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Death is common to all. It is a necessary step forward towards life. The soul changes into a new abode, and thus death means no more than changing your coat. Or it may be compared with sleep. The difference between death and sleep is that, after the first, one wakes up again in a new body, while in the latter one becomes conscious of the same body. Worldly people do not go into hysterics after one who goes to sleep at night, because they expect to see him awake again. Then why not exercise the same indifference when he sleeps the sleep of death, since he is bound to wake up again sooner or later in a new body? Thus the selfishness of not being able to satisfy their minds in the absence of the sight of their dear ones makes them weep, not so much the death itself.

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You need is conviction. There are three types of conviction: reading God Speaks can give you intellectual conviction; this is the first type. But as God exists, you must see Him. Seeing Him everywhere brings conviction through sight. You see Him in all things, everywhere, as the infinite Ocean of Effulgence. You see God in everyone and everything. This is the beginning of real longing — to become one with the Beloved, God. Once you have this experience there will be no more worries and nothing can disturb you.

The fulfillment of the longing for union with God is to become God. This is the third and highest

type of conviction.

Lord Meher-5191-1965