be, it is not a good thing, and it portends more suffering ahead for the world.
Jhon Milton
English Poet
Milton was spiritually advanced, but did not attain beyond the second plane in the subtle world. He could see heaven and hell and that was how he was able to write Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. His books about heaven and hell depict the result of his personally seeing them.
Indian Leader
Jinnah is cleverest of the whole lot, has politics on the tip of his finger, is the best speaker, but he is not as sincere and sensible as Gandhi and Azad, who is a great scholar of Islamic literature.
John Milton
Poet & philosopher
Milton was spiritually advanced but did not attain beyond the 2nd plane. He was therefore able to write Paradise Lost and Paradise regained.
Krishnamurti J.
D/o Annie Besant
J. Krishnamurti is on 3rd plane and will remain there till he dies.
Lord Irwin
Viceroy of England
Baba disclosed The Viceroy Lord Irwin has spiritual connection with me for he lived at the time of Shivaji.
Maharani Shantadevi
Maharani of Baroda
Baba stated, "I am happy with Shantadevi that on my mere asking, she placed her Guruprasad Palace in Poona at my disposal. She had not seen me before, but she had love and reverence for me. I am not happy because she is a maharani or because she has wealth. I am pleased with her because she possesses honest love."
Mahatma Gandhi
Indian Political Leader
Baba disclosed Mahatma Gandhi has spiritual connection with me for he lived at the time of Shivaji. He will one day be perfect after 3 more births, General Dyer of jalianwala Bagh shooting will be member of his esoteric cycle. Gandhi ji promised me when he met me in 1931 aboard Ship Rajputana that when India becomes independent he would join and be with me. These were his words. On 30-1-1948, Baba told the mandali in the morning that a significant event would take place that day. In the evening Adi Sr. gave the news of the assassination of Gandhiji.
Political Leader
Five years before, in 1940, Baba had stated, "Mussolini will eventually be killed violently; Hitler will commit suicide." In April 1945, Mussolini was attempting to escape to Switzerland, when he was captured and killed by Italian partisans. His body was brought to Milan where it was hung upside down for public viewing at a petrol (gasoline) station. But poor wretch Mussolini – his plight is pitiable. Literally wiped out! He is now playing second fiddle to Hitler.
Political Leader
Napoleon, though brave and clever, was proud, greedy, and vicious.
Ex. President of America
Baba mentioned that Nixon was destined to become president. Nixon had a small "encounter" with Meher Baba's name when he attended the World's Fair in New York in 1964. Jane Haynes and her daughter Wendy were just leaving the Pavilion of American Interiors where there was a Baba booth, when they saw Nixon surrounded by a crowd, signing autographs. Jane thrust a copy of the "Universal Message" into his hand for him to keep, but, instead, with barely a glance, Nixon signed his name above Baba's and returned the brochure to Jane.
Phiroz Shah Mehta
Indian Leader
One of pillar of Indian politics
Raja Dharam Karam Bahadur
King of princely states of Hyderabad
Baba then emphasized, "But remember, after becoming a minister, look upon the world as illusion and God as the only Reality. And remember, for the benefit of humanity; always be guided by my instructions." The maharaja was deeply moved and agreeing with Baba's words left with his sons.
Indian Leader
He is best among the whole lot and is the only man who can face Gandhi and tell him boldly what he feels.
Rajaji (Chakravarty Rajagopalachari)
Indian Political Leader
Rajaji (Chakravarty Rajagopalachari) is the best among the whole lot: sincere, clever, capable, and sociable and above all, bold enough to face all situations, flexible to adapt himself to changing conditions, though not through weakness, but cleverness. Rajaji is not obstinate or rigid. He is the only man who could face Gandhi and tell him boldly what he feels. He would confront even a separation, if need be for principles, and is the only person whom Gandhi fears. He is a perfect Vedantist, spiritually-inclined, who has the courage of his convictions, which impresses all.
