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We are dreaming day and night, not knowing that we are dreaming.  We remain attached to our family, attached to the world and take it as the truth.  But at night, when we are in sound sleep, we forget everything.  We forget our body.  We forget our family members.  We forget the world.  We forget everything.  But when we wake up, our "World" is before us.

Most dreams are purely subjective and subconscious experiences of the subtle body and they have no special spiritual significance, except that there can be occasions for forging new sanskaras or spending up old ones and that occasionally they shed light upon the hidden complexes and unfaced problems of personality.

Such dreams can never include something which is not in some way a part of the past experience of the person. They allow scope for novelty only in respect of new combinations of items which have already appeared in past experience.

The rare types of dreams are those about persons and things unknown in this life but known in some past life or lives.

Still more rare are the dreams of persons and things which have never appeared in this life or former lives but are going to appear in this life in the future.

Ordinary dreams are thus utterly different from dreams which have occult significance.