Raman Maharshi
Perfect Master
He achieved God-Realisation.
Political Leader
Roosevelt is good, sincere and capable. He came to India and stayed in the same houseboat in Kashmir that I occupied in 1933. The owner himself told Norina and the Westerners this. Good at heart, he wants to help and does, but he has to face great odds in his country too. All these great leaders, who play their part in this world drama, will go; but even if they won't live to see the good results of all this destruction and devastation, they have played their roles well to bring about a new era of peace on earth, and hence are blessed. Baba concluded by stating: "All are mine — you as well as they."
Sanjeeva Reddy
AICC President
He had Baba's darshan at Guruprasad Poona and Baba's message of him was, " It is better to deny God than defy God. When a leader of a nation puts complete faith in God, God makes him the instrument to guide the nation rightly.
Sanjeeva Reddy N.
King AICC President and Speaker Lok Sabha
Baba said to him, It is better to deny God than to defy God.  To profess to be lover of God and then not to be honest to God, to work and to him is unpatrolled hypocrisy. Difficulties give us opportunity to prove our greatness by overcoming them. When the leader of the nation puts complete faith in God, God makes him the instrument to guide the nation rightly. We should think well of those who think ill of us.
Poet and Philosopher
Shakespeare is presently Born in India as Brahmin and takes art in Politics and is sincere, selfless worker. for the country. his thought force of the past has been transferred into action.
Shelley, though not spiritually advanced, was a thorough gentleman, a lover of God and nature.
AICC President and Speaker Lok Sabha
Shivaji was brave, but less clever than Napoleon; yet Shivaji was not proud or greedy. He was guided in all his actions by his Guru, Swami Ramdas. Everything is fair in war, even trickeries, yet Shivaji actually offered his whole kingdom to his Guru. He had great administrative powers, pure motives and conduct; hence he was great in every way – the only great king of the Hindus since the time of Ashoka (2)
Political Leader
He is also a great medium. What he did and achieved bow one else have done. Russia us always the deciding factor.
Political Leader
Stalin is very cunning with his big mustache. He has proved a perfect actor in this great world drama, playing his part very well, giving a most astounding stand to Hitler and the attacks of the German army on their two thousand-mile front.
Thirumala Rao
Ex. Member of Parliament Govt. of India & Lieutenant governor of Rewa)
Baba advised Thirumala Rao, "Continue carrying out my instructions, love me and be scrupulously honest. Do not let [Prime Minister] Nehru and [President] Babu Rajendra Prasad down. Translate God Speaks into Telugu with all your heart." Baba touched a copy of the book and presented it to him for the work. Thirumala Rao was overcome by Baba's blessing. Baba embraced him and he left.
Tom Hopkinson
Journalist and Professor in Royal College of Nairobi
Baba said, "Every night when you go to bed, just for one minute think of me. But do not think of me as you see me now; think of me as I really am. Whatever you do leave everything to me — good or bad. God knows everything, so have that conviction and don't worry. It is I who put the words into your heart. Every day when you go to bed just think: 'I must see Baba in everyone everywhere — Baba as Baba,' and one day you will."
Tom Sharpley mother
She fortunate soul and 2000 years ago she had sheltered Jesus in her home for 2 days.
Vincent cott
Daughter of Annie Besant
She visited Baba who told her, "Annie Basent will be born as a man in India.
Winston Churchill
Political Leader
Churchill is the man to hold the position and grave responsibility at the moment. But for him, England would have already surrendered to Germany. The boldness, the spirit of opposition and fight Churchill awakened, and the courage he inspired in his nation, are truly remarkable achievements. Churchill is a clever and shrewd politician. He is the spirit of Britain, who, but for him, would have failed. How cleverly he handled the delicate situation about India. He got Parliament's vote of confidence, formed a new cabinet, brought in Cripps and cleverly shirked the entire Indian problem on to (Cripps') head and responsibility